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Title: Write a comprehensive Technical Paper literature search and survey on one of the below Database Topic selection Your selection MUST include important advances and critical issues Please see additional specification box below

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Essay Instructions: VERY IMPORTANT! Please follow the exact steps list below : 10 STEPS
FYI - I THOUGHT Data Consistency, Integrity, and Security would make a great topic since thats the area i'm studying i.e is Information Security

EXPECTATION: do a comprehensive literature search and survey, select and study a specific topic in one subject area of database systems, and write a technical paper on the selected topic. The technical paper you are asked to write can be a detailed comprehensive survey on some specific topic or the original research work that will have been done
by yourself.

REQUIREMENTS and Instructions for the TECHNICAL PAPER:

1. The objective of the paper should be very clear about subject, scope, domain, and the goals to be

2. The paper should address the important advanced and critical issues in a specific area of database systems. Your research paper should emphasize not only breadth of coverage, but also depth of coverage in the specific area.

3. IMPORTANT! The research paper should give the measurable conclusions and future research directions (this is your contribution).

4. It might be beneficial to review or browse through about 20 to 30 relevant technical articles before you make decision on the topic of the research project.

5. The research paper should reflect the quality at certain academic research level.

6. The paper should be about at least 16 to 20 pages (double space) in length.

7. IMPORTANT! The paper should include adequate abstraction or introduction, and reference list.

8. IMPORTANT! Please write the paper in your words and statements, and please give the names of references,
citations, and resources of reference materials if you want to use the statements from other reference articles.

9. From the systematic study point of view, you may want to read a list of technical papers from relevant magazines, journals, conference proceedings and theses in the area of the topic you choose.

10. For the format and style of your research paper, please make reference to either ACM , IEEE journal articles or SCIS Dissertation Guide (I CAN SEND YOU THIS LATER IF YOU PREFER),


Data Consistency, Integrity, and Security
Data Models and Data Modeling
File Structures and Access Methods
Index Structures
Integrity Conditions or Constraints
Query Languages and Query Optimization
Security and Authorizations
Storage Managers
Transaction Processing and Management
Hierarchical Database Systems
Network Database Systems
Relational Database Systems
Object-Oriented Database Systems


Active Databases
Distributed Databases
Distributed Object-Oriented Databases
Extensible Databases
Federated Databases or Heterogeneous Databases
Object-Oriented and Object-Relational Databases
Multidatabase Systems
Parallel Databases
High Performance Databases
Trusted Database Management Systems


Audio/Video Database Systems
Client/Server Database Systems
Engineering Databases
Genomic Databases
Geographical Databases and Information Systems
Hypertext/Hypermedia Databases (Object)
Historical Databases
Image, Pictorial and Visual Databases
Mobile Data Management and Communication
Multimedia Databases and Information Systems
Real Time Database Systems
Scientific Databases
Software Engineering Databases
Spatial Databases
Spatiotemporal Databases
Statistical Database


Entity-Relationship Model
Extended ER Model
Enhanced ER Model
Complex Data Model
Extended Relational Data Model
Functional Data Model
Non First Normal Data Model (NF2)
Object-Oriented Data Model
Semantic Data Model
Universal Modeling Language


Client/Server SQL
Complex and Composite Objects
Data Dictionary
Data Streaming
Data Warehousing
Database Compression
Database Design Methodologies
Database Design Automation and Database Design Tools
Database Security and Recovery
Distributed Objects
Graphical and Intelligent Database Interfaces
Grid Computing
Heterogeneous Systems and Interoperability
Incomplete, Imprecise or Uncertain Information
Information Engineering
Knowledge and Expert Database Systems Applications
Knowledge Representation in Artificial Intelligence and its Connections with
Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning in Database Systems
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Referential Integrity Constraints and Applications
Rules and Triggers
Semantic Data Models and Modeling
Semantic Web
Semi-Structural Data and XML
Single and Multidimensional Index Schema
SQL Standards and Standardization
Stored Procedure
Transaction Processing Benchmark
Work Flow Management
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Excerpt From Essay:


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Title: See Below

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Essay Instructions: 1. What is a data model and what is data modeling? Why is data modeling an important part of strategic planning [in an enterprise you are familiar with]?

Students may address any of the discussion topics in the context of their current employer, or in the context of a product or service provider with which they are familiar. Research on the web can also be helpful in identifying examples that can be used for a context of the discussion topic if students do not have first hand experience. After completing the posting and reviewing discussion topics posted by peers, each student should post at least one response where they have a similar experience or a differing perspective.

2. Your company wants to increase revenues from its existing customers. How can data mining be used to accomplish this objective [ and how has this impacted results in a enterprise you are familiar with]?

