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Instructions for Controversial Topic College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: Controversial topic: Prisoners Rights.
My opinion:
? Prisoners should work to cover their own costs. They should not be a burden of taxpayers while they?re being punished for the crime.
? Only the basic rights should be provided to the prisoners.

PLEASE BASE THE ESSAY ON MY UPLOADED FILES! It happened to me before on this website that someone did not us my sources at all! PLEASE USE THEM.
PARAGRAPH 1: TOPIC SENTENCE! other paragraphs evidences examples. Last paragraph CONCLUSION. Please return to the main idea in each paragraph.

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Title: Elective Cesarean Section

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1263 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Controversial Topics in Reproductive Health Paper

Purpose: To investigate and evaluate current/controversial topics in reproductive health, exercise practice in researching topics utilizing scholarly research articles from nursing and medicine, discuss risks/benefits, and explore RN implications and role.

Topics: Elective Cesarean Section

Outline: - Define/discuss topic and current/typical practice
- Management/interventions (if applicable)
- Risks/benefits to patient (if applicable)
- Actual and/or desired patient outcomes
- RN role and implications may include other providers such as MD, Social Worker, etc.
- Concluding summary of topic

References: A minimum of 3 professional, scholarly articles not older than 5 years are to be used. Quality, evidence-based websites (i.e. CBC, Medline, etc) are acceptable too. Please include reference along with author if you quote from article.

Grading Rubric

- Define/discuss topic and current/typical practice
- Management/interventions (if applicable)
- Risks/benefits to patient (if applicable)
- Actual and/or desired patient outcomes
- RN role and implications (may include other providers such as MD, Social Worker, etc.)
- Concluding summary of topic 50 points
Quality of Writing
- Clear, demonstrates understanding of topic 20 points
- Logical presentation and structure of content
- Minimum of 4, maximum of 6 pages 15 points
Scholarly References
- Minimum of 3 articles
- Effectiveness of references in paper
- APA Format 15 points
TOTAL 100 points

Important notes: Please send the websites of where you get the each reference from or the link of the articles so i can print the articles out and cite it in APA format.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Reading and Writing about Arguments

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1034 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: For this case assignment, you will write a four-five page, double spaced, argument using any topic you would like. Controversial topics are often what people look for to write about, but using local issues, issues you are familiar with, or issues less controversial (whether to use a real Christmas tree or a fake one, for example) work just as well. Sometimes using less controversial topics are easier to work with than highly charged topics, but in any case, choose a topic you already know something about. The focus here will be on how well you can present your argument in writing. Think about following the below scheme to help you.

Assignment: Write a four-five page, douple spaced, argumentative essay.

Introduce the topic and why it is important
Express your position on the topic
What do others say about your topic
Refute or consider what others say about your topic
Use statistics, facts, or other evidence to support your position
Conclude by reminding readers of your topic, its importance, and your position

Write a four-five page argument on a topic of your choosing
An introduction and conclusion
Attempt to avoid logical fallacies
Use evidence like statistics, personal experience, facts, and/or examples
Citing sources appropriately

Required Readings Provided:

Start by reading the below article on ?the good argument? and yes there is such a thing. This will provide you with a good foundation for formulating your argument when you start writing your assignments.

Jones, R. (2010). Finding the Good Argument OR Why bother with Logic. Retrieved December 15, 2011, from:

Now read the below article on information literacy and using the internet for research.

McClure, R. (2011). Googlepedia: Turning Information Behaviors into Research Skills. Retrieved December 15, 2011, from:

The below site is worth reviewing as you begin to write your argument there are some very good tips on how to support your argument.

The Argumentative Essay (n.d.). Retrieved December 15, 2011, from

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Essay Instructions: Project Submission
After spending time on the controversial topic for our recent debate, you are now tasked with writing a seven-paragraph research paper. It should have an introduction, a conclusion, and at least a five-paragraph body. Its introduction should end with a thesis statement, which should take the form of your barebones argument (conclusion plus reasons).
Before supporting each of your reasons, however, your first body paragraph should give background information (describe historical context, define terms, etc.). Then, in another paragraph or two, you should highlight any counterarguments, any arguments that might weaken your reasoning. Then, as you give a paragraph to each of your reasons (at least three) for supporting your side of the controversy, make sure you respond to any relevant counterargument as well as give evidence which supports your particular reasons.
Finally, make sure to end with a conclusion that first summarizes your argument and then offers a cliff hanger, a closing statement emphasizing the need to further think about the issue at hand. Also, make sure you use relevant source material (three to five sources), and make sure you document your sources with APA formatted in-text citations as well as an APA list of references.
Note: The debate was about the immigration and its policies

Excerpt From Essay:

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