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Title: Contrast two version of Hamlet

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Essay Instructions: Contrast two versions of Hamlet
By now you have watched Zeferrelli's production of Hamlet starring Mel Gibson, and at least one other film version. Your writing assignment is a five-paragraph essay of 1500 words, in which you contrast (show the differences between) two film versions of the play.

Create your essay in your word processing program and email it to your teacher. Remember to check spelling, punctuation, usage, and grammar before you turn your work in.

You may wish to reference the Web as you work through you essay. Click here or use a search engine to locate information on your own.

Observe the following procedure as you write. Remember to use your movie notes.
Select key scenes to contrast - don't write in generalities.
Tell which version best reflects the text in your opinion, and why.
You will need to interpret scenes to support your claim that one film version is more accurate or effective in its interpretation than another.
At the end of your essay, tell which film generally best succeeds for you.
Your assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria. You may wish to use them as a checklist as you work.
______ Does the writer clearly delineate the intent of the paper in the introductory paragraph?

______ Do the key scenes selected by the writer offer interesting and valid contrasts?

______ Does the writer effectively substantiate the reasons for his or her preferences?

______ Does the writer demonstrate insight and understanding of the play in his/her interpretations in the body of the essay?

______ Does the writer succinctly and convincingly sum up the case for his/her preferences of film in the concluding paragraph?

______ Did the writer emply correct grammar, usage, mechanics, and proofreading?

For a review of a recent production of Hamlet, check out this review

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Title: contrasting two texts

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Essay Instructions: Contrasting two texts. A modernist John Dos Passos's "The Body of an American" against postmodernist David Foster Wallace's "The Devil is a Busy Man". Specific issues such as the references to popular culture.

These are very short stories.

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Essay Instructions: Contrast the perspectives of two groups. The United States, and The Sioux Indians of 1850, an industrial and a nature society(not assimilated) in their relationship with the environment. Include these elements in making your contrast.
1.The environmental values of the two societies.
2.The pos and neg impacts that each makes on their local and global ecology.
3.The effects of their resource consumption on sustainability of their ecosystem
4.The extent to which their population size and pollution practices influence their ecosystem.
Six pages font size 12 APA format You may not copy any text from any resource except with quotations and quotes may not make up more than 10% of the words in your paper. Include appropriate references and follow the guidelines of APA formatting. Proper syntax, citation and spelling are basic requirements The response must include direct reference to the Cunningham and Cunningham textbook, and 2 other sources.
Text; William P.Cunningham& Mary Ann Cunningham, Principles of Environmental Science, Inquiry and Applications fifth edition ISBN 978-0-07-338319-4

Requires a cover sheet, and reference sheet, running head, and sequential numbered pages
Please send as word document if possible. Contact me if any questions regarding format or content. Thank you

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Essay Instructions: Contrast the role of women in Oedipus the King with the role of women in any other ancient Greek writings we have read this term. Be sure to do more than just observe the differences or similarities. I want to see a point argued here. I have read gilgamesh and job this term also

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