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Title: Cultral Resume of Peru

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1160 Sources: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Cultural Resume of Peru, and its culture. I will list the format. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA it is not allowed. Please use credible sources. It can be written as simply,directly,and tightly summarizing.Communication Style. Use References
A. Customs and Courtesise
5.Personal Appearance
6.Group Meetings
8.Communicating Interpersonally

B. The People
1. General Attitudes and Values
2. Population
3. Language
4. Religion
5.Holiday's,Religious and Political

1. Family
2 .Dating,courtship, and marriage
3. Social and Economic Level
4. Work
5. Recreation
6. Food

D. The Nation
1. History and Government
2. Educational System
3. Land and Climate
4. Economy
5. Transportation and Communication Systems
6. Health, Sanitation, and Medical Facilities
7. Scale Map of the Country Peru

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Title: cultural assessment

Total Pages: 3 Words: 882 References: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Cultural Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to analyze the effects of culture on health care. You are to use a community (Red Hook Brooklyn, NY 11231) and select a cultural group (African American).

Describe using demographic data (local, state or federal) the group you have chosen to study. Describe disease incidence and prevalence rates in this population. Identify factors, which place this group at risk for specific disease. Describe family patterns, cultural, religious, nutritional, etc practices, Examine health care beliefs, values and traditions within that culture. Note the following guidelines for specific assessment requirements. Discuss how these traditions influence health care decisions and how health care providers working with this group can gain cultural competence.


Your paper should address the following five points. This assignment should be submitted with abstract, references, and appendices included separately.

Description of Target Population. Include demographic and census data, ethnic and cultural health practices, religious belief systems, language, nutrition, literacy, education, etc. (15 points)

Description and Analysis of Health Beliefs. Interpret health beliefs of the target population in relation to both health and illness. (15 points)

Description of Illness Needs. Use epidemiologic data to support this section. (15 points)

Management of Health and Illness Needs. How does the target population manage health and illness needs? How does this group interact with members of the mainstream healthcare delivery system? How does this group access services to manage health and illness needs? Does this population utilize cultural/traditional health practices and providers? Describe. (20 points)

Summary and Analysis. This section should include a description of the dominant health care culture and areas of conflict between the cultural group and the health care system. Given this analysis, clearly state the implications for nurses and the health care delivery system. (20 points)

Format of presentation including APA, abstract, references & appendices (15 points)

The following outline from Spector, R.E. (2000) can serve as a guide for the collection of data:

Demographic Data

Total population size in relation to town/community
Breakdown of areas- residential concentration
Breakdown by age, sex, education, occupation, income
Nations of origin of residents

Traditional Health Beliefs

Definition of health and illness
Overall health status

Causes of Illness

Poor eating habits
Wrong food combinations
Virus, bacteria or other organisms
Punishment from God
Evil eye, hexes, spells or envy
Environmental changes
Exposure to drafts
Over or under worked
Grief or loss

Additional Considerations

Methods of maintaining, protecting or restoring health
Patterns and use of MD and other health care resources
What kind of providers do they use/avoid and why?
Use of traditional healers
Child bearing and child rearing beliefs and practices
Rituals and beliefs surrounding death and dying

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Title: Cultural Identity

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1516 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Cultural Identity Paper:

Write a 4-6 page paper describing factors of your cultural identity. In your analysis, please use BOLDED terms from the textbook. Include all of the following:

*Describe all of the cultures and cultural groups with which you feel a strong identification. Choose 2 from the following:
(i) Pakistanis, (this one for sure)
(ii) and one from either Indians or Bangladeshis

In your description of these groups, include the group’s prevailing values, attitudes, and beliefs, and how members of these groups expect you to behave. Now analyze how strongly you embrace these mores. Cultural groups would be factors such as age, gender, hobby groups, career identification, etc.

*What characteristics of these cultures and cultural groups do you think have an impact on your communication behavior as a college student? Give some actual examples to amplify your analysis.

*Now describe a group (culture or cultural group) with which you feel uncomfortable. Give some actual examples to amplify your analysis.

*Finally, do some analysis on where you believe yourself to be in the search for cultural identity, according to the three stages described in Chapter 6 in the textbook. Give some actual examples to amplify your analysis.

I will be sending a copy of all the pages from chapter 6 via fax within a day. Please use bolded terms from that chapter. Also, please make sure that you use the book chapter 6 as one source, and one other source. Also, please ensure that you address all these questions given above in a proper and detailed manner, as this makes up most of or the entire paper. Since this a personal sort of paper where I am supposed to analyze things and see where i believe to be in search for cultural identity, and how i feel uncomfortable with a group, etc...its ok if you can pls just go ahead and address these questions with your own personal point of view instead of mine. thanks alot.

