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Title: Executive summary

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Essay Instructions: Executive summary for FedEx and UPS
Two separate reports one for FedEx and one for UPS.
From the most recent annual report (FedEx may 2006 and UPS Dec 2005) analyze the accounting data and managerial analysis prepare a written report that gives the title of the company its industry its major competitors and list of strength, witnesses, opportunities, and threats. Propose four goals and strategies for FedEx to meet its competition head on. In the analysis answer the following questions in order.

1) How does FedEx and UPS defined and uses planning, controlling, management by exception, and relevant range.
2) How does FedEx and UPS distinguish between viable and fixed costs, product and period costs, manufacturing costs, and non-manufacturing costs, and job-order and process costing?
3) How does FedEx and UPS analyze the relationship between cost, volume, and profit of their organization?
4) How does FedEx and UPS relate its cost to the financial statement its business and determine the net income of its business? How FedEx allocate its cost?
5) How does FedEx and UPS allocate his indirect overhead costs to products and department?s? Does it use the traditional costing methods or activity-based costing?
6) How does FedEx and UPS discriminate between relevant and irrelevant information in the analysis of data for making decisions concerning accepting or rejecting special sales orders, adding or deleting product lines, maximizing the use of productive capacity, determining target sales prices, whether to make or buy critical parts or products, and keeping or replacing equipment?
7) How does FedEx and UPS develop budget and performance reports distinguishing between static budgets and fixed budgets measuring operating results against their budgets, and computing the fix budget cost variances and applying them to a performance analysis?
8) How does FedEx and UPS set responsibility accounting systems, devices and techniques for controlling costs, cost allocation methods, and ways to measure performance of the company?
9) How does FedEx and UPS reduce capital budget reports using discounting cash flow methods including all income tax effects?
10) Company overviews: Briefly give an overview of FedEx and UPS covering the present mission, vision, goals, and strategies.
11) The recommendations: Of new gold and new strategies should include timeline and steps for monitoring.

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the purposes and uses of each of the following accounting concepts and why they are important to successful management planning and business strategies. Give examples of how they support and interact with each other. You may use charts or flowcharts to illustrate and explain your points of discussion.

- Financial Statements (Regulatory oversight)

- Product Costing Methods ( Job Order, Process and ABC)

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Title: Walmart

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Essay Instructions: Download the annual report for Wal-Mart most recent year reported; review the information contained on Wal-Mart?s website and proxy statement for use. Review and analyze the annual report and other pertinent information.

Please list the questions before and then answer the question.

1. Create an executive summary of Wal-Mart that discusses the company, industry, products and services, and competitive advantages in the marketplace.

2. Evaluate the financial condition of Wal-Mart and its ability to achieve the strategic objectives as discussed in the annual report.

3. Analyze Wal-Mart?s profitability trends and recommend strategies for management to improve or capitalize on these trends.

4. Evaluate Wal-Mart?s cash position. Articulate its ability to invest in capital projects in future years.

5. Analyze the effectiveness of Wal-Mart?s inventory or service costing methods. Make a recommendation for improvement in this area.

6. Evaluate the adequacy or risks of the internal control environment noted in the annual report by management, and internal and external auditors.

7. Assess the risk of Wal-Mart related to foreign currency translations, foreign economic events, and international financial reporting standard requirements in order to summarize the risk tolerance level for the company.

8. From reading the annual report and reviewing the Website, determine where the company appears vulnerable for displaying unethical behavior.

9. From the research conducted in this paper, predict where Wal-Mart will be financially in five (5) years. Thoroughly provide your rationale for your prediction.

Ensure the ten (10) references are academic references. Wikepedia and other websites cannot be used.

Please ensure that APA style is correctly used. Please no unnecessary spaces between paragraphs adhered to the correct double spacing.

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Essay Instructions: PART 1: Consider the following scenario:

A company has two major businesses that it operates. One business manufactures and sells unicycles for commercial use in circuses and so forth (total sales of $150M), and the other sells bicycles to the public (total sales of $20M). The unicycle business occupies 75,000 square feet of the manufacturing warehouse, and the bicycle business occupies the remaining 25,000 square feet. Cost were split 50-50 between the 2 businesses for advertising (total advertising expense of $5M) and warehouse expense (total warehouse expense of $3M) in the past (traditional method).

1. What was the cost of advertising and warehouse expense allocated to each of the businesses based on the traditional method?
2. What recommendation would you make in allocating these expenses to each of the businesses, and how much would be allocated to each business?
3. What would be some of the issues of too many expenses or too little expenses being allocated to each of the businesses?

PART 2: Consider the following scenario:

Your CFO, in her initial work, needs to decide whether to set up a job order costing system or a process type costing system. She has asked you to make a recommendation based on the following information. You plan to meet with her in the morning and provide support for your recommendation.

1. Compare and contrast job order costing to process costing methods.
2. What kind of system works best in what kinds of companies?
3. What kind of system makes sense for your company, given that you plan to start with only one
version of your product but at some point in the future may offer a variety of options?

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