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Title: Deforestation

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Essay Instructions: Using the email that i will send you after this process is done, write a APA research paper proposing a contextualized solution to an environmental issue. The environmental issue i chose for the research is about how deforestation and architecture relate to each other. That architecture plays an important role in the demand for wood, it has its share of responsibility in the deforestation process. So the paper could talk about different solutions on how architecture can help the fight of deforestation and its consequences. Please narrow the research down to a specifc region or country because architecture and wood is too broad, so narrow the research specifically to deforestation and its connection to the architecture field. Please remember that i will send an email about the structute and format and more about how to approach this research paper. Please dont use big words, thank you
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Title: Deforestation should be banned in the United States

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Essay Instructions: This is a position paper for an Environmental Law Master's class and it must take a position based on the topic. My topic is "Deforestation should be banned in the United States" and I am against deforestation.

The instructions for this paper are as follows:

Students should use the 5th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) as a guide for citing references. Each paper must be double spaced, 12 point print, with Times New ROman font. Standard margins should be used. Students will choose their own topics but may elicit suggestions from others. Topics should relate to a current Environmental Law issue or controversy. Papers that argue the author's central premise in a clear and logical fashion will receive high marks. Papers that fail to take a position (or fail to effectively argue the author's central point) will not do well.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Title: deforestation in the amazon

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Essay Instructions: this research paper should focus primarily on the solutions to the problem of deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest and not the causes and needs to include parenthetical citations within the paper

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Title: Globalization of Madagascar Deforrestation

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Essay Instructions: 1. Choose a subtopic of Globization/global Challenge - Subtopic Environmental Deforestation
2. Analyze the impact of Globaliztion on Medagascar (see uploaded reference) Provide details.
3. Predict how this facet of Globilization will impact this culture 50 years from now, and what you base this prediction on.
4. Offer 2 possible creative solutions to your chosen isue. Go into detail.

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Works Cited:


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