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Title: conception freedom suited contemporary liberal democracy u asnwer 3 r question i uploaded file describes

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Essay Instructions: what conception of freedom is best suited to contemporary liberal democracy, and why?
and also u need to asnwer 3 r question i uploaded file that describes what should be done

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Essay Instructions: Essay Questions: Which is more democratic, the British or American constitution?

Define democracy--Beetham's idea of necessary democratic goods and civil rights.
Examples of a) protection of these rights b) subversion of these rights
Democratic matrix? Elite v Popular control, dispersed v concentrated.

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Title: Democracy

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President Bush has stated that if any non-democratic country’s people seek freedom, America will stand with them. Freedom and democracy, however, takes several forms. What kind of democracy and freedom should a country that has never enjoyed these experiences have, e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc? Explain your view as to the kind of democracy they deserve and whether, in your view, it is sustainable.

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Title: Democracy in ancient Greece

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Essay Instructions: Describe the conditions underlying the rise and fall of democracy in ancient Greece. At what point in the decline of Greek democracy do Socrates and Plato come in, and why were they advancing a return to aristocratic elitism rather than enthusiastic supporters of direct democracy? How can the classical anarchist vision of society (e.g., Kropotkin, Bakunin, and Goldman) be compared to Athenian direct democracy?

-on-line sources needed

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