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Title: Myers v U.S. and Humpreys Executor v U.S.

Total Pages: 3 Words: 980 Sources: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Court Cases: Myers v. United States and Humphrey's Executor v. U.S.

Write an essay analyzing, justifying, and harmonizing the results of two United States supreme court cases. Your paper must have three elements included:
1. Describe the common legal issue raised in the two court cases assigned.
2. Describe the legal basis for the court arriving at seemingly different outcomes.
3. Justify the differing outcomes as the correct outcome in each case on the basis of stare decisis (legal precedents).

Note: Only sources needed are from the courtcases themselves. I am not a law student this paper is for Adminstrative Law for a Master of Science in Adminstation.

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Title: see add specs

Total Pages: 2 Words: 826 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Read court cases Betts v. Brady and Gideon v. Wainwright and answer following question: Why did the court feel it was necessary to overturn Betts v. Brady in the Gideon v. Wainwright case?

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"I have included the history Source verification sheet which I need filled out. and the guidelines on how I want the paper formatted. I don't remember If I put this in the order form, but the paper needs at least 10 sources. at least 2 of them primary sources. Thanks "

The main topic is the Supreme Court Case STATE OF MISSOURI EX REL. GAINES v. CANADA 305 U.S. 337 (1938)
The issue of the case is - Does providing for the legal education of Missouri blacks in other states satisfy equal protection? The Supreme Court decided that the answer to that question was no. The paper should be about the case itself and the impact of the decision overall, while also explaining why in 1938 this was a monumental ruling by the Supreme Court to help African American rights. The paper should not just be a descriptive narrative, but also show interpretation and analysis. There should also be a brief introduction to the paper as well as an adequate conclusion.

This paper should be written in the past tense, but in the active voice.
Historical figures should not be referred to by their first name
Also there CANNOT be any block quotes in this paper. NONE
None of the sources can be from an encyclopedia, or any other general reference book.
And also as long as you can find the paper books on Tulane's library website, UNO’s library’s website, OLHCC’s library’s website, or Loyola's (in New Orleans) Library website you can use them (the links for all the card catalogs are below)
Also I would want the guidelines followed that I will e-mail
The sources must be divided like this: AT LEAST
2 primary sources
5 books
3 Journal Articles (preferably JSTOR but not required)
Every Source in the Bibliography MUST be used in the paper at least once.
There is also a History Source Verification form that I will be e-mailing to you that needs to be filled out and returned with the paper.
Also the sources can only come from these sources:
I know asking you to only pull from these sources is asking a lot, but I have to be able to find every source that you use.
For paper books please check the following first.
Or University of phoenix – if you have access
The books do not need to be available, but just make sure that one of those schools stocks the book.
And these are the only databases that I have access to.
any database from the university of phoenix, if you have access
or any from this list
* Academic Search Premier
* Access Science
* AccessUN
* ACM Digital Library
* ACS Electronic Journals
* Alt HealthWatch
* America's Historical Newspapers
* American History and Culture Online: Sabin Americana Digital Archive Backfile
* American Periodical Series
* American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography
* Annual Reviews
* AnthroSource
* Archive of Americana
* Art Abstracts
* Biographies Plus Illustrated
* Biography Resource Center
* BioOne
* Birds of North America
* Black Studies Center
* Black Thought and Culture
* Blackwell-Synergy
* Books In Print
* Business and Industry Company Research Center
* Business Source Complete
* Business Source Premier
* Cambridge University Press
* Catchword
* CHOICE Reviews Online
* Chronicle of Higher Education
* CINAHL Plus with full text
* CollegeSource
* Communication & Mass Media Complete
* Computer Source
* Dictionary of National Biography
* Digital National Security Archive
* Dissertation Abstracts & Digital Dissertations
* Early American Fiction (1789-1850) and (1850-1875)
* Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans (1639-1800)
* Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)
* Early American Newspapers, Series I (1690-1876)
* Early American Newspapers, Series II (1758-1900)
* Early American Newspapers, Series III (1829-1922)
* Early Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures and the Environment
* Early English Books Online (EEBO)
* EBSCO Electronic Journal Service (EJS)
* EBSCO Research Databases
* Economist Intelligence Unit: Country Reports
* Economist Intelligence Unit: Market Indicators & Forecasts
* Economist Intelligence Unit: Viewswire
* Eighteenth Century Collection Digital Archive Backfile
* Emerald Fulltext
* Encyclopedia Britannica
* Fuente Academica
* General Science Abstracts and Full Text
* Gerritsen Women's Studies Collection
* Grove Dictionary of Art Online
* Grove Dictionary of Music
* Guide to Computing Literature
* H.W. Wilson Abstracts With Full Text
* HarpWeek
* Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
* HeinOnline
* Historical Newspapers (ProQuest)
* History Reference Center
* HRAF Collection of Ethnography
* Humanities Full Text
* IEEE Xplore
* Ingenta
* Institute of Physics Publishing
* Kluwer Online
* Legal Collection
* Lexis-Nexis (Academic Universe)
* Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts with full text
* Literature Resource Center
* Making of America (Cornell University)
* Making of America (University of Michigan)
* MAS Ultra
* MD Consult
* MedicLatina
* Military & Government Collection
* NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) Working Papers
* NetLibrary
* New York Times (1851-2003)
* Newspaper Source
* North American Women's Letters and Diaries
* OECD Economic Surveys
* Oxford Reference Online
* Periodicals Archive Online (formerly Periodicals Content Index:PCI)
* Primary Search
* Professional Development Collection
* Project Muse
* PsycArticles
* Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
* Reader's Guide Abstracts and Full Text
* Regional Business News
* Religion and Philosophy Collection
* Russian Social Sciences & Humanities Journals
* ScienceDirect
* Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO)
* Serials Directory
* Social Sciences Abstracts and Full Text
* Social Theory
* SocINDEX with full text
* SpringerLink
* Studies in Irish Literature
* Teatro Espanol del Siglo de Oro
* Times Literary Supplement Archive
* Twayne's Authors Series
* Twentieth Century North American Drama
* Virtual Reference Library
* Women's Studies Encyclopedia
* World History Collection
* Xreferplus

U.S. Supreme Court
305 U.S. 337
CANADA et al.
No. 57.

Argued Nov. 9, 1938.
Decided Dec. 12, 1938.

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Title: Court cases

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1611 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Can you recall a time when you believe your rights as a student (or the rights of a classmates) were denied? Describe those events. What court cases and parts of the U.S.Constitution would appy to this situation?

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