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Title: Customer Service Management At A Theoretical Chain Of Banh Mi Shops

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Essay Instructions: The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to put concepts and theory into practice by putting together a credible and viable customer management plan for a service offer.
Choose between a chain of SANDWICH BARS, a chain of COFFEE SHOPS or a chain of RESTAURANTS for this assignment.
It should be a fictitious business, please give it a name, although you can base your thinking on a business that you know if you wish. Start with a brief statement of the business concept and its key benefits for customers.
This is a newly launched chain and you are in charge of customer service and have to prepare a Customer Management Plan for the business that includes the following:
? A clearly identified target market (s). Include the main characteristics and requirements of this market. (Information from business reports such as Mintel is required to support the choice of target market.)
? The servicescape, style of service and staffing of a typical outlet.
? A Blueprint showing how the customer would use the service with potential fail and wait points and moments ?of-truth identified.
? The metrics you would use to measure service quality ? and the reasons for your choice.
? How you would aim to build a both attitudinal and behavioural loyalty
? Your service recovery service plan with guidelines for staff on handling complaints
? How you would get feedback from customers - and the reasons for your choice
? How you would capture and summarise the ?Total Customer Experience?
Present the Customer Management Plan as a 3000 word business report using Appendices for the Blueprint, any visual representations of the servicescape and the staff guidance on handling complaints

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Title: Ecommerce

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Essay Instructions: What is meant by seamless customer experience? Please give an example or two of seamless customer experience.

What factors are involved in launching a website? If you were to explain this process to another business worker or colleague -- how would you explain the process?

Describe the differences between logical versus physical architecture?

What is a startup? Please give a detailed discussion (in our own words) of a startup and possible examples to illustrate what a startup is.

What are some barriers to oganizational convergence? Please illustrate your points here with an example or two.

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Title: customer centricity

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Essay Instructions: Telecom operator in any part of the world faces a severe competition; customers are looking for cheap prices and good quality and distinguished customer services. telecom operators are spending a lot of time and money to enhance customer experience and deliver the best customer service through its front line employees who are dealing with the customers 24 by 7, the companies acquire the best consultant and training courses for its staff to drive them to be more customer centric or customer focus, they spend a lot of effort to enhance their customer service capabilities in order to posses a competitive edge over the competition. It is not paved road for companies to be customer centric and focus on their customer needs and wants; they need to align all of their strategies, plans and the mind set of their staff towards this important goal. Those companies who are classified as customer centric companies are characterized by their distinguished customer experience and different customer service treatment to the customers, their customers are delighted by well qualified staff, their staff is empowered and posses a high qualified skill that helps to deliver such an experience.

I am currently doing a quantitative survey that gauge the level of a certain call center agents for a company that works in the telecom industry, the questionnaires will be distributed to more than 200 agent and ask them about certain questions that will show how customer centric are they? ItA will also tell us how far are they aware of the customer centricity? And how much customer centricity is important to their company??...etc

I need you to write about 20 pages of research that discusses the customer centricity or customer focus as concept when did start and how? And why it is invented? We should shed the light on different point of views of several authors who wrote about this concept, we should discuss their point views towards this concept and its benefit for the service companies in general and the over all industry, at the end of the paper we need to express and discuss the pros and cons of each author point view in line of the general objective of my companies that wants to be a customer centric company.

The paper should frame concept (customer centricity) and talks in detail about it and the effect of it in enhancing the company’s foot print among competition. the documents should include the following, discussion of the various academic fields of the concept, a reasoned selection from the range of field identified, a critical review and evaluation of the concerned literature, a set of working definitions of key concepts namely,(customer centric organization, customer experience or customer focus),finally an initial attempt at the identification of a conceptual theme or a conceptual frame work. the documents should include an identification of current fads and bandwagons in the managerial perspectives and it should emphasize on the Forensic criticism of literature , methods and skills of argument construction, and framing conclusions and recommendations. conceptual frame work that clarify and map working concept and the identification of theory and hypothesis should be drawn out of this paper.

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Title: Customer Value

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Essay Instructions: Topic

I need a ten page, double spaced research paper that I can use to source information from in my original paper. See the survey from my current employer and discuss the customer service implications of the results. Offer three suggestions for how to provide even better customer service as a result of what was learned from the survey findings.

If you have the text available titled: Superior Customer Value in the New Economy, Second Edition, by William Johnson and Art Weinstein, then please include five APA citations from this textbooks. If the text is not available, then leave out the citations.

Survey Results

Strongly Disagree = 1
Disagree = 2
Nuetral = 3
Agree = 4
Strong Agree = 5

Our business objectives are driven primarily by customer satisfaction: 4

We constantly monitor our level of commitment and orientation to serving customer needs: 2

We freely communicate information about our successful and unsuccessful customer experiences across all business functions: 1

Our strategy for competitive advantage is based on our understanding of customer’s needs: 5

We measure customer satisfaction systematically and frequently: 2

We have routine or regular measures of customer service: 3

We are more customer focused than our competitors: 4

I believe this business exists primarily to serve customers: 2

We poll end users at least once per year to assess the quality of our products and services: 2

Data on customer satisfaction are disseminated at all levels in this business unit on a regular basis: 2


The Business Resource Management Group is a company that focuses on business consulting to small businesses in the area of IT development, Human Resources, Marketing, and Organizational Development. Our customers include small business owners with less than 50 employees, and specifically we focus on businesses that are exiting the introductory stage and entering the growth stage.

Preferred Outline for Research Information

a. Introduce purpose of paper
b. Review the fact that we took a survey of my current company and describe the company’s functions
c. Discuss the importance of customer service in an organization
d. Review what is going to be discussed in the paper, such as the service implications based on the results and suggestions on how to improve based on the findings

Customer Service Implications based on the results
a. Review each survey answer
b. Discuss what the results of each survey answer mean in respect to the customer service of the organization.

Three Suggestions for Providing Better Customer Service
a. 1st suggestion on how to provide better customer service based on the results
b. 2nd suggestion on how to provide better customer service based on the results
c. 3rd suggestion on how to provide better customer service based on the results

a. Summarize what we discussed
b. End with the importance of customer service for business survival

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