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Title: Cultural Heritage Preservation Project

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Essay Instructions: Cultural Heritage Preservation Project

Select a specific art repository in Iraq and devise a plan to save it and find the money to do so.

Plan of Action

1. Conduct an internet search on the issue in general for further background knowledge on the issue of cultural preservation and the specific situation in Iraq.

2. Narrow the search to:

Ancient Civilization - Mesopotamia; the fertile Cresent.
c. 7000 BC: Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylonia, and Assyria

-the nation Museum in Baghdad and other museums in major cities around the country, Basra, Mousul, etc.

- Archological sites around the country.

Recommended web sites:

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Title: I essay a culture familiar discuss impact globalization culture Is cultural heritage risk Will globalization ultimately lead global culture Why

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Essay Instructions: I want an essay about a culture with which you are familiar and discuss the impact of globalization on that culture. Is their cultural heritage at risk? Will globalization ultimately lead to one global culture? Why or why not?

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Title: multicultural

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Essay Instructions: Create a multicultural newsletter or newspaper, 6-10 pages in length. Within the newsletter or newspaper, select one author and one artist (who is of another culture) to detail their life and body of work. Include the following sections in your newsletter or newspaper:

1. Definition: The first page should include an original definition of multicultural literacy.

2. Life: Provide an outline of the author's and artist' life. Include birth, death if applicable, childhood, education, and age of first publication.

3. Major career achievements: Describe the major achievements and/or awards won regarding their work.

4. Hobbies: Describe their activities when they are not writing or drawing.

5. Culture: Explain contributions made to their cultural heritage.

This project can be created using Microsoft Word or Publisher. Keep in mind that if you are using MS Publisher, you should save the document as a PDF.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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Title: Movie review

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Essay Instructions: This paper should consist in watching one the following movies listed below. You would need to write a 3page paper (typed and double spaced)ont the selected movie. The first two pages should be a discussion of the movie (topic, argument, main characters, plot) and the last page should be a discussion of how the movie raletes to a History 330 class. To give a sense of what the class was above I would list some the course's goal:
-Increase knowledge or America experience between 1890 and 1940.
- A greater appreciation the complex political, economic, social, and cultural heritage of the U.S.
-a deeper understanding of the major forces shping the contemporary world within historical perspective.
-An awareness of history as means of reflecting upon and evaluating the human experience.
Also in the class we used the following books:
Jane Addams by Victoria Bissell Brown
Only Yesterday by Frederick Lewis Allen
Alan Brinkley, Voices of Protest: Huy Long, Father Coughlin, and the Great Depression.
Lewis L. Gould, America in the Progressive era 1890-1914
Willian E. Leuchtenburg, The Perils of Prosperity 1914-1932

I have only discribed the material we use in the class so you could have a sense of what the class was above.

Please relate some of this information with the movie you'll choose to write above. I will list several choices you would need to choose only one and write about it.

1- Inherit the wind
Spencer Tracyk, Frederic March
Director:Stanley Kramer

2-Sergeant York
Gary Cooper,Walter Brennan
Director: Howard Hawks

3-The Grapes of Wrath
Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell
Director:John Ford

4- Ragtime
James Cagney, Elizabeth McGovern
Director: Milos Forman

5-The Roaring Twenties
James Cagney
Director: Raoul Walsh

6-The Real Glory
Gary Cooper
Director Henrry Hathway

The Fighting 69th
James Cagney, Pat O'Brien
Director: William Keighley

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