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Title: Cultural history background and how it relates the wellness wheel

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Essay Instructions: This my assignment which I have to write a Apa style paper.For the references for personal interviews, I want to use my father named Charles Hrynko and Mother named Bernice Hrynko. My Dad told me that I'm the third generation from Ukraine. My mom told me that I'm 7th generation from Germany. Her maiden name is Hammond. Write something about low self-esteem and the relationship with growing up poor for both families.

Assignment: Identify your own cultural background. Research the customs and history of your ethnicity. Using the research, describe how people of your ethnicity might think about and approach wellness. This may be an issue many of you have never thought of or researched. The purpose of this assignment is to think about your heritage and your belief system and how that impacts each of you as individuals. If you cannot find information on your ancestors, through research or family member interviews, discuss each of the following categories relating to your immediate family and any current experiences with rejection or prejudice.

The research paper must be at least 6-8 double-spaced pages (12 point font, Times New Roman) in APA style with at least 5 references (minimum of 1, maximum of 3 personal interviews.) No abstract is needed.

[Be sure to address at least two bullets in each of the four categories below. You will need to use a combination of interviews with family members and research sources to find this information.]

I. Background Information
• What generation do you represent? Where do your ancestors come from?
What religious affiliations, if any, has your family held (or changed)
through the generations?answer this question
• How and when did they get here? Why did they come here? What area did
they originally arrive/live in?
• What good or bad migration experiences did your family have?
• How easy or difficult was it for them to adapt to life in this country at that
time? Discuss aspects of rejection or prejudice based on race, religion or

II. Current Information
• What social conflicts have you or your family experienced within the
present American culture?
• Does your immediate family or extended family practice any celebrations,
customs, or traditions that your or others might regard as “ethnic” or
expressing a minority culture in some way? What are some of them?
Which do you value most?
• What, if any, language/communication differences to you see between
your family and “typical” American culture? What problems to these
differences cause, if any?
• What were the main expectations (or stereotypes) for males and females
in the following areas:
Education? Employment? Dating Patterns? Sexuality?
Role of wife; role of husband? Children and parenting?
Importance of individual vs. family? Religion/spirituality?

III. Personal Reflection (this section must be at least 2 pages in length)
• How do you think your unique background has specifically influenced
your personal expectations, beliefs, behaviors, and life goals?
• How does your background/upbringing affect your views of other
cultures? Do you have any biases or stereotypes?
• What specific assets or benefits might you have, based on your
cultural upbringing, as opposed to other people without your
cultural upbringing?
• What aspects of your culture of origin do you have the most comfort
“Owning” and the most difficulty “Owning”? Explain.

IV. Issues of Wellness (this section must be at least 1 pages in length)
• How does your cultural background affect decisions you and your
ancestors make regarding each of the 5 spokes of the “Wellness Wheel”
(created in class)? --The five spokes of the Wellness Wheel are physical, mental, social, spiritual, and social.
• If you could give the future generations of your family advice about
Wellness, what would you tell them? (which do you believe are more
important on the “Wellness Wheel”, etc.)

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