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Title: criminal procedures

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Essay Instructions: CRIMINAL PROCEDURE

Please answer the following question in essay form.
Art, an undercover police agent posing as a hoodlum, is asked by Bob to assist him in murdering Carl. When Art pretends to agree, Bob shows Art a bomb he is making to attach to the starter of Carl’s car. At Bob’s request, Art helps complete the bomb but secretly rigs it not to explode. Bob then takes the bomb to Carl’s house alone and attaches it to Carl’s automobile. The police, having been tipped of by Art, arrive just as Bob finishes. The immediately arrest Bob, remove the bomb and take him to the nearest police station. The police then return to Carl’s house where they conduct a through search of both Carl’s automobile and Bob’s car (parked across the street). In Bob’s automobile they find a sales receipt for the same kind and amount of explosive used for the bomb in Carl’s auto.

Bob is charged with attempted murder. At trial, the prosecution introduced the bomb and the sales receipt into evidence. Art testifies to Bob’s original request that Art helped him murder Carl. Art also testifies to a conversation he had with Bob when he visited Bob in jail after his indictment. In the latter conversation, Bob made damaging admissions. At no time did Art advise Bob that he was and undercover police agent. Art testifies that he secretly recorded both the conversations on a miniature tape recorder; and the recordings are introduced to corroborate his testimony. The jury finds Bob guilty.

Assuming that all Bob’s rights are properly preserved, what legal problems are presented on appeal to the highest court of the state? Discuss.

Please make sure to use the appropiate format (IRAC)
Use the commonly recommended format for answering essay exam questions referred to as I-R-A-C. It is easy, and the examiners are accustomed to this style. First, state the ISSUE. Second, state the RULE of law that applies. Third, APPLY the law to the facts. (This is where you will get the vast majority of your points--play with the facts--argue pro/con–discuss.) Fourth, state a CONCLUSION. (It’s okay to qualify a conclusion, but you should state one.)


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Essay Instructions: Criminal Procedure Policy Paper

A word analysis in which you compare and contrast how the due process and crime control models shape criminal procedure policy and the effect they have on the criminal justice system.

Analyze the following elements:

- Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution

- The applicability of the Bill of Rights to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment

Please include: Introduction and Conclusion

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Title: criminal procedures

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Essay Instructions: I need an Applied Knowledge Paper written for a class on Criminal Procedure. The text book for this class is "Criminal Procedure for the Criminal Justice Professional" written by John Ferdico.

The main objectives of the Applied Knowledge Paper is to demonstrate a complete understanding of the knowledge of the course and show how that knowledge can be applied in either applying the knowledge to a specific concept or principle as it relates to an academic issue in that particular field or apply the knowledge from the course to my particular profession (police work)

The paper must have the following:
Table of Contents
Body (Written in 3rd person) Topic must be within the subject matter of the course, in depth, and not just an overview. 10-pages in length
Citations, footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical references.
Bibliography with 3-5 references (minimum)

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Title: criminal procedure

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Essay Instructions: Describe the steps in criminal procedure. (There are six (main) steps.)
Define evidence. What types of evidence exist? What are the rules for evidence in criminal procedure? Describe examples of when evidence might be either detrimental or inconsequential to a case?
Describe the difference between lay witnesses and expert witnesses. What are some potential problems with both types?
Provide citations for any work.

Special note: please no more than 25% of paper for quotes...thanks!

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