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Essay Instructions: Crime Causation and Diversion Paper

A paper comparing two juvenile diversion, intervention, or prevention programs operating anywhere in California.

Address the following in the paper:

? How do the programs work to reduce juvenile crime? Base this on an analysis of the relationship between program premise and goals and one or more major causes of juvenile delinquent behavior.

? What are the programs? major goals, objectives, and core beliefs?

? Who are the key participants in these programs?

? What services do they provide to youths?

? Identify which program of the two is more effective at reducing juvenile crime and why.

Please include a minimum of 3 scholarly references

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Title: Crime Statistics

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Essay Instructions: Crime Statistics
Part 1
Using the crime statistics from the FBI's UCR, select a city in the United States whose crime stats are available. Then, select three crimes prevalent in the city and discuss their crime rates. In addition, answer the following questions:
?What do you think accounts for these crime?
?How can the city reduce these incidents of crime?
?What are the two reasons because of which people may not report their victimization to the police?

Does the data show the same patterns for violent crimes and property crimes? What could be the possible reasons for this? According to NCVS data, older, white people tend to be more fearful of violent crime victimization. According to your analysis of violent crime victimization rates, what is the basis of their fear? Which segment of the population suffers more violent crime victimization? Does this segment feel as fearful of such victimization as older people? What might be the reasons for this?

Part 2

There is a long-standing stereotype that the poor and minorities are the sources of the majority of crime problems in the United States. Lately, however, there is considerable debate regarding this view, and more broadly, regarding the relationship between social class and crime.

Discuss how each of the following could impact the disproportion between crime across different racial and income groups:
?Police dispersion in poor and minority areas.
?The focus of police on blue-collar crime.
?The outward (on the street) nature of crime in poor areas.
?The hidden nature of white-collar crime.

This is a discussion assignment. Please separate by part 1 and part 2 and please add references in APA. Thank you.

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Title: What do you think

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Essay Instructions: Crime Statistics

The UCR is the official data collection method for reporting crimes known to the police or to the FBI for inclusion in the official crime stats. The NCVS is a survey method to collect data by asking a representative sample of the population about whether they have been the victims of crime. Review the recent crime statistics for each method and compare and contrast the data.

Create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document that includes the answers to the following questions:

?How does the information collected vary in terms of crime rates between UCR and NCVS?
?How are they similar?
?If differences exist, what accounts for the differences?

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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Title: organized crime

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Essay Instructions: crime is alway a popular topic in cinema and Organized Crime is an especially compelling favorite subjet for the silver screen. I choose " The Godfather" that features Organized Crime and write a 1200 word paper discussing the movie and how relates to the organized crime, law enforcement cover up, political cover up, corruption etc. Write a paper from the criminal justice perspective, in other words not a Roger Ebert movie review. Thanks

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