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Title: marketing role for profitability

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Essay Instructions: Customer satisfaction is critical to business profitability. While good financial management and corporate strategy contribute as well to a firm's profits, several experts have argued that, in the long run, if the firm does not provide some key benefits to consumers better than its competitors, it has little hope for continued profitability, and even viability.
Based on the assertion above, outline the role of marketing in contributing to a firms profitability. Focus especially on the various marketing tasks abd their relations to the value chain, including other orginaization functions, such as finance, human resources management, production, R&D, etc.
(The book used in this class is Strategic Marketing 8th edition, David W. Cravens)

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Title: customer satisfaction as a kind of nonfinancial performance measure

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Essay Instructions: this is a management accounting dissertation, I have not find a topic (gap) yet, but it will be related to non financial performance measure and customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction is a kind of non financial performance measurement. customer satisfaction can lead to long term better financial performance of companies. but you can decide a topic for me.

the dissertation will be a qualitative study, interview chinese manufactures, so please reference some chinese studies and make sure the literature review shows that it has never been done in China.

the articles I supplied do not have to be referenced, but might be helpful.

please send me the referenced articles as well, use reliable source articles only please

please make sure the topic is conductible, and the data can be obtained through interview

There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: ?Satisfaction relates to the results of a process; loyalty relates to a relationship?one that can actually survive a negative product or service process.?
?William Bleuel, Ph.D., survey services expert
For starters, many people mistake customer satisfaction and customer loyalty for each other?assuming that they?re essentially the same thing. Actually, they?re quite different, and it?s important for professionals to understand the difference, says William Bleuel, Ph.D., a well-known expert in survey services. Bleuel writes, ?as do the definitions in several dictionaries, that satisfaction relates to the results of a process,? whether it?s the process of sales, service or product performance. In service industries, for example, satisfaction is often based on the on-site repair process.
Loyalty, on the other hand, is a much longer-term proposition. Loyalty relates to a relationship?one that can actually survive a negative product or service process. (Just think about how loyal parents remain to their children, even after the inevitable challenges.)
Truly loyal customers look beyond the occasional negative experience, continuing to purchase a company?s products or services. Not surprisingly, the converse is also true. As many studies have shown, satisfied customers do not necessarily become or remain loyal customers.

In the light of the above discussion, review the relevant recent studies that propagates the importance of interpersonal relationship between a customer and a service provider.

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Essay Instructions: Measuring Customer Satisfaction Paper: Research the text, library, and web sources for the best practices in measuring customer satisfaction. In a 2-3 page paper (* excluding cover and reference page), explain your findings and link them to your current organization?s practices for measuring customer satisfaction. Identify whether your company?s direction meets or exceeds what the best practices advocate. Make sure you provide at least three supporting sources.

Suggested structure

Identification of best practices
Types of industries
Linkage to your organization?s practices
Recommendations for your organization to improve on
References* (at least three).

Use Home Depot as "my current company"

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