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Title: Cultural Diversity Interview Narrative Cultural

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4850 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Cultural Diversity Reflection Paper: First, interview a person (18-21 years of age, male or female) from an ethnic group you need to learn more about ( I chose African Americans). The interview must focus on the person’s schooling/education experiences. [Note: You do NOT have to actually conduct the interview…just “make it up” Be creative in answering the interview questions yourself as if you were the African American interviewee (I have developed questions, but feel free to add – or omit- any questions that you think would enrich the quality of the paper. Remember questions should focus on schooling/education). Try to be as specific as possible. Of course, if you have someone you can interview that would be even better. You will use the interview answers for this next part—the 15 page paper. So, I don’t want you to fill in answers to my interview protocol, but you are to integrate the important/necessary questions/answers into a 15 page paper.] This, then, is YOUR task: You will write a paper narrating your interviewee’s experiences, connecting what you learned to theory and research of cultural diversity (I will e-mail you some concepts/theories to choose from—make connections to a few of the theories), and applying what you have drawn from the interview to your future practice as a teacher (High School English teacher— in upstate New York). Make sure you thoroughly address all of the 4 required ponents in the paper.
This 15 page paper will have four required ponents:
1. Describe and summarize your interviewee’s responses using a narrative style. This means that you will tell your interviewee’s story in third person singular. Use quotations whenever you think that it is appropriate. Remember that what we want to know about is your interviewee’s perspective on aspects of schooling, education, and munication. This part of the paper should show a detailed insider’s perspective on the experiences of the interviewee. It should be evident that the interview questions and the process were guided by a solid understanding of research and theory about diverse students.
2. In another part of the paper I want you to write about your personal reactions to the experiences of conducting this interview. Sometimes the interviewer has strong emotional reactions; sometimes they experience cognitive shifts. Please tell me in detail how you found this experience and why. Link your discussion here to some of the readings (I will e-mail you the private website in which the readings are found). For example, as a white person (note: I am a white 27 year old female) how do the theories of white privilege and white racial development relate to your experiences?
3. In another part of the paper make connections between the narrative you have written and any theories/research that pertain to your interviewee’s experiences (again, I will provide a list of theories/research. In this section of the paper, show your thorough knowledge of AT LEAST ONE of the major topics in cultural diversity (from the list of theories/research I will provide you with--I would remend discussing about 3 theories/concepts here. The 4-5 sources I requested in the order form for you to use is not set in stone-this all depends on how many theories you use in the paper). You should use those theories and research to analyze deeply the experiences of your interviewee.
4. Finally, discuss how your experience of meeting and listening to your interviewee might play a role in your future career as a teacher (High School English). You should create AT LEAST THREE detailed remendations for actions, practices, or curriculum. Again, support these ideas with details from your interview and from the readings. Your discussion should demonstrate a strong mand of the readings, topics, theories.

E-mail me with any questions:

Possible questions to address in the paper (interview protocol). [Some of these may be redundant.] Again, feel free to add answers to your own questions in the paper and/or omit/change any of the following: (you will not need to talk about all of these in the paper, use the questions you can work in th paper-maybe about 15 questions or less. The questions you use will prob. also depend on the theories you incorporate in the paper).

Tell me about your family.
What are some things you have learned from your family?
What level of education do your parents/guardians have? What were your parents’ expectations regarding your education? Did you share these expectations?
What can prevent students from doing well in school?
Are there any people who have an advantage when it es to doing well in school? If yes, who are they? Why do they have an advantage?
What is the best way of getting ahead in American society? Are there any people who have a better opportunity to get ahead today than in the past? If yes, Who? What makes you think so-what gave you this impression? Which people have the worst chance of getting ahead and why?Do you think that people of all races have an equal chance to do well in school? Why? Why not?
Would you say that Black males and Black females are given an equal chance to do well in school? Why? Why not?
Would you say that the amount of money in somebody’s family affects how well they will do in school?
Describe a typical day for you when you were in elementary, middle, high school.
Tell me about your childhood neighborhood.
In High School, were you encouraged to integrate African American historical and cultural themes into your academic work (research papers, book reports, etc.)? In school, describe your relationships with your white classmates. Your relationship with other ethnic groups in school? Describe the nature of teacher-student interaction in your school. How do these interactions differ based on students’ ethnicity/culture? Describe your relationships with your teachers in primary and secondary school.
What do you think are the differences between your experiences in school and the experiences of white students? Describe your ideal learning environment. The learning environment you find most beneficial for your needs. Tell me about an instance in which you felt a teacher’s desire to understand African American culture.
Have you experienced discrimination -directly or indirectly-? How?
What kind of student would you say you were? What challenges did you face in school?
Do you feel you encountered prejudice in school? Who/What was the source?
What were some extracurricular activities you engaged in while still a student?
Did you have any work experience while in school? Was this a valuable experience? Why or why not? How were you treated by employers, fellow employees, and customers? Did the way you talk at home and with friends differ from the way you talked in school?
Describe your fort level when volunteering information or asking questions?
Tell me about your favorite subject when you were in school.
Tell me about a teacher who had an impact on you. Describe the clicks that existed in your school.
What were some of the responsibilities you had in your household?

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