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Write an essay of two double-spaced typed pages (one inch margins, any 12 pitch font) based on the following questions:

Why do you think that the state insists that the people they are persecuting confess? Why don?t they just kill them, or forge their signatures to confessions? Why does Rubashov himself confess?


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Title: The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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Essay Instructions: Watch the movie Apocalypse Now directed by Francis Ford Coppola and compare and contrast it with Heart of Darkness. This movie is obviously a modernization of the novel. Why did Coppola choose Vietnam and the Mekong River for his setting? In what ways was he influenced by Conrad?

You need to include at least four outside sources. These secondary sources could include background research, such as historical, socio-economic information, that directly informs and elucidates your argument. Please follow the MLA format for documentation and mechanics. Your paper should be approximately 2000 words in length (7-8 pages).

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Title: sexism in the heart of darkness by joseph conrad

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2572 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Do not fill the paper full of quotes please.
Use only 1 or 2 scenes that you see fit the argument ( you may change the argument if you think that it is too vague for 7 pages) The topic must be specific and straight to the point.

Outside sources that were recommended were:

1) Nina pelikin strauss

the exclusion of the Intended from secret sharing in conrads heart of darkness.

2) Johanna smiths artilce:
too beautiful altogether: idealogies of gender and empire in heart of darkness

3) Rita Bodes "they should be out of it, the women of heart of darkness.
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Title: Postcolonial Landscapes in Heart of Darkness

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Essay Instructions: Hello,

I have to write a term paper about the book Heart of Darkness and the postcolonial Landscapes. I got a syllabus where some topics are listed and i can choose one of them. I will send you this syllabus also. Then you can see what topic you find easy and choose that. But the topic should be related to Heart of Darkness.

I request you to use literature that is also available here in Germany and not any other. The other thing is that you can use different websites online but please try to use more literature books if possible. Don´t use Wikipedia etc. But you can use jstor if needed.

Writing features:
Table of Contents
1.Abstract (introduction, statement of the problem)
2. Discussion, Analysis Conclusion etc....
Works Cited

IT should be a term paper and not an Essay so please use the MLA style!!

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