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Title: C. S. Lewis Out of the Silent Planet

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1334 References: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please respond to the following questions sent through fax. Please make sure to cite ANYTHING taken from the text, even themes, et ceterea even if there isn't a direct quote. For question one, please answer as if you were given multiple options and picked CS Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet.THANK YOU!!!
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Title: children's literature author study

Total Pages: 5 Words: 2120 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: assignment: Select an author who:
has a significant body of work
is recognized for literary merit
is relevant to your area of interest and practice using children's literature
Requirements for the Author Study:
please choose from roald dahl or cs lewis.

read a significant number of works depending on form and/or genre (e.g., an equivalent of at least 10 picture books if author/illustrator, or 3-6 novels or books, depending on length and form; 2-3 anthologies of poetry or short works; 3-5 scripts or plays)
research biographical information
read critical articles relative to specific works, or the body of work as a whole
at least 5 page paper with works cited pages formatted in MLA style

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Essay Instructions: The question below is to be answered from a traditional Anglican point of view. Faith, Tradition and Scripture is typically an Anglican formula. Gimme 3 pages and 3 sources on this. A good source might be something from CS Lewis or Vernon Staly's "The Catholic Religion". But any traditional/conservative Anglican writer/source is good. Good Luck!

Church History
10. What is meant by Faith, Tradition and Scripture? Cite it's use and name the source of it's development.

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Essay Instructions: Give me 4 pages on this from an Anglo-Catholic or traditional Anglican point of view. Use at least 4 sources. Some of which are traditional Anglican. Vernon Staly's "The Catholic Religion" is a good one. Maybe something from CS Lewis. Good Luck!

1. Ecclesiology deals with the study of the theological understanding of the Church. Describing a broad discipline of theology, the ecclesiology of different denominations can be at variance in specific areas of character, faith and practice. In light of this compare and contrast Anglican Ecclesiology with other Christian denominations. Be sure to include:

A. the definition of the church
B. How it is governed
C. The purpose of the church
D. It's polity (Canonical Structure)
E. What is the purpose of the Vestry? Who are its officers?

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