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Essay Instructions: Contemporary Theatre

Compare two forms of theater or two plays or a play and a theater form in relation to a theme, goal, or power to change your perspective on how you understand a social, aesthetic, or cultural issue. The paper may embed images, web links, or videos, and may assume the form of a journal or blog as long as it contains scholarly references or citations.

Possible choices:
Grotowoski and Julian Beck
August Wilson and Amiri Baraka
American drama with European drama

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: goegraphy of south america

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1372 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Contemporary issue in the Human Geography of (economic, cultural, social, population, political, etc.)
Please remember this is geography of south america class. The topic is free choice from the above mentioned issues.

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Title: Managerial Accounting in Complex Organizations

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1574 References: 15 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Contemporary developments in the organization and technology of manufacturing and in the deregulation of service industries are generating demand for entirely new approaches to cost accounting and managerial control. The traditional direct labor focus of most cost accounting systems has become obsolete in light of the much smaller ratio of labor to total manufacturing costs and the increased importance of capital costs and knowledge workers. Current research is exploring the initiatives of innovative organizations across a wide variety of industries to deal with these changes. The role of management accounting systems, including the use of multiple non-financial measures to supplement traditional profit and loss statements, is studied in relation to the firm's production, marketing and strategic goals.

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Title: Critique and Assessments on Children's Literature

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1855 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Contemporary genre and formats:
1. Shulevitz, Uri. How I Learned Geography. (picture book for children)


Myers, Walter Dean. Monster . (for high schoolers)
Textbook; 2 chapters --
1. Zipes, Jack. Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk and
Fairy Tales.
Chapters 3 and 4, pp. 47-145
Activity 1. Were you ever simply positive that every type of book, every type of poem, every type of story that could be written had already been written?

Well, just when you do, something surprising and new comes along like pop-up books. . . . or write-you-own-ending books. . . . or “serious” comic books. I was surprised when I first read How I Learned Geography . . . . . Monster. . . . Persopolis, and other graphic novels

1. a) In one parapgraph, describe which book you read

1. b) In another paragraph, analyze it in terms of its unique format and style qualities --- In your opinion, what is it about the way the story is told that has won it so much acclaim (and each of these books are award winners and best sellers)?

1. c) In a final paragraph, explain what you think about the content of the story? (The content of each of these books--- the actual story rather than the format and style ??" have also won the authors critical acclaim) Do you think the story is unique? From a unique perspective? Does it provide readers another way to think about, for example, the tough problems of life?

Activity 2.

First, read this interesting article on the history of comic books and graphic novels. Note the particular scare of the 1950’s, which probably still “haunts” us today in the form of some educators’ and parents’ hesitations in providing their kids this literature format:

Now, browse through these sites below on graphic novels and comic books: Simple, short Q and A about graphic novels and comic books
American Library Association’s website will get you to lists of graphic novel award winners for the last decade, and more Information here on one of the top awards given annually for graphic novels and comic books many graphic novels listed here are the type that some parents and teachers do not particularly like to see in school libraries ??" can you think why that might be? The American Library Association provides you with help in defending “comic books” and more Article strongly defending graphic and comic works, and against censorship

2. a) Identify and BRIEFLY describe (a line or two) 10 graphic novels and/or comic books (individual titles or series) that you might consider having in your home or school library.

2. b) Browse these sites to see some of the many, many comics and graphic novels based on classical literature. (Note-- The novels-turned-to-graphics are abridged, of course (for ex., the descriptive passages in the novel are depicted by the illustrations, not words). Some publishers abridge the plays-turned-to-graphics (like Shakespeare’s); others do not.)

Based on what you learn from these or other websites AND on your own experience with classics and/or comics ---- Explain in a paragraph or two your opinion of the place of illustrated classics in the classroom or library?
Be specific.

2. c) Again in regards to libraries or classrooms -- In your opinion, are the differences, if any, between the place and “use” of fictional movie DVDs . . . . and comic books & graphic novels?

Activity 3.

Choose ONE of these unique forms to explore on line on your own.

* epistolary novels
* movies based on books and books based on movies
* “virtual reality” computer games
* pop-up books
* book series
* choose-your-own-ending
* periodicals for girls like NEW MOON FOR GIRLS and GLAMOUR which include fiction
* audio recorded books

3. a) Identify the sites you explore (and including .coms is ok) and briefly describe what you learn about this format or genre of literature ??" what is it? What are some exemplary titles and/or authors? Do they seem to be popular and, if so, why?

3. b) Explain why you’d include or not include this format or genre in your classroom or library? Provide some criteria for judging “quality” publications of this nature and/or some cautionary notes for parents or educators choosing titles.

Activity 4.

Select a grade level from 5-8, and explore print or on-line periodicals for them. Find minimum FIVE that you would consider having in your classroom or library. Briefly summarize the periodical’s content and provide brief your brief explanation of the periodical’s “value” or appropriateness.

Start by googling: ALA periodicals for children
Or ALA periodicals for teens

Activity 5.

5 a.) What book/author do you feel at the moment is --- “Best book” out there for young adult (middle school), in your opinion what would be your “BEST” “use” idea for such a book in your classroom?

In your opinion what would you consider the “Worst or most questionable book” and “Why”?

Excerpt From Essay:

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