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Title: Feminist Research in Our Contemporary World How the Media Represents Women During Political Leadership Races

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Essay Instructions: For this class, you have designed a research proposal. From this proposal, you will now develop a consent form and ethics reflection to further your research and think of new ways as to how you will conduct research on your selected topic. This requires critical thinking. You will need to be creative in how you design your consent form to connect to the research project you have proposed. Feel free to abandon the aspects of your proposal which you do not feel will benefit your research assignment anymore, as well as to develop new methods of gaining research to create a thoughtful, creative, ethically sound, and innovative consent form/ethics reflection that is related to your chosen area of study.

"Consent Form and Ethics Reflection"

Length: Consent form, 1-2 pages; Ethics reflection, 4-5 pages.
This assignment has two parts:
1) Consent form (1 page): In this form you will clearly describe to
prospective research participants the nature of your study (why you are doing
the research) and the kind of involvement you will expect from them if they
decide to participate (what is the nature of their participation? how much time
will it take?). The aim of the consent form is to make transparent to potential
participants the purpose of the research, anticipated outcomes and any
potential risks or benefits they may incur as a result of being part of your
study. You must include a title for your study, some background for the
research, a discussion of methodology, and a discussion of how you will treat
the material your participants will provide (see attached appendix for an
example of an “informed consent” form). You must include, to the best of
your ability, any risks or challenges participants may face as a result of the
research and how you will protect participants from any ethical breeches.
2) Ethics reflection (4 pages): This part of the assignment requires you to
prepare a critical reflection on the notion of “informed consent” and ethics in
the research process. Is informed consent possible? What power relationships
shape the research process? How can researchers be more attentive to ethics
in the research process? You must draw 5 course texts (listed below) in the
preparation of your reflection on ethics. Other relevant sources may be included. A bibliography of works cited must be included.

Please adhere STRICTLY to the guidelines provided.

Bhattacharya, Kakali. 2007. “Consenting to the Consent Form. What are
the Fixed and Fluid Understandings between the Researcher and Researched?”
Qualitative Inquiry 12.8: 1095-1115.

Mohanty, Chandra Talpade. 1984. “Under Western Eyes: Feminist
Scholarship and Colonial Discourses.” boundary 2 12.3-13.1: 333-358.

Ezzy, Douglas. 2010. “Qualitative Interviewing as an Embodied
Emotional Performance.” Qualitative Inquiry 16.3: 163-170.

Reger, Jo. 2001. Emotions, objectivity and voice: An analysis of a “failed”
observation. Women’s Studies International Forum, 24, 605-616.

Butler, Judith. 1994. “Against Proper Objects: Introduction.” differences: A
Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 6.2&3: 1-26.

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Title: consent

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Essay Instructions: After read the papers and Please answers these questions. it is not the essay paper. just questions and annwers. Here are the questions. and some of my and the groups answer. Please improve and add your responses for me thanks.

1. What if anything is included concerning your assigned area in any professional code of ethics for Traditional Chinese medicine that you have found?

Informed consent falls under #1 and 6 in the code of ethics of the NCCAOM
1. Respect the rights, dignity and person of each patient
6. Keep the patient informed by exxplaining tx and outcomes ....

Falls under Rule 1.2 communication with patient in the "AOM Code of ethics"
c)practiioner should provide a report of findings with a tx plan and advise thepatient about any tx and its possible effects. The patient should obtain in advance in writing informed consent to the practice of acupuncture as described....

2. What are the ethical dilemmas underlying your area?

how to go about giving informed consent to patients with language barrier problems who have trouble reading and understandin application forms; mentally incompetent patients ( patient being represented by loved ones in stroke ,etc), vulnerable patients with little understanding of TCM place their trusts in doctors decisions? teachers example of treating a person without signing consent form because she ran out

3. What is unique if anything about your area as it relates to the practice of TCM

TCM and qi principles hard to explain to western patients, unlike west med, Teresa also said something else but I dont remember.

4. What is your opinion about the importance of this area

Respecting patients right and choices to accept and refuse tx such has herbs and ub or stomach 1 points, giving them enough information to make informed choices regarding their healths, so they know about side effects, if they are prepared to take on the regimen not eating spicy or cold ice cream....

5. Gaive one hypothetical situation involving your area, lead a discussion on how it should be resolved, applying any code of professional responsibility that you choose.

How do we go about giving informed consent to language barrier patients or mentally incompacitated? Have them come back with bring translator or family representative ? print forms in mult languages? make phone calls from office and talk to someone from their family, your thoughts and ideas?

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Title: consent

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Essay Instructions: Hi I am studying a BSc Herbal Medicine in the UK

My assignment is a literature review and the topic is CONSENT.
In this assignment I am required to carry out a comprehensive literature review, using between 8 – 12 pieces of literature on the topic related to my subject area :herbal medicine or the patient practitioner relationship with regards to the ethics, law, policies, legislation etc.
This is a research module, so some research papers are ok too

Using search engines such as SCIENCE DIRECT, MEDLINE, BMJ, CINNAL etc

A clear introduction that defines and explains what a literature review is, this need to be related to the research process, my subject area need to be explained in this case it is Herbal Medicine, discuss how the topic can be applied to it

In the discussion please explain how the literature was found, explaining why you selected the sources you chose for inclusion, briefly discussing any rejections.
