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Title: The Responsibilities of Corporations

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Essay Instructions: Corporations are institutions designed to maximize profits in a competitive environment. Do you think they also have moral responsibilities, and that they should be prepared to limit their business activites because of moral considerations? Consider a specific example(e.g. pollution, low wages, global warming, etc.) What is the evidence about global warming? What are the problems involves in ascribing moral responsibilities to corporations? Can these problems be overcome?
ADVICE-- Each topic requires you to think about a moral issue in contemporary life. You will need to do some research, both about the empirical details, and also about the moral issue involved. Make sure you use web resources CRITICALLY. The essay should be presented in academically appropriate form. It must have (1) a title page. (2) a bibliography listing all and only those sources you have used in writing the essay. (3) citations in all those places in the essay which you refer to or make use of material other than your own. (it's better to have 4 1/2 pages, not including the bibliography page.)

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Title: Motivation at the Walt Disney Company

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Essay Instructions: Corporation Chosen: Disney Corporation

OUTLINE should include:

Motivational strategies that relate to the corporation's success outlined in detail

Initial theories that relate to the corporation's unique design outlined

Strengths and weaknesses of the corporation in relationship to motivation based on text references

Techniques, strategies, and best practices identified to motivational theory


APA format, grammar, spelling, references, introduction, and conclusion

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Essay Instructions: Section 4: Foundations of business ethics: What is the role of business in society?
The study of business ethics is not the study of what is legal but of the application of moral standards to business decisions. In defining business ethics, we are really defining the voluntary role of business: how does a business behave when the law does not dictate its conduct or the law permits conduct that might benefit shareholders but is harmful to others?

Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings (7th Edition)
Required Reading:
Jennings, M. (2012). Unit 3A

Assignment 4 Paper- Case study: Michael Novak: Capitalism and the corporation
Outline the Role of the Corporation:
The modern business corporation is an original creation of the American imagination. It was first fashioned to extend local markets; then, it became an indispensable means to create a national market. Both American industrialization and capitalism were crucially dependent upon the corporate form of organization. The corporation was not, however, a disembodied "first cause"; it spread in response to concrete economic challenges. But the corporation had first to become a legal instrument before it could be anything else. While the law dealt amply with the internal affairs of corporations, no internal logic dictated the further development of the corporate form. Corporate law, after all, is not a branch of higher mathematics whose cogency requires a series of more elementary operations. External, primarily economic pressures helped generate the corporation. The combined force of those pressures and the nature of American legal thought determined the eventual shape of the modern business corporation. Using Reading 3.5, Michael Novak on Capitalism and the Corporation, answer all of the questions. After reading the document and before answering the questions, initiate your paper with the problem statement; The problem to be investigated is ________________________.

Your answers should not simply be your opinion. For each answer to each question, include at least one outside, scholarly resource that you can cite that validates your answer.

Length: 5-7 pages (app. 350 words per page)

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy.

Submit your document in the Course Work area below the Activity screen.

Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Assignment Outcomes
Compare and contrast the approaches of the parties who influence business decision making as it relates to ethics and of those who are influenced by their decisions.
Analyze the conflicting objectives of business leaders who influence business decisions.
Evaluate the actions that a company may take to meet ethical considerations relative to social performance, financial performance, and reputation.
Assess the extent to which social, ethical and public issues must be considered in internal and external stakeholder relationships.
Evaluate ethics in an academic setting, especially in regard to academic integrity and the code of conduct.

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Title: accounting

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Essay Instructions: Please send in WORD 2003

What is a corporation? Identify and discuss the key advantages and disadvantages of corporations.

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