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Title: Corporate social responsibility increasingly important twenty years Analyse occurred examine effect caused a business choice

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Essay Instructions: Corporate social responsibility has become increasingly important over the last twenty or so years. Analyse how and why this has occurred and examine the effect that this has caused on a business of your choice

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Title: Corporate Social Responsibility Literature Review a topic-Corporate

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Essay Instructions: Write a critical literature review of a topic-Corporate Social Responsibility which covered the three major articles that I uploaded . The paper should be used to explore the particular topic in depth, to see what is being written on the subject in the academic literature. Your paper should be ?critical? in the sense of evaluating the theories and explanations presented in the literature in terms of their robustness and explanatory power. You may also suggest areas where the current theory is lacking and where further research may be needed. The paper should be fully referenced; the suggested major articles may be used as a starting point for your paper but you are expected to do independent research to find additional sources for your paper. The focus of your literature search should be on the academic literature (scholarly journals and texts).

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Essay Instructions: To be written by: jeffdoyle01 # A2086086

Outline of the essay:

Subject: Business

Level: First year, Undergraduate

Essay question:

To what extent is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) essential to the success of Transnational Corporations (TNC?s)?

Include case studies to support about the following companies, Nike, Primark, Microsoft

Introduction: One must define CSR and TNC?s.

Definition of CSR: Managers seek to incorporate ways for the business to to benefit society as well as the organization.

Definition of TNC: Transnational corporations are incorporated or unincorporated enterprises comprising parent enterprises and their foreign affiliates.

This then should follow with the Thesis: Whilst there are many ways of making a corporation successful, one would argue that one of the essentials to the success is CSR.

Scope: Thus, in analysing to what extent one needs to first study, the CSR of TNC?s and then balance out the negatives and positives.

So this means that this essay will:

Assess to what extent success can be created by corporate social responsibility in regards to transnational companies.

Find evidence of corporations around the world to see if CSR has benefited them

Paragraph two: Study views of different authors/business people and what they say about the relation between CSR and TNC?s are, and if they are successful

All issues that deal with social responsibilities of private business have existed for ages. However, presently there is a great support for modern concept of corporate social responsibility

Paragraph Three: Positives and Negatives about CSR

Talk about how CSR can help TNC?s and show proof of how it has done so, in addition to talking about the negatives and proof of how it hasn?t worked

Paragraph Four: the factors that exists in CSR, which may lead to the success of transnational corporations.

How Nike, Primark and Microsoft have successfully achieved proper CSR and how it has helped them boom, even though one would argue that they have been through rough times with Pressure Groups etc..

Paragraph Five: What makes organisations and managers want CSR

How does it have to do with stakeholders:

? Customers
? Employees
? Community
? Pressure Groups
? Suppliers

How can it help increase profits, Show evidence of how it has helped.

Talk about human rights cases, involve the UN somehow.

Paragraph Six: Evaluate and Analyse thouroughly why it has/has not helped.

Include quotes and good sources


Give the final verdict; report back to the original question.

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Title: Legal Moral and Corporate Socail responsiblity of implications of facebook's privacy policy

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1340 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: My Spefic part: Corporate Socail Responsibility of implications of Facebook's privacy policy

Usable link:(I found): Facebbok Statement of rights and responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsiblity section(20% of paper grade) - Responsibility to protect Facebook's users.
A. Introduction to corporate social responsibility section
B. Definition to "Corporate Social Responsibility" and formulation of definational-principle
C. Application of Corporate Scoial Responsibility definitional-principle to topic
D. Corporate Social Responsibility recommendations
E. Corporate Social Responsibility Conclusion

The paper will be a research and analytical endeavor of a current, controversial, narrowly focused topic involving business.

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