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Title: What characteristics amendments copyright law HK ensure rights protected freedom expression upheld This paper media regulation ethics

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1695 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: What characteristics should amendments to the copyright law (in HK) have to ensure that rights are protected and freedom of expression is upheld?
This is the paper for media regulation and ethics.

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Essay Instructions: These will be self-reflection essays based on downloading movies and TV series trough a program called "Vuze" which violates the Washington DC copyright laws as well as the American University laws. I do not demand the essay to be professionally written, but simply answer the questions based on the readings attached.
The instructions are as follow:

A. Copyright Basics
Read Copyright Basics
Read the relevant portions of the U.S. Copyright Statute.
Complete Copyright Quiz (Circle answer). Score quiz - look up answers on the sheet provided. For each question, write down if you answered the quiz question right or wrong. If you answered the question RIGHT, write a brief explanation of how you knew the answer (in other words, where had you learned that information). If you got the answer WRONG, write a brief explanation about if the information surprised you or if it changes the way you think about the fact? You have to address each question. Do not leave any blank or skip any questions.

B. University Policies
Read the University?s Computer Use and Copyright Policy - Write a 1 pg. paper on why and how your actions violated the University?s policies.

C. Copyright Myths
Read 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained - Write a 1 pg. reaction paper about one of the myths.
Write a 3 pg. reflection paper on how illegal file sharing of music/movie files on the Internet affects the artists. How does it affect society? Yourself?

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Title: Copyright Law

Total Pages: 25 Words: 9076 References: 30 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This project will look at the paralegal's role in he music industry. Specifically, it will focus on copyright law in the US and how the paralegal is involved in the copyright aspect of the music industry. It will look at the difference between common law copyright and statutory copyright. It needs to look at the duration of copyright protection in the US, and what happens if a copyright is infringed. The paper will also look at the various statutes that are part of the Copyright Act of 1976 and will then move into the 21st Century with a look at the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The paper will look at specific cases that may apply to the study, such as Eldred v. Ashcroft. The paper also needs to include examples of the documents necessary for a music artist to submit a copyright application, synopsis of the cases that apply to the study, and any other information that can be obtained online and in textbooks and journals. The Bluebook System of Citation must be used to site all legal sources. Otherwise, the MLA needs to be used for the rest. The paper must include an outline, introduction with thesis statement, literature review, abstract, main body, endnotes, and a bibliography. Page numbers are required on the bottom of each page except the first page and are not required on the title page, abstract, outline and end notes. Some of the sources must include case law.

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Title: Legal paper relating to copyrights vs peer to peer file transfer

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5802 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The topic is for a law class and should focus on the copyright vs. peer to peer file sharing.

The outline is the following:

1.. Definition of copyright.
> 1.. Purpose of this rule
> 2.. Why it is important
> 2.. The SONY Case against betamax case.
> 1.. Elements of the case and the reason why the courts ruled
the way they did.
> 3.. Peer to Peer file sharing
> 1.. What is it, how is done.
> 4.. Napster Case
> 1.. What were the elements of the case, and why the court
decided to rule against Napster.
> 5.. Why are sites such as audiogalaxy exiting when they perform
the same as Napster.
> 1.. What are the elements you need to create a site as
Napster, that will not land you in court, the same as Napster.
> 6.. Discuss the impact that Hollywood is suggesting to restrict
copyright violation:
> 1.. Currently Hollywood is lobbying the manufactures to
install chips that will restrict people from downloading movies
and MP3 files. Is this right? If I purchase a book and lend it
out to some one should I be held as violating copyright?
> 2.. May be the courts should consider the idea that a person
who makes a copy of tape, but does not distribute should not be
held liable? Currently people copies of their favorite movies
when it comes on TV or cable. Should we start to track and
monitor all those people and what would be the benefit?
> 3.. The fact that the courts do not go after people who
subscribed to Napster makes one believe they themselves believe
that if people are not making money with these downloads then they
should not prosecuted.

The paper should have 7 bibligraphic sources (4 of these sources should be from the internet) and 8 footnootes.

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