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Title: The US Supreme Court and the Rights of Inmates

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Essay Instructions: The Bill of Rights has been attributed to defending the rights of individual citizens in the US. As the constitution evolved with additional amendments, so came additional rights for members of society who are incarcerated. An understanding of these relative amendments supporting inmates' rights is critical to understanding the nature of a democratic society that benefits all its members, regardless of being incarcerated or not.
Identify the three constitutional amendments that deal directly with the rights of correctional inmates. For each amendment, describe inmate rights and correctional procedures that evolved to protect those rights. Lastly, explain the role of the US Supreme Court in interpreting correctional law, inmates' rights, and correctional procedures.

. For each amendment, describe inmate rights and correctional procedures that evolved to protect those rights. Lastly, explain the role of the US Supreme Court in interpreting correctional law, inmates' rights, and correctional procedures.

Note: It is expected that all assignments will include APA style and formatting, and appropriate citations.

please follow this Criteria for the paper

Describe constitutional amendments that address the rights of correctional inmates.

Describe inmate rights and the correctional procedures that evolved to protect those rights for each amendment.

Explain the role of the US Supreme Court in interpreting correctional law, inmates' rights, and correctional procedures.

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Title: Fundamentalism

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Essay Instructions: Hello, I was referred to you from someone who use your service and was pleased. I need for this company to write International Relations Political Thought paper. I need for the writer not to be a student in highschool or college but someone who is inform about the topic and who can write on a doctoral level. The is a political thought paper but within this the majority of the paper will be coming from a personal opinion point of view. Please use your personal opinion throughout the paper but also support the facts that you use with documentation if needed. I need for this paper to flow and be coherent dont contradict yourself in the paper make sure all ideas flows with the questions that will be posed in the question below. No contractons in the sentences, a VERY STRONG INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION, and be very detail in the paper. Again this a personal thought paper so personal opinion is much needed but if need to use sources please use properly and cite properly. Below is the topic and the questions that needs to amswered:

On Tuesday, November 2, 2004 constitutional amendments were passed in several states which effectively defined marriage as a union between man and woman. What is the basis for the overwhelming passage of these amendments in each of the states in which they were offered? Is the passage of these amendments as sign of American religious and/or politcal fundamentalism? Why or Why not? What does the passage of these amendments mean for gays as a minority group? Does it effectively relegate them to the status of second-class citizens? Why or Why not?

Draw a positive or negative comaprisons between the thesis at hand and other material you have read, suggest historical cases which either support or refute the central thesis of the topic, critique the assumptions underlying the thesis, question the logic by which conclusions are drawn, point out contradiction in the argument; and/or consider policy implications which follow from the argument but are not spelled out specifically. This a personal thought paper so a refenece page is not required but you can cite sources as needed. Please be consistent in thought without any contradictions in the paper(especially in the conclusion). Personal thought is required and needed.

Answer all questions that needs to answer. Again, this paper needs to be writen on a doctoral level NO EXCEPTIONS!!!It can not be late. If you do not understand the question at hand please feel free to e-mail ASAP so we can repair this problem. Thanks.

