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Title: Corporate governance

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Essay Instructions: Corporate governance
Further information
Title Corporate governance

§ Brief Introduction , includes the significance of the study
§ Background and statement of the problem (this in the light of a thorough literature review)
§ Research question or hypothesis, aim and objectives

§ Study design (type of study)
§ Study population and sampling
§ Data collection methods and instruments
§ Data analysis methods ??" if applicable statistical planning must be fully addressed, or the candidate should provide evidence that statistics are not required.
§ Mechanisms to assure the quality of the study ??" e.g. control of bias, safe storage of data
§ Study period - Timetable for completion of the projects

Conclusion , summary only as one paragraph or one page

§ References , not more than 2 pages

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Title: Corporate Governance

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Essay Instructions: Corporate Governance has evolved over the last fifty years resulting in significant changes in practice and in legislative initiatives such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Consider at least three ways that marketing has changed within the evolving corporate governance environment. Support your observations with recent citations from the empirical literature within your field.

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Essay Instructions: Australian corporate governance

I need to write 2000 word paper on an organisation and describe the organisation's governance structure. Whether directors' and officers' act appropriately and effective: in day to day circumstances and in the context of any particular challenges or issues for directors or officers in the organisation that may have occurred in the context of directors' and officers' duties. Secondly, have or will the recent financial crisis, world economic conditions or uncertain or volatile markets changed the governance needs and/or structure of selected organisation. Give reasons

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Essay Instructions: Assignment 3: Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper

Dr. DoRight has recently been hired as the President of the ?Universal Human Care Hospital?, where he oversees all departments with over 5,000 employees and over 20,000 patients at the medical facility. He has been provided with a broad set of duties and oversight of numerous departments, including business development, customer services, human resources, legal, patient advocacy, to name a few. He has managers in each department that he supervises and who work with him to address the needs of the various internal and external stakeholders of the hospital. Dr. DoRight discovers that some patients within the hospital have been dying as a result of a variety of illegal procedures by doctors and nurses, and negligent supervision and oversight on their part. This was brought to his attention in a few meetings and he told his Regional Director Compliance Manager and Executive Committee in January 2009. He was told by them that the matter would be investigated and they would report any findings to him as soon as possible. After two (2) years, there have been no results from the investigation and some patients are still passing away due to the negligent activities. He also answers to a board of trustees and interfaces with numerous community organizations and corporations who have various reasons for doing business with the hospital. Dr. DoRight continues to win awards for his leadership of the hospital and meeting business goals. He was recently named ?Medical Business Executive of the Year? in 2011.
Write a six (6) page paper in which you:
Determine at least three (3) different internal and external stakeholders that Dr. DoRight might have to deal with on a daily basis at the hospital.
Compare and contrast potential conflicts of interest that may exist between the internal and external stakeholders.
Discuss whether Dr. DoRight has fulfilled his ethical duty by reporting the illegal procedures.
Describe the deontology principle and apply it to the ethical dilemma that Dr. DoRight faces in this case.
Describe the utilitarianism principle and apply it to the ethical dilemma Dr. Do Right faces in this case.

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