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Instructions for Criminological Theories College Essay Examples

Title: Criminalogical Theory and Social Policy

Total Pages: 1 Words: 379 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: In a minimum of 250 words, discuss the implications of criminological theories with the context of social policy.
• Describe how certain theories are related to how social policies are created.
• Use specific examples of the theories in Chapter 7 and how policies can or have been formed as a result.

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Title: Application of Criminological Theory

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1736 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: You are the vice principal in charge of discipline at a prestigious school. An eighth-grade teacher has a problem with one of the students. He is extremely active and it is difficult for him to quiet him down. The student comes from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background and the principal would like to keep him in this prestigious school because he feels it is in the student’s best interests. After school one day, the teacher discovers this student beating up another student and has to step in to break up the fight. The teacher has turned to you as the vice principal in charge of discipline. Using criminological theories what could have contributed to this student’s deviant behavior and what do you think should be done? Be sure to justify your answer.

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Title: criminological theories

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1252 Sources: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: *Students are first required to choose one or two criminological theories discussed in class.(you could over lap them) ex: modern deterrence theory, routine activities, social learning, social bonding, labeling theory etc.
*Each student will then choose a movie (relevant to the field)or a historical/present event that has or is taking place in society(also relevant to the field).
*Explain and introduce the theories you choose, then explain the basic assumptions and arguments of the chosen theories
*Explain how the chosen criminological theories are related to the movie/social/historical event
*Explain how theory influenced our behavior in society, and explain the influence that criminlogical theories have on preventing crime or reducing criminal behavior through practice and policy implementation
*Scholarly references (academic articles or books) no internet sites

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Title: Legalization and Regulation of Prostitution from a Criminological Prospective

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1978 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Answer the following question by stating your position and the reasons for it (argumentative/persuasive research paper with references):
Q: Using ANY -- but a minimum of 2 -- criminological theories of crime (biological, psychological, sociological, integrated, etc.) of your choosing, differentiate between ALL perspectives chosen, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each – as they pertain to the effects of the legalization and regulation of prostitution globally in contemporary society.
-----> The purpose of this assignment is to critically assess the strengths and weakness of various criminological theories you've chosen (the DOMINANT theme), as they pertain to prostitution (the MINOR theme).
-----> Some criminological theories that can be used are critical feminist theories, patriarchy theories, psychoanalytic theories, rational choice theories, etc. Use the following website ONLY as a guide for brainstorming:

(1) Don’t include abstract. Must include Reference Page.
(2) Research MUST be supported with:
-----> strong empirical evidence (if & when necessary),
-----> specific, non-superficial references from acceptable sources, by expanding on & not simply a regurgitation of what's in each source cited,
-----> a MINIMUM of 5 different acceptable academic sources that strengthen the essay's argument, AND
-----> of course, STRONG concluding paragraph(s).
(3) Acceptable Academic References: SCHOLARLY SOURCES, such as peer-reviewed journal articles (on-line or hardcopy), U.S. Government publications (PDF format only – websites will not count), criminal justice/criminology textbook, etc.
-----> All citations/sources MUST have been published within the last 10 years.
(4) Direct Quotations: It's PREFERRED that the essay doesn't have any direct quotes from any of the references/sources used.
-----> HOWEVER, if a direct quote is necessary, a MAXIMUM of 3 direct quotes are allowed & each direct quote can be NO longer than 2 lines of written text.
-----> OTHERWISE, all work MUST be paraphrased OR in own words with proper APA citations.

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