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Title: 1 Cross cultural communication and culture shock 2 cultural competence 3 Transcultural nursing

Total Pages: 3 Words: 870 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Assessment 1??"Annotated Bibliography .
In this assessment, you are required to write a 1000 word annotated bibliography of
three (3) readings from the course texts. This assessment includes a summary and a
critique (critical response) which will address the implications for general or specific
health professions.

The three chapters for you to annotate and critique are:
• Chapter 5, Cross-cultural communication and culture shock, pp103-145 in
Eckermann, A-K, Dowd, T, Chong, E, Nixon, L, Gray, R & Johnson, S 2006,
Binang Goonj: Bridging Cultures in Aboriginal Health, Churchill Livingstone
Elsevier, Sydney.
• Chapter 2 by Papadopoulos, I. The Papadopolous, Tilki and Taylor model of
developing cultural competence, pp7-23 in Papadopoulos, I (ed) 2006,
Transcultural Health and Social Care: Development of Culturally Competent
Practitioners, Elsevier, London.
• Chapter 18 by Omeri, A. Transcultural nursing: the way to prepare culturally
competent practitioners in Australia, pp303-318 in Papadopoulos, I (ed) 2006,
Transcultural Health and Social Care: Development of Culturally Competent
Practitioners, Elsevier, London.
Below is the format students must follow for the annotated bibliography:
Reference details for Eckermann et al. 2006
Summary --------------------------------- 300 words
Critique on implications for practice - 200 words
Reference details for Papadopoulos 2006
Summary --------------------------------- 150 words
Critique on implications for practice - 100 words
Reference details for Omeri 2006
Summary --------------------------------- 150 words
Critique on implications for practice - 100 words

Please Note: an annotated bibliography is not complete without a critique or
development of a critical response to what the author/s have outlined. This assessment
relates to the development of your knowledge of ‘cultural competency’ and its
application in the health professions, including personal development of your skills in
effective communication for professional practice.
Please check the resources specific to this assessment in your Assssment1 Resources
folder. These resources also include useful links to the Learning and Teaching Unit
(LTU) resources about writing a summary and critique.
Graduate Qualities being assessed in this assignment: 1, 2, 6 and 7
Referencing style to be used: Harvard -

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: International Student coping with Culture shock

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2514 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I have to write a research proposal about a specific group of International Students (can be Arabs, Africans, Asians, Hispanics, etc.) coping with culture shock in the US at a specific university (For example: George Mason University)..

This is how the teacher would like the proposal to be organized:
The problem: Provide a Succint Statement
1) Identify a problem, question about some specific aspect of topic to be investigated
2) Discuss possible solutions to the problem or answers to the question
Specific question addressed in the research project is clearly stated in this paragraph (one paragraph)

This section provide a brief overview of the larger issues and ideas of the topic and how my specific research problem relates to them (5 pages to 10 pages)

Outline for the reader the specific steps we will take to address the problem that we have defined.
Lay out for the reader the claims we are making and the basis on which we are making them. Also indicate the solution or interpretation anticipated will result from analysis of the problem (3 to 5 pages)

Method of Analysis / Evaluation
This section specifies how we will evaluate the evidence and information that is relevant to my research problem. For many topics, a comparison and contrast of differing points of view, compiling and synthesizing date, statistical analysis or other means of relating bits of information to each other, or an assessment of the accuracy/completeness/biases in information are among the commonly used methods for analyzing and evaluating evidence.
Methods of analysis will also affect the claims I make or the conclusion I will be able to draw.(Several paragraphs -several pages)

Specific primary data that we collect (such as interviews we conduct or rocket test data). may include evidence or data collected by others, or may involve a detailed comparison and contrast of ideas or methods of two or more scholars. Need to specify what is the precise form and source of information (eg. survey, designed study, newspaper reports, census statistics, interviews, archival records) (2-4 pages)

Restate the gist of the problem, its relationship to the larger issue and what I anticipate I will discover (1-2 pages)

And also I need to write an Executive Summary (abstract of the proposal)- it includes a timetable and preliminary references list of resources(at least 10). (2-3 pages)
There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: The effects of outsourcing in todays economy

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3115 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper should reflect the effects of outsourcing on people and the economy. The effects on the people should encomforance everything from dealing with leaving home to adjusting to life in foreign lands, language, culture, etc. It should also show how this move assists the company etc. This move affects two economies, the one in which it leaves and the one it moves to, show this. This paper is more about the analysis of communication, social organization, the impact of technology, power and authority, non-verbal communication, global management, culture shock, etc

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: A Father by Bharati Mukherjee

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1049 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: In an essay of about 800 words, analyze Mr. Bhowmick’s actions as the result of culture shock. If at all possible please try to use Literature and the Writing Process 8th edition Editors: Elizabeth McMahan, Susan X Day, and Robert Funk Prentice Hall as a source.

Culture shock is defined as those upsets—breaks in reality because people behave differently, food is different, beds, etc; breaks in affinity because their families and friends are far away; and breaks in communication because of having to communicate in a different language-- caused by moving from one culture into another. As a result of this, people can feel depressed and sometimes become very angry: Immigrants simply do not feel comfortable in the new setting. It does not happen to all, and it does not happen to the same degree for everybody.
For additional understanding, read these sites.



Use MLA formatting, citations, and details from the readings. Must be double-spaced and in essay formatting with indented paragraphs. Use 12 point type and use one of the Times New Roman fonts on the Essay Scoring Guide. Each paragraph should be about five sentences each. You should have a well-developed thesis statement that controls the development of your essay. This revision should be at least 800 words in length. There should also be a works cited in MLA format. Add in-text citations and the reading listed in a Work Cited list.
MLA Formatting (5 points)
Use Times New Roman,
Use 12 pt.
Double-space (Paragraph—spacing)
Indent each paragraph (Paragraph—special—first line)

Reference Guide for Work
Ideas and Organization (13 points)
Your claim is clearly worded for the greatest impact.
Your claim is in the first paragraph.
The introduction is interesting.
The introduction tells the reader what your topic is.
The remaining paragraphs provide evidence to support you claim.
Each paragraph is about five sentences.
Each paragraph flows comfortably into the next paragraph.
You have transitions between paragraphs and sentences where they are needed.
The concluding paragraph reinforces the claim.

Wording and Grammar (10 points)
You have a variety of sentence types—simple, compound, and complex.
The vocabulary is appropriate for the topic.
The vocabulary is appropriate for the audience.
You have used expressions associated with written language and formal writing.
You have used appropriate verb tenses.
The form of the verb matches the subject.

Punctuation and Mechanics (2 points)
Punctuation Reminders
You have the first word in each sentence capitalized.
You have proper nouns capitalized.
You have ending punctuation—period, question mark, exclamation point—for each sentence.
You haven’t broken up any sentences with unnecessary or inappropriate punctuation.
You have used commas correctly:
After an introductory clause or phrase,
Before the conjunction in a compound sentence,
Separating a non-essential adjective clause, or
Before the conjunction in a series of three or more—but never before a conjunction with only two items in the series.

Excerpt From Essay:

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