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Title: US Court System

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Essay Instructions: For this project you will select news articles relating to the United States court system and write a thoughtful analysis of the articles.
This project consists of three parts.
First, you need to locate two (2) news articles from a news- paper, magazine, or journal relating to the U. S. court system, civil or criminal. The article can be a report about a case in your hometown or across the country, a problem with the courts or any court personnel (Judge, Prosecutor, Public Defender), a discussion about a constitutional issue, such as the appeal process, or anything else related to the court sys- tem. Make sure you include with each article the citation identifying the source for the article. Any citation form that will allow the reader to locate the article will be acceptable. The article must be on a topic and containing an issue that will allow you to accomplish the remainder of the project. Your article can come from a traditional print source or the Internet. However, be sure it comes from a reputable source.
Second, you need to read each article and write a summary of each article. The size of the summary will vary with the size of the article and the topic. The summary for each article, though, must be at least two paragraphs long. REMEMBER: The summary must be in your own words. Any plagiarism will be grounds for failing the project.
Last, analyze the issue(s) presented in each article. Be sure to address all of the following questions for each article:
1. Do you agree with the writer or the outcome? Why or why not?
2. Are any questions left unanswered by the article? How would you answer those questions?
3. Is the article presented in a fair and unbiased manner? If not, from what position do you believe the author is writing the article?
Include a copy of each article with your written summary and analysis when you submit the project for grading. Make sure your name, student number, and project number are included on all articles and all written information submitted.
You can submit your project in a number of ways:
? Typed and double-spaced in a word-processed document and saved in text format.

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Understanding the Court System

Research: A current civil or criminal court case

Body of paper needs to include:
1. Summarize the important facts of the case that you chose.
2. Explain the main laws that have been violated in the case that you chose.
3. Describe the possible penalties that could be associated with the laws that you just described.
4. Explain whether your specific case was heard in the state or federal court system, and include any related jurisdictional requirements. Explain the fundamental reasons why it was necessary for the case to be heard in that particular court system.
5. Summarize the outcome of the case, and indicate whether the judge or jury made the decision.
6. Discuss whether or not you believe that the outcome of the case was justified. Provide a rationale for the response.

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Title: Dual Court System

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Essay Instructions: Sources can be 2 Internet and 3 books. All citations must be publication manual 5th edition. The paper has to discuss the dual court system in the USA and if a single court system would be more efficient in the USA.

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Title: Georgia law

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Essay Instructions: Identify the state and federal courts covering Georgia.
Determine the Federal District Court to which Georgia belongs. Remember that a few states will come under the jurisdiction of one Federal District Court.
Determine the different levels of the state courts in Georgia starting with the most basic court and make a list of these.
Do not include specialty or limited courts like tax courts, bankruptcy or agency claims.
Prepare a 3??"4 page paper that is composed of three sections.
The first section should discuss the federal court structure in the Southern District of Georgia. In the second section, identify the court that has jurisdiction in the cases below and explain why. Finally, spend a paragraph reflecting on what you have discovered about the court system and the impact of its structure on the justice system.

Describe the structure of the courts and the jurisdiction, particularly what types of matters that each type of court can handle. Pay particular attention to Article III of the Constitution.
**Which court has jurisdiction in the following cases?**
1.You are renting an apartment. Your landlord has falsely claimed that you have given notice that you would not renew your lease and is pursuing eviction charges against you. The amount in controversy is $2,000 in rent, including your security deposit.

2.The federal government just brought a case against a group of human traffickers who are accused of smuggling young women from Eastern Europe into the country for prostitution. The women are brought to large cities in different states, where prostitution rings are set up. The traffickers communicate with each other using the telephone system.

At the end of the paper, save some space to discuss your views (and any research you may have conducted) as to the effectiveness of a dual and sometimes parallel court structure.

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