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Title: Racial Cultural Identity Development Model

Total Pages: 2 Words: 714 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Briefly describe each stage of the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model and discuss how the minority client's level of racial/cultural identity development can impact the counseling process.

Side note: There are several other identity models, such as the black,and Asian development models just to name a couple, the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model is the correct one to use for this assignment.

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Title: Culture identity in schools

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1162 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

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Write a 4 page essay in which you discuss:

• What kind of cultural identity should public schools promote:

• Include at least 2 citations from the professional literature websites listed below.

• Use APA format.

At least two of the following resources must be used to complete the assignment. It is best to copy/paste the URL into the address bar; just using these links does not seem to work well.
Educational Theory 1/12/2007

Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education 1/12/2007

*** Website
Field Guide of Nomenclature 1/12/2007

Feminist Theory 1/12/2007

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Title: Cultural Differences

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1329 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Prepare a 1200 word paper in which you analyze the multicultural concepts: Acculturation and Cultural Identity. In your analysis, point out their significance in understanding cultural differences.

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Title: subject writing culture Literaray Imagination and Cultural Identity M M Bakhtin Charles Bukowski and Ralph Ellison

Total Pages: 9 Words: 3633 Sources: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

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(subject: writing culture: Literaray Imagination and Cultural Identity)
* M. M. Bakhtin's The Dialogic Imagination, Charles Bukowski's Ham On Rye and Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

Through the three primary texts and others that you wish to explore answer some or all of the following questions
1. How is language used not only to communicate but to construct identity and serve as a means of power/empowerment

2. Equate how individuals and cultures use language to distribute and to maintain power

3. Distinguish the role language plays in constructing identity

4. Name how language functions in relation to race, sex, class, media politics and ethnicity

5. Come up with your own subject that reflects the course directives.

*minimum of 8 secondary sources

*The professor suggested me read Kafka's "Before the Law", Plato's "Allegory of the Cave", Hindu's "Bagavegita"and Linda Hatcheon's "Poetics of Postmodernism".


* According to the professor,trying to focus on research and literary analysis (which means he does not want me to write an reaction paper or write some summary that he already knows)He wants me to be creative

* Maybe you want to focus more on Postmodernism, and contrasting with others, like Modernism or Victorian or sth.Please be creative and have original expression

* Please quote from the textbooks and sources. He really likes thesis=>quotation=> explanation. At least one quote in a paragraph. Never ends at quote.

* I would like to provide the thesis that I wrote for this paper and the first paragraph which I wrote for the same book but different topics for him on midterm. The professor really liked the first paragraph.I think the thesis might help you to finish the paper sooner. If you want to do it in other way, it is fine.

* Please finish the paper on time

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