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Essay Instructions: For this essay, think about a topic that is of great interest to you. Perhaps you are interested in cooking or baseball as hobbies, or you are concerned about water shortages, you want to know more about a career interest, or you are curious about what it would be like to live in Iceland. Do research, both on the Web and also through the Leatherby Library. See what comes up from your search. The purpose of this is two-fold: to explore how to gather information and make judgments about it usefulness, and also to see how this interest is researched or talked about from a variety of perspectives. For example, if your topic was very broad, such as cooking, you might discover that your could write about this using science (the chemistry of cooking), culture (how each culture developed its own kind of pocket meal), history (how war impacted the way we cooked and ate), and so forth. Likewise, if you were to research obesity, you could approach this from a health standpoint, a fashion issue, a FDA regulatory issue, an educational issue, a literature focus, and on and on.
For the paper itself, about 2-3 pages, talk about your research process, what were some of the surprises you found, what you learned about the subject, and how this subject is explored by people in other fields. The paper is due before the next face-to-face class.

The topic that I like to search is cooking, is my favorite hobby.

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Essay Instructions: Position paper on Home Cooking for Better Health
The paper should include four paragraphs. The first paragragh should include the introductory sentences. Then the thesis statement which should include your main argument, including two reasons for this argument.
The second paragraph should include the first reason for argument and then identify the fisrt piont of contention. Discuss this point and why you disagree with it. point out faults in the argument. then argue why your ideas are superior. The third paragraph identify the second point contention and so furth as the second. The fourth is the conclusion reiterate your main argument. Avoid repetition, instead include predictionsof why the future will be brighter with your ideas.

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Essay Instructions: Essay question:
Critically discuss why the concept of food has become increasingly popular as a leisure activity.

Background Information:
Food for many people is not solely about just the 'food as fuel'. Food, for some, has taken on aspects of a leisure activity: shopping [for example farmer?s markets], eating, cooking, reading, TV viewing, blogging etc.

?The purpose of the essay is to investigate the concept of food as a leisure experience, and build your understanding of what consumers are looking for and why. This understanding is important in recognising how and why many food experiences are structured the way they are (eg, cooking TV show: Masterchef) , and how they are interlinked with other cultural experiences. For the hospitality practitioner, this understand is central to the management of any food and beverage operation.

In essay body, I would like to include these major factors which have changed the concept of food as a leisure activity.

? The globalisation
- It has led a stable and abundant food supply at national and international levels which therefore creates a greater variety of food choices for people.

? Media impact
- Mass medias such as culinary TV programmes and recipe books etc designed to entertain viewers by helping them acquire new knowledge and skills of cooking, have changed the notion of cooking as a fun activity by unique ways (igniting in the general public a passion for food and innovative cookery).

- Recipe books edited by famous celebrity chefs / restaurant review websites engage the viewer?s interests and curiosity making them want to have more new and dining experience. (increasing portions of society that are excited to dine out at restaurants as this gives them the opportunity to learn more and understand the artistry and different techniques that can be used in cooking, as well as exposing them to new foods and different tastes.)

? Contemporary philosophy of food (Today, besides physiological needs, higher-level needs are the consumer?s major motivations of food consumptions.)

- People?s eating behaviour has changed/transformed by modernity?consider eating as an experience of food as a part of their status, psychological fulfilment, and considering restaurants as a public space for socialisation.

- Maintaining high quality of food (the process of cooking, ingredients, tastes, visual presentation, inherent theme etc) is important for food service operator.

- Consumers are becoming more like sensational seekers.
- The strategy reflects the innovative concept or novelty is the key to successful food industry.

p.s. In these points, I would like to focus on describing the details of ?Impacts of Mass Media? and ?Contemporary philosophy of food? to clarify and expand the arguments towards the essay topic.
Overall, I would like to emphasise the idea of ?experience engagement by stimulating people?s sense and participation? in the essay.

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Title: Suspensions From Hollandaise to Forcemeats

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1052 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please be sure to include one source that is NOT from the internet.

This paper should cover all types of suspensions used in cooking as well as additional information about suspensionsTopics covered should include, but are definitely not limited to: What do they do? Why are they used? What are the theories behind different types of suspensions? Etc...

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