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Title: capital punishment in the usa

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Essay Instructions: capital punishment in the usa
1-history: only limited to the usa, how people were put to death.
2-evolution of capital punishment: how has it evolved,changes made to it,how social pressure has changed it, scientific technology developed.
3-what crimes are capital crimes, details about it.
4-diferent rules followed to apply capital punishment,who decides death penalty,statistics, diferent cases.
5- opinions: pros and contras, does it help correction of offenderswho agrees with it,who does not agree with it,mistakes made in sentence, how many times has it happened.
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Title: Alexander williams

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This case study is going to be on the case regarding Alexander E.Williams. Mr. Williams was 17 years old at the time and mentally ill at the time of this offense on March 4, 1986. Mr. Williams abducted, robbed, raped and shot 16 year old Aleta Bunch. Mr. Williams?s background history was never brought up in his trial. The jury never knew about his severe mental illness and chronic childhood abuse. Mr. Williams was represented by a lawyer in my opinion never cared about his client and didn?t think that this was a mans future that was in his hands. The questions that I would like to address are as follows:

1. Why was there no examination ever completed of his background?
2. Who hired this attorney and was he competent to represent his client?
3. Why did the prosecution not speak up and they were aware of the situation?
4. What was his attorney investigation if any?
5. Why was he not ever granted an appeal after the correctional facilities noticed that there was a mental health issue?
There has to be subtopics throught out the text. The sub-topic heading should always be in capital letters

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Title: Death Penalty This informative speech outline topic

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Essay Instructions: This is an informative sppech outline on the topic DOES THE DEATH PENALTY DETER CRIME?

The outline should be detailed with 4 APA references.It should follow the below format and be detailed and well referenced.

Please use the above outine about tornadoes as an example on how to go about this

Purpose:To inform the audience about tornadoes
Thesis: Today I will discuss some fascinating facts about tornadoes.Specifically,I will discuss the causes,occurrences,myths,and oddities associated with tornadoes.
Organizational Pattern: Topical
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter- Have you ever seen a tornado or known someone who has?
B. Relevance-Tornadoes can be devastating and can occur anywhere at anytime so you may be affected by one or know someone who will.
C. Credibility-I am fascinated by tornadoes and have done research in the last couple weeks preparing for this speech.
D. Thesis-Today I will discuss some fascinating facts about tornadoes.
E. Preview-Specifically, I will discuss the causes,occurrences,myths,and oddities associated with tornadoes.
Transition-First, I will discuss the causes.
II. Body

A. What causes a tornado?
1. According to an American Red Cross brochure,tornadoes occur when thunderstorms develop in warm,moist air in advance of east ward-moving cold fronts.These thunderstorms often produce large hail,strong winds and tornadoes.
2. Also,according to the Red Cross brochure,tornadoes occur during the sping in the Central Plains along a ?dryline? which seperates very warm,moist aire to the east from hot,dry air to the west.Tornado-producing thunderstorms may form as the dryline moves east during the afternoon hours.
Transition-Next,I will discuss occurrences.
B. Tornadoes can occur at any place or anytime.
1. According to the 199 Weather Guide Calender, ?tornadoes have been reported in every month of the year somewhere in the U.S.On average there are about 800 tornadoes a year in the U.S CAUSING ABOUT 80 DEATHS
2. In fact, reports that among the 25 deadliest tornadoes,the top-ranked deadly tornadoes occurred in Mississippi,Georgia,Wisconsin, and Michigan.
Transition-My third point is myths.
C. There are many myths that people have about tornadoes
1. According to, the first myth is that areas near rivers,lakes,and mountains are safe from tornadoes.In fact, no place is safe. In the late 1980s,a tornado swept throughYellowstone National Park.
2. The second myth is that the low pressure in a tornado causes buildings to explode when in fact,the structural damage is caused by wings exceeding 200 miles per hour.
3. Another myth is that windows should be opened before a tornado approaches to equalize pressure and minimize damage when all this does ia allow damaging winds to enter and wastes your time getting to a safe palce.
Transition- Finally, tornadoes produce certain oddities.
D. Oddities can and have occurred during tornadoes.
1. Larry Sessions labels these as AWSOME Observations which stands for ?Anomalous Weather Event Seen Over Mother Earth
2. According to sessions,?there are fairly well substantiated cases of it raining not cats and dogs(or cows as we all saw in the movie,?Twister?) but turtles and frogs(as well as an assortment of fishes,snakes,insects and many other living and non-living items).
3. Also,according to the 1996 Weather Guide,there have been reports of record albums lodged in telephone polls,boards lodged into trees,and even the?de-feathering? of chickens.
Transition In conclusion,
III. Conclusion
A. I have discussed the causes,occurences,myths,and oddities associated with tornadoes.
B. Perhaps now you are more informed about the devasting impact tornadoes can have on the lives of those who find themselves in the path of one.


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Title: Capital Punishment

Total Pages: 5 Words: 2154 References: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: For this essay, i need you to argue a point, precisely and methodically, focusing on one aspect of a given topic. The topic is Capital Punishment and I basically need you to argue my stance on it which is "I oppose capital punishment 9or the death penalty, yet i can see positive aspects of it, depending on the context." The paper should be written from that stance. However, avoid a simple "support" or "oppose" approach.
It MUST be written as focused as possible, I don't it to be too broad since this topic is very broad, It must be narrowed down and focus. So thoroughly analyze the sources you use. You must also apply the following disciplines that could form the basis approach for the argument. History, so discuss the history of capital punishment in this country or others, remember don't be too broad.Another approach to incorporate is psychology: the psychology of the victims, judicial reps, citizens or those on death row. Something interesting would be to examine the psychology of the jurors.

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