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Title: Criminal Activities

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Essay Instructions: Criminal Activities

Analyze the following situations and determine whether a crime has been committed or not. Support your answers with research and reasoning.

Part I
?Alison is addicted to crack cocaine. She has purchased the drugs but now realizes that her lighter is broken and she has no way to smoke the drugs. She is walking past a car when she sees a lighter sitting on the dashboard of the car. Alison breaks the window of the car. She sits in the driver's seat and uses the lighter to smoke the cocaine. She returns the lighter to its spot on the dash. She then passes out in the driver's seat where she remains until the car owner finds her the next morning. Alison tells the police that she only broke into the car to use the lighter to smoke cocaine. The police arrest her for burglary. Can the charge stand? Provide examples and case law to substantiate your position.

Part II
?Bernice has three children. She makes $30,000 per year at her job, which is too much to qualify for welfare but not enough to support her three children. She does not receive child support because the children's' father is incarcerated. She goes to the welfare office and applies for welfare and food stamps. On the application, she indicates that she makes only $20,000 per year. She modifies her pay stubs to reflect a lower income and submits them to the welfare office. The welfare office approves her application, and she is given welfare and food stamps. Has Bernice committed any crimes? If so, name the crime.

Part III
?Mark is working on a vaccine for Ebola?Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)?a disease that spreads through a tick bite in humans. The company he works for no longer has the money to finance his research. Another company in the Netherlands contacts him, saying they are interested in purchasing Mark's research. Mark decides to sell his research to the company in the Netherlands. Has Mark committed any crime? What would be your answer change, if the vaccine is for a virus that spreads through air, and if released, can kill many people in a short period of time? Why or why not? Does the law make these distinctions, yes or no?

Part IV
?Candy is an escort employed by an escort service. On occasion, she has been arrested for prostitution. Candy feels that prostitution should not be a crime because no one gets hurt and she provides a service. Analyze and explain whether Candy is correct that prostitution is a "victimless crime." In your opinion, should prostitution be legalized? Why or why not?

This is a discussion. Please separate by the parts. Please don't forget the references. Thank you.

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Title: Corrections

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Essay Instructions: Research the following Security Threat Groups/Gangs:
The Aryan Brotherhood
Balck Guerilla Family
The Folk Nation
The Mexican Mafia
MS 13
Provide and overview of each gang, focusing on the specific impact of these groups on the correctional system. Be sure to explain the following for each gang:
Where the gang originated and who its founder was
What its bacis beliefs and mission are
The prison where it is strongest and weakest (geographically)
Whether it is growing or declining
The criminal activities that the gang is involved in within the prison system
At least one example to illustrate how dangerous it is in the prison system

Conclude the paper with a comparative analysis of these gangs. What similarities and differences exist between them in regard to the mission, threat level and criminal activity?

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Title: Globalization and Organized Crime

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Essay Instructions: 12 Pages APA Format with Cover and Bibliography sheets. Discuss how Globalization has allowed Organized Crime Goups like the Italian Mafia in the US, Russian Mafiyah, Japanese Yakuza, Chinese Triad and Mexican Drug Cartels to use the technology and converging global economy to conduct illegal criminal activities such as Drug trafficking, prostitution, weapons arms dealing and money laundering and work together. This reference must used: Organized Crime 5th Edition by Michael D. Lyman and Gary W. Potter Prentice Hall, Pearson Publication.ISBN-13:978-0-13-245777-4 and ISBN-10:0-13-245777-6. (7) References including this one and an internet or website source.

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Title: Hells Angels Biker Gang

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Essay Instructions: Research Hells Angels crime group or criminal network wherein you can locate names of the people involved and specific dates for the group's criminal activities.Write a 1000-1250 word paperdescribing the organized crime group by answering the following questions:

Who are they?
What did they do?
Where did they do it?
When did they do it?
Why did they do it?
How did they do it?
To illustrate the "who," use the examples to guide you to create an association chart of depicting the relationships of the key players. To illustrate the "when," use the examples to guide you in preparing a timeline of criminal activities. For an interesting view of the latest technology to help analysts create association charts and timelines, go to Analyst's Notebook i2 TextChart demo at

Timelines and Association Charts

Intelligence Charting
Refer to Chapter Nineteen in Exploring Crime Analysis for intelligence charting instructions.

Basics for Timelines - generic instructions:

Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption at This site provides links to many sites related to organized crime and will be valuable for you in researching organized crime. USE THE LINKS AT THIS SITE TO FIND OTHER RESOURCES.

Use MLA methods of citation, visit Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online to find complete examples of how to use the MLA style.

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