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Title: The Crucible

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Essay Instructions: This is a Humanities class "Contemporary World" the text book we are using is "Culture & Values A Survey Of The Humanities" by Lawrence S. Cunningham and John J. Reich 7th Edition.
The instructor's directions are as follows:
Students will write a 3-4 page (900-1200 word) book report. This book should connect to themes covered in the course. The book report should include:
1. The author and his/her biography
2. The title and its meaning
3. Discriptions of the main characters
4. A summary and analysis of the plot
5. Historical, philosophical and cultural context
6. Key ideas, conclusions, impact and implications of the work.
(5 and 6 should comprise the bulk of the report).

I have chosen the book "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

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Title: Parallels between The Crucible and Guilty By Suspicion

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Essay Instructions: A 5 Paragraph Comparison/Contrast essay on The Crucible and Guilty By Suspicion. The essay must include 5 sentence patterns. Use only two linking verbs per page.
Point out any parallels between the two works.
Use the following points as guidelines in analysis:
Techniques used to apply pressure to people or roups of people; The dilemma of betrayal; the possibility or suspicion of betrayal in relationships;benefits found in sellin out; Abadoning one's country or town vs. staying to "fight"

The introduction must be 4 sentences in length, naming the two works. The introduction should briefly state what the two works have in common. The thesis statement must be parallel in structure- all three points must match grammatically- three nouns, three adjectives, three prepositional phrases, or three dependent clauses.

Paragrahs 2,3, and 4 support the thesis. Each paragraph must have a min. of 11 sentences with 3 concrete details and at least 7 sentences of commentary. Include appropiate transitions. Use back- and -forth comparision/ contrast format. Example for comparison " in The Crucible.... while in Guilty By Suspicion" or contrast "In The Crucible....;however, in Guilty By Suspicion..."
Paragraph 5 is a 4 sentence conclusion. Assess the strengths of each work or the weaknesses of each work. Include whether you think both works are appropriate for a AP English program and reason for why or why not.

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Title: Introduction to The Crucible by Christopher Bigsby

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Essay Instructions: Answer in well crafted, handwritten paragraphs. Each response should a synthesis of your reading of the Introduction to The Crucible by Christopher Bigsby. Do not answer with Bigsby's own words. Use SUBSTANCE and STYLE.
1) According to the introduction, how did the state of Massachusetts attempt to apologize to the victims of the Salem witch hunts, how was one of those apologies somewhat ironic, and why, according to Bigsby, did the state take so long to atone for the situation in Salem, 1692?
2) How specifically, is The Crucible allegorical?
3) Summarize Arthur Miller's experiences with HUAC and discuss the consequences of those experiences for Miller.
4) Bigsby, claims that "The Crucible is a play about the seductive nature of power." How so?
5) What conclusion does Bigsby draw about American and world society at the end of the article?

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Title: The Crucible

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Essay Instructions: The assignment is to write a historical evaluation of The Movie, The Crucible. The focus is to tell spacific ways in which this movie has historical value( or spacific ways in which it is probably inaccurate.) Focus on the following questions:
What does the movie teach you about the historical period?
How accuratly does the movie potray the events/trends of the period?
See if you can find movie reviews on internet in order to determine what historians think of the film.(needs a reference) I need the paper by 4 am at the latest 5 am, if you can not do this request please email me at m Thank You!

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