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Title: dark figure of crime

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Essay Instructions: CRIMINOLOGY>British. Discuss the dark figures of crime?
Discuss dark figures (what they are). discuss victim surveys, are there a problem with them. Define dark figures, then elaborate. set scene-why it is important, measure effect.. a bigger picture, why it is important in criminology. define BRITISH CRIME SURVEY, national and local(rhondda cynon taff, or cynon valley or both). describe them. talk about the surveys, criticise them. conclusion- are studies limited or have they helped us.

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Essay Instructions: Criminology.
In Chapter 1 of The Shadow Line, Gomme provides many examples of how deviance is
associated with adverse responses and social controls. Drawing on (a) Gomme's chapter,
(b) Karen Tulchinsky's short story "A Different Kind of Love" (Course Reader), and (c) readings
outside of the course, discuss whether homosexuals continue to face adverse responses and
social controls. Be specific in your response: for example, the same-sex marriage controversy,
"gay-bashing," and so forth.

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Essay Instructions: This is a 4 part research response for cirminology. Answer each question with as much content as possible.

****No format / essay structure necessary. Just get to the point******

No citations necessary.

Use the textbook: Hagan, F.E. (2010). Introduction to Criminology: Theories, Methods, and Criminal Behavior. Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage. Chapters 2-7 to answer the questions, if possible. Use only documented sources, opinions included if stated in the question.

Part 1 (1 page): What was the "rational choice theory" of crime causation? What implications does this theory have for explaining crime?

Part 2 (1 page): What is the "nature vs nuture" controversy and how are twin and adoption studies designed to address this issue? What has been resolved by research?

Part 3 (1 1/2 pages): David Matza had 3 important concepts: 1)delinquency and drift 2)subterranean values 3)techniques of neutralization. Discuss each of these and explain how they explain delinquency / crime.

Part 4 (1 1/2 pages): Use the case study of Jeffery Dahmer. Begin by defining the concept of pscyhopath, and using the example of Jeffery Dahmer illustrate the key features of psychopathology. Are all psychopaths criminals? Defend your answer.

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Title: Research in CJ

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Essay Instructions: Research Paper

Select one of the following topics that interest you and write a 5 page research paper (excluding the title page, bibliography and appendices). Please submit a comprehensive outline for professor approval prior to initiating writing.

• Explore the concepts of criminology and criminal justice as sciences. Discuss some developments that support their claim to scientific status; the role of theory in criminology and criminal justice research, and why there has been such a shortage of new theory since the 1960's.

• Research in criminal justice and criminology faces many ethical hazards. The regulation of ethically acceptable research conduct may take one of three forms. Discuss these and include your opinion as to which of these is most effective. What is the researcher's role and what constitutes appropriate conduct? What are some elements of a code of ethics for criminology and criminal justice research? You may also wish to discuss and provide examples of researcher misconduct, why it occurs and how it can be prevented.

• Discuss data gathering in criminal justice research. Describe the UCR and its major components. What are the major components of the crime index and the calculation of crime rate? What have been some major identified shortcomings of the UCR? Given these identified shortcomings, read and then discuss how features of the redesigned UCR may eliminate some of these shortcomings. Discuss also the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). What are some of its principle features as well as advantages over the traditional UCR?

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