Students may address any of the discussion topics in the context of their current employer, or in the context of a product or service provider with which they are familiar. Research on the web can also be helpful in identifying examples that can be used for a context of the discussion topic if students do not have first hand experience. After completing the posting and reviewing discussion topics posted by peers, each student should post at least one response where they have a similar experience or a differing perspective.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

Amber, Scott. (2002). "Data Modeling 101." Agile Data. Retrieved 167 Jul 2007 at

McGinn, Dan. (1 May 2001). "McDonald's Case Study: Burger Time."

The Jungle Magazine.

Retrieved 17 Jul 2007 at

Palace, Bill. (1996)."Data Mining: What is Data Mining?" UCLA. Retrieved 17 Jul 2007 at

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Title: Tour Operator Agency Database

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Essay Instructions: A multinational tour operator agency has gained new business growth in the North American market through the use of social media. Its operation has expanded by 50% within six months and the agency requires an enhanced data management strategy to sustain their business operations. Their existing data repository for its reservation processing system is limited in business intelligence and reporting functionalities. The tour operator seeks a database management specialist to assist them in leveraging
their data sources to enable them to forecast and project tour sales appropriately.

Imagine that you have been hired to fulfill their need of enhancing the data repository for their current reservation processing system. Upon reviewing the system, you find that the data structure holds redundant data and that this structure lacks normalization. The database has the following characteristics:

?A table that stores all the salespersons. The table holds their employee id, first name, last name and ?Tours sold? field. The ?Tours sold? field is updated manually.

?A table that stores tour customer data and tours sold. The table holds customer name, address, city, state, zip code, tour(s) selected, number of persons in tour, and total amount paid. The current structure will show the customer more than once, if the customer books multiple tours.

?A tour table that is used as a tour rate sheet which holds the tours offered and the cost per person. Tour rates vary every three (3) months depending on the tourist season.

Write a three (3)-page paper in which you propose an enhanced database management strategy.

1. Design a data model that will conform to the following criteria:
?Propose an efficient data structure that may hold the tour operator?s data using a normalization process. Describe each step of the process that will enable you to have a 2nd Normal Form data structure.
?Create naming conventions for each entity and attributes.
?Conclude your data model design with an Entity Relationship Model (ERM) that will visually represent the relationships between the tables.

2. Construct a query that can be used on a report for determining how many days the customer?s invoice will require payment if total amount due is within 45 days. Provide the working code.

3. Using the salesperson table described in the summary above, complete the following:
?Construct a trigger that will increase the field that holds the total number of tours sold per salesperson by an increment of one (1).
?Create a query that can produce results that show the quantity of customers each salesperson has sold tours to.

4. Support the reasoning behind using stored procedures within the database as an optimization process for the database transactions.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited:

Chapple, M. (2009). Normalizing Your Database: First Normal Form (1NF). About Databases.

Minksy, M. (1974). A Framework for Representing Knowledge. MIT-AI Laboratory Memo 306.

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Title: resume

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Essay Instructions: Following is my current job work experince. I am applying position that doing managerial stuff. my sounded like to forcused in technical stuff. Can you hightlight and enhance my magerial experience more so I can apply for non technolgy related posistion.

LABBLEE Corporation
Information Technology Staff

LABBLEE Corporation is management and information technology consulting company, which provides services for Federal government agencies and commercial business.

? Acting as a System Analyst on supporting senior analysts and business development executives on various project deliveries.
? As a System Realignment And Categorization (SRAC) Core team member, for development of a methodology and process for the US Marine Corps to rationalize their logistics software applications, provided technical, data architecture and analysis support to define and execute the multi?phase process. It involves the systematic analysis of over 200 distinct software applications.
? Redesigned, published, and maintaining company website (
? Developed robust web virtual application called System Realignment And Consolidation? by using Dream Weaver MX and Cold Fusion MX.
? Developed and designed the System Administration and User?s Manual for GOAL-TENDERTM, a performance management and reporting system software using balanced scorecard methodology under production at LABBLEE Corporation. Performed quality testing.
? Participated in creating ?as-is? and ?to-be? activity and data models for environmental areas Defense Environmental Security Corporate Information Management (DESCIM) Functional Process Improvement.
? Performed activity and data modeling in support of the planning and analysis efforts of information systems. Supports Senior Engineers in the development and documentation of the system.
? Responsible for maintaining company network and systems: Install, upgrade and troubleshoot email server. Internet and Microsoft Outlook problems; add/delete/modify user profile; install printers and fax machine; Backup server routinely. Developed company LAN diagram for inventory network systems.

Marketing and Business Development Experience
? Research products for purchasing and negotiating educational pricing from vendors.
? Track and respond to incoming emails regarding question about company.
 Perform any follow up actions
 Determine the quality of leads
 Recommend any further business development resources or activities to convert the leads into business opportunities
? Develop company marketing collateral. In charge of keeping marketing collateral up-to-date.
? Conduct extensive market research and identify new business opportunities in LABBLEE?s enterprise target markets.
? Assist company?s President and Vice President as needed.

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