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Title: Defense Mechanisms

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Essay Instructions: Hi,

I am taking a course called Information security management. I need you to write me the following:


As an information security professional for Yummy Good Treats, you observe that there are three different software development areas that produce applications for the company. The three areas act independently of each other. There are different levels of development skills, project-management approaches, and application-security awareness and knowledge among the areas. The company would like to implement a software-development framework that would be used across the three development areas. Such a framework would help standardize processes, provide one code library, and bring a common structure to the Software Development Life Cycle.

You want to make sure that the framework addresses security considerations in the development process. As such, you suggest that the design of any application includes the core defense mechanisms that will help ensure the security of that application. You recall from your Information Security Management class that there are four such core defense mechanisms to implement.

Your assignment is to list the four defense mechanisms and provide a brief, 1-to-2 paragraph description of each of them. In addition, choose two of the four core defense mechanisms and provide more detail about them. You must explain what they do and why they are important to developing secure applications. Be sure to provide examples. Provide a half-page to a page of detail for each of the two mechanisms that you choose.

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Title: freud individualism andcollectivism

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Essay Instructions: Instructions are as follows:

Please answer the following questions in a page (each)

1. According to a number of distinguished psychologists, a major purpose of the defense mechanisms describe by Freud is the protection of self-esteem. Give an example of how repression, reaction formation, projection, rationalization, displacement, and sublimation could each be used to protect or even enhance a positive self-image.

2. Explain how difference between indiviualist and collectivist views of self contribute to differences in marital expectations and political view. How do pro-choice and pro-life postions regarding the issue of abortion differ with respect to the ideals of individualism and collectivism?
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Title: Multiple Chapter Questions

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Essay Instructions: One page per question including portfolio.

Chapter Questions taken from Psychology, A Modular Approach to Mind and Behavior. (Dennis Coon) 2006


Chapter 9

Question 9.1 Think of the most creative person you know. What is that person like? How does she or he differ from your less creative acquaintances? Portfolio.

Chapter 10

Question 10.1 Which level of needs in Maslow's hierarchy do you spend the greatest time satisfying? Portfolio

Chapter 11

Question 11.2 You are a psychologist seeing a client who gets extremely anxious whenever he is near a woman with red hair like his mother's. Explain his feelings to him as a Freudian psychologist would. Portfolio

Chapter 12

Question 12.2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using defense mechanisms? Do you t hink it would be possible for a person to be completely free of defense mechanisms?


Chapter 13

Question 13.2 List the emotions that typically precede suicide. Discuss why people try to kill themselves. Portfolio.

Chapter 14

Question 14.2 Which form of psychotherapy do you find most attractive, Why? Portfolio

Chapter 15

Question 15.2 What social learning factors might explain why many women report negative reactions to sexually explicit pictures? Portfolio

Chapter 16

Question 16.1 What does the Milgram study tell us about the way that people perceive and respond to their social enviroment? That is, how do people construct a "reality" that they then respond to?

Activity 10

1. Read The Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Experiment. click on the discussion questions at and choose one of the 16 questions to answer

Chapter 17

Question 17.1 What steps would you take at your workplace to make sure that employees have hight job satisfaction? Portfolio.

ACTIVITY 11 Final Question

Read about a study in an article or journal at and write a 2 page essay on same.

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Title: Antonio Case Study

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Essay Instructions: I will send you my case study that needs to be used to address these questions I would like answered the following questions from the case study.

Part A.

2A. Define resilience and then discuss both adaptive and maladaptive functioning in Antoino's family based on Walsh's, "three keys to family resilence"

3A. Identify three defense mechanisms that Antoino uses, providing an example of each and explaining why it's either adaptive or maladaptive. Here are the defense mechanisms:

Reaction Formation
Turning against the self
Projective Identification
Omnipotent Control and Devaluation

Part B:

2B. What is Antonio's current level of ego mastery? Incorporate a discussion of his ego strengths and weaknesses to support the answer

3B. Does Antonio have a good fit with his enviornment? Include 4 ecological concepts in the answer, and how would a Deep Ecology or Eco-Femenist perspective enrich the assessment of Antonio? Be specific.

Part C:

C2. What are at least two strengths and weekeness of each of the major theories (systems, ecological, classical psychoanalytic, ego psychology, object relations, and attachement) for under standing Antonio's case.

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