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Title: Cultural Relativism

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Essay Instructions: There are two ways of viewing the differences between cultures: cultural relativism vs. ethnocentrism. The purpose of this exercise is to develop an understanding of how an ethnocentric view of behavior differs from a culturally relative view. In this assignment, you are asked to read a passage (see below) and answer questions.

You attend a wedding and see the bride wearing a red wedding dress. American cultural norms dictate that brides wear white, although contemporary styles vary and colors range from traditional white, cream, and silver varieties of white wedding gowns. You overhear the parents of the groom talking about their future daughter-in-law’s choice of a red wedding dress. “I cannot believe she’s bucking tradition and not wearing white,” one of the parents exclaims, “She’s living in America! Brides wear white here!” The other parent interjects, “Our son said that in her culture white is a color reserved for mourning. She must believe this is a happy day, hence why she’s wearing a different color.”

Based on this information, write your own response to the following questions:

1) In a paragraph, define ethnocentrism and cultural relativism, explaining the differences between the two terms.

2) In a paragraph, write an ethnocentric interpretation of the bride’s actions.

3) In a paragraph, write a culturally relativistic interpretation of the bride’s actions.

4) Reflect upon both interpretations of the situation and discuss your own thoughts and reactions to the content of the article, identifying your own ethnocentric and cultural relativistic reactions to the red wedding dress.
Assignment Length: 1-2 pages, SINGLE SPACED!

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Title: Cultural Relativism

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Essay Instructions: Does Nietzsche endorse Cultural Relativism in the Genealogy? (To answer this question you will need to explain in your own words what you take Cultural Relativism to be. You will also need to make up your own mind about whether Nietzsche endorses Cultural Relativism in the Genealogy, and you will need to support your answer to that question by pointing to things Nietzsche says in the Genealogy.

When you refer to passages from the Genealogy, the page number from the Morgan 5th Edition will suffice, but it has to be from the 5th Edition, not the 4th. There is no need to use sources other than the Genealogy, but if you do take words or ideas from other sources you will need to cite them properly.

You are welcome to write in the first person.

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Title: Female Genital Mutilation FGM in Ethiopia as women's rights

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Essay Instructions: This is my QUESTION and THESIS STATEMENT.

-> Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) is a common phenomenon in Ethiopia (Highest rate of FGM among African countries), despite international and national efforts to eliminate the phenomenon. Why is that? Is it issue of cultural relativism (positive or neutral view of FGM) or issue of women's rights as human rights (negative view of FGM)?
I really do need a STRONG ARGUMENT answering question and thesis statement.


-> Locate at least three scholarly studies on the subject, beyond the required course readings. they must appear as books, book chapters or in academic journals (as opposed to newspapers or news magazines). Of these three scholarly studies, one must be from an academic law journal (e.g. American Journal of Comparative Law, etc.). Also, include at least one source of information found on the Internet. There are relevant links on the Research Links tab on the course webpage. Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate research resource so please do not use this as a source.


-> The paper should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins and 12 pages in length. Citations: In addition to the 12 pages you should attach a formal bibliography using complete bibliographic citations. With your paper text you should use parenthetic citations when possible rather than footnotes. Footnotes are to be used exclusively for further comments rather than citations. Your citations should conform to a nationally recognized citation style or the Course Citation Guide as posted on the webpage.

Basic structure what my class provided for research paper.

-> First, critically assess the main actors and institutions that characterize my topic of women?s rights. Which actors pushed for the creation of these rights? Were there competing interests or policy frames? What were these differing interests or points of view? What role did domestic or international legal or political institutions play, if any, in this evolution? What role did the women?s movement or human rights organizations play? Be specific in providing examples and evidence to support your assessment. Second, critically assess the potential limitations of the rights protection provided for and how this may be expanded in the future. The paper should have a clear introduction, thesis statement/argument, analysis and conclusion.

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Title: Do human rights following a a cultural relativism approach depend on international regimes for their implementation

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Essay Instructions: The paper is intended to help with a Bachelor-thesis.
So it should stand on its own, but explore the human rights academic discurse - especially the European/ German discurse.
Central to the topic is the question if non-universal human rights (cultural dependent) need international regimes to advocate their enforcement; the paper should also include the idea of a universal minimal consensus of human rights, but these can only be protectional rights to secure the right to live, but not extended rights as e.g. the right to have vacation - these must be cultural dependent. Short overview-chapters on the main terms used in the paper might be a good idea (universalism vs cultural relativism, existing national and international regimes, etc).

So the paper might demonstrate on a few examples of human rights on a national or a small regional level, if these need international protection if to be effective.

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