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Essay Instructions: Han Dongping, The Unknown Cultural Revolution, Monthly Review Press, New York, 2008.

ISBN: 978-1-58367-180-1

write a 5 page critical review of this book

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Title: china

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Essay Instructions: Please write a research paper about cultural revolution in china and to what degree communism is compatable with therE culture, very important to keep in mind the current economic situation which is moving towards capitalism. Also, keeping in mind the difference in the ecomonic model from the 1950's compared to todays.

this paper must include a thesis statement and a conclusion. Please do not generalize, be specific with examples and quotations. THANKS.

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Title: China

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Essay Instructions: pick one!

1) the autographic style book by Dr. Li Zhisui ( the private life of chairman mao pp433-546), and the short stories by Chen Jo-hsi, and the movie The Blue Kites, are all about these authors' and director's experiances of the tumultuous year of the Cultural Revolution and its aftermath. in what way do you think their works (book and movie) are valuable as historical documents?

2) through the upheavals and reversals of government policies in Beijing during the Cultural revolution , people in china were first perplexed, then disillusioned, and ultimately became completely dejected and cynical about politics. please illustrate this view from the evidence you found in dr. Lis;s account ( the private life of chairman mao pp433-546),and the short stories by Chen Jo-hsi, and the movie The Blue Kites,

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Title: Modern Chinese History

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Essay Instructions: Please select one question from below 3 questions and write a two page essay answering the question.
1.The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution both sought to make a stronger China, yet stand among China's greatest tragedies. Why did both involve so much violence? What did Mao envision? Why did the Chinese follow Mao to the point that they would turn on their own family members?
Employ examples from the books of 'Son of the Revolution' by Liang Heng, 'Wild Swans' by Jung Chang, and 'Hungry Ghosts' by Jasper Becker to support your claims.

2.Compare Lu Xuns' short stories to Pearl Buck's 'The Good Earth' book. What did they both seek to accomplish? What evidence might indicate that these depictions probably represent overstatements seeking to elicit a specific response rather than depict reality?

3.During Mao's years, the government promoted selfless, group-oriented Puritanism. Now, since the relaxation of Communist controls and the opening of relations with the West, China's culture has changed dramatically. Using Jianying Zha's 'China Pop' and Jung Chang's 'Wild Swans' (particularly her parents as examples), compare and contrast the changes. Is China better off today than during the Mao years? If so, how? If not, then how? Why have these changes erupted so suddenly and widely?
You may want to read the books mentioned above in order to write the essay. However, if you cannot access to the books, you can just find the information from Google.
I will also send some information that related to these essay questions.

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