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Title: Case Study

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Essay Instructions: CJ 210. Criminal Law
Term Paper
Read the attached Washington Post article titled “Feds seek to expand use of
license tag readers in Va.” Read also the supplemental information on the
case that is provided below.
Prince William County Virginia has been experimenting with special license plate
readers that can be set up at intersections and can read the number and letter
binations of every license plate that passes by. The license plates are
immediately electronically checked against a database of known stolen license
plates and license plates associated with stolen vehicles. The system could
easily be set up to track individuals associated to vehicles as well. Individuals
who are fugitives, people wanted for questioning by the police, individuals with
past due parking tickets, foreign nationals, suspected terrorists, parolees,
probationers could all be tracked from intersection to intersection. This
information could be passed onto intelligence agencies or could be used to build
profiles of suspicious individuals and their daily actions. This technology may
have huge privacy implications. The potential for abuse of this technology is
present as well. If the police have a suspect to a crime they will very likely use
the stored data to find that individuals whereabouts at the time the crime was
mitted. It has not been resolved whether it will take a court order to release
information from the database. The federal government now wants to expand the
program because of its viewed success.
This term paper is prised of five questions designed to test your legal
reasoning and sensitivity to social issues. Utilizing two to three pages each,
critically answer the following 5 broad questions. The term paper should be
approximately 5 to 8 pages in length. The questions are listed at the very end of
this assignment sheet. In answering the questions, document your responses
with support material taken from library sources, your textbook, or the Internet.
Be sure to give proper attribution to each source you document (e.g., provide
URLs for online sources).
Do not use this assignment to vent your personal opinions on the issues covered
in the case study. Your goal should be to present a fair and impersonal review of
the issues based on good legal reasoning, sensitivity to societal issues, and
careful research.
The answers to each of the five questions should be roughly 1-2 pages long,
typed single spaced. Margins must be 1-inch on all sides. Pages beyond page 10
will neither be read nor graded.
Supplemental Information on the Case Study
The Examiner
July 16, 2008
By David Sherfinski
Feds seek to expand use of license tag readers in Va.
The federal government wants to expand a program that allows police to check license
plates for stolen vehicles to also search for the vehicles tied to known or suspected
terrorists, Prince William County police said Tuesday.
The Department of Homeland Security has asked for a grant proposal that would allow
automated license plate readers to be bought throughout Northern Virginia for the
purpose of pursuing “terrorist-type crimes,” county Detective Roland Mulligan said.
County police have recovered 10 stolen vehicles, located seven stolen license plates and
arrested four people in the six months that they have been using their two license plate
The plate reader also was used to apprehend one of the county’s top 10 parking violators
??" who had accumulated fines of more than $1,000 ??" in about 20 minutes, Mulligan
said. The license plate reader uses infrared cameras to automatically check plates against
a “hot list” that contains the license plates of every stolen vehicle in the U.S. and Canada,
Mulligan said.
“The camera takes a picture and checks the plate against the hot list in a matter of
milliseconds,” he said.
The Homeland Security grant money would be used by Northern Virginia police
departments to buy more readers.
Mulligan added that because all plates that register in the license plate reader must be
checked, there was little risk of pulling over a car that was not stolen, or “no more so than
in any other situation. You have to call it in. The data could be 24 hours old.
“If you follow the procedures you’re supposed to follow, there shouldn’t be a problem,”
he said.
He said, though, that the system does have drawbacks, including the device’s registering
of “false positives” when it does not recognize a vehicle’s state of origin and its inability
to read plates with mixed fonts.
Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, R-at large, asked whether standards were
being issued nationally to make sure that all plates would be readable.
Mulligan said antique license plates are not readable by the device, nor are non-photoreflective
Contact Author:
Answer each of the five following questions/items. Your answer to each
question/item should be 1-2 pages long, typed single spaced. Your answer
should reflect research on your part ??" from library sources, government
documents, your textbook, and/or the Internet. Give proper attribution to your
research sources (e.g., for Internet sources, provide a URL)
1. Which Constitutional Amendments, if any, are implicated with this new
technology? Are there privacy implications with this new technology or are
individual's movements in public not covered by privacy rights? Give some
2. Should the information from the license plate readers be stored on a
puter server and if so for how long? Should a court order be required to
release information from any database of license plates picked up by the
readers? (e.g. Search Warrant, FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)
court order, NSL (National Security Letter).
3. Should information gained from the license plate readers be able to be used
in criminal investigations and criminal prosecutions? Provide your legal
reasoning for both sides of the argument.
4. Who should have access to the information gained from the license plate
readers? Federal, State, local or a bination of the three (including all
three)? Should the information be a matter of public record that is able to be
accessed by anyone? Given the potential for these reader's to be used for
National Security purposes, should citizens be able to file a FOIA (Freedom of
Information Act) request to find out whether the government has information
about their daily movements?
5. Do public safety concerns outweigh the privacy concerns created by these
readers? Will these readers likely decrease crime? Could these readers be
used to defend the nation against potential terrorists? Should profiles of
suspicious individuals be built based on their daily movements?
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: american corrections

Total Pages: 2 Words: 896 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 2 part paper

Part 1: page 1

? What are the most significant sources of correctional law? Explain why.
? Which Amendment in the Bill of Rights do you feel is the most important with regard to the rights of incarcerated individuals? Explain your reasoning.
o Discuss the major constitutional Amendments that protect inmate rights.
? What major issues exist with regard to the legality of corrections programs? Explain.
o Do you feel that prisoners should be allowed recreational programs? Why or why not?
o Do you feel that prisoners should be allowed various types of luxuries such as television, reading materials, and so on? Why or why not?
? What do you think constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in a correctional environment? Explain.
? How do you feel about medical care provided to prisoners? Explain.
o Should there be any restrictions? Why or why not?

Part 2: page 2

? In your own words, what is the difference between indeterminate sentencing and determinate sentencing? Explain thoroughly.
? Why do you think disparate, or dissimilar, sentencing occurs? Explain.
o Why would a court issue a harsher sentence for using crack cocaine instead of powder cocaine or vice versa? Explain.
? Is this ethical? Why or why not?
o How would you address the issue of disparate sentencing? Why? Explain.
? What role do you think sentencing guidelines should play in court procedures and corrections? Why? Explain.

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