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Title: Construction thermal isolation materials Rockwool

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Essay Instructions: Construction thermal isolation materials [Rockwool]

1-Isolation construction materials
2-rockwool production process
3-specifications and characteristics
4-types and advantages
5-uses as an isolation material
6-environmental and economic effects
7-compatible with building material
8-minimizing heat loss
9-thermal efficiency and sastanability
10-energy saving and reduce air pollution and global warming
11-rockwool roll in modern green building

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Title: The Construction Industry in Iran Current Obstacles and Possible Solutions

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  • Words: 1766
  • Sources:20
  • Citation Style: Harvard
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: There is a Literature Review about the problems of construction industry in Iran that I sent as a resource.

I need one or some case studies that include all problems which are mentioned in the Literature Review. These case studies can include more than one problem.

And also, I need case studies for possible solution of each problems which had been tried to solve the problems. these case studies could be in any countries.

I need exactly 1500 words.
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Customer is requesting that (FLWriter2011 ) completes this order.

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Title: Construction Industry in Iran Problems and possible solutions

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  • Words: 3643
  • References:10
  • Citation Style: Harvard
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Actually, I want to talk about only the problems of construction industry in Iran in this literature. and I want to use this Literature for later to find possible solutions.

The main Problems are:
1.Delay in construction
2.Economic issues and financing
4.Building materials
5.International Sanctions

I will send 1 draft and 4 sources.
There are faxes for this order.

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Afshari, H., Khosravi, S., Ghorbanali, A, Borzabadi, M., & Valipour, M. (2011). Identification of Causes of Non-excusable Delays of Construction Projects. 2010 International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics. IPEDR vol.3 IACSIT Press, Hong Kong. p. 42-46.

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Title: Construction Project Risk Management

  • Total Pages: 8
  • Words: 2429
  • Works Cited:8
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Fist of all I need to tell you that this paper should be like this:
.list of contents

Coursework: Construction Project Risk Management
The aim of this coursework is to enable students to understand construction project risk
management system, to apply learnt knowledge of risk analysis techniques and methods to
analyse risks and to encourage students to give their opinions.
• To describe the importance of construction project risk management.
• To select a construction project/sub-project;
• To collect risk information and data;
• To identify hazards (or risks) and uncertainties by an appropriate technology, e.g.
brainstorming, checklist etc.
• To analyse risks of a project/sub-project and pay attention to an appropriate
technology, e.g. risk matrix, FTA, ETA etc;
• To analyse outputs and give suggestions of risk reduction.
• To write a formal report fully describing the project/subproject and risk management
and the improvement recommended.
Expected Results:
The coursework should include the following contents:
1. Introduction
2. Risk management requirements of a construction project/sub-project
3. Risk information and data collection
4. Risk identification
5. Risk analysis
6. Output analysis and discussion
7. Recommendation of the improvement
8. Future work
9. Conclusions
10. References
Note: Please follow the construction project risk management framework to write your
coursework, i.e., Hazards (risks) identification, risk assessment, risk reduction (risk
response) and emergency preparedness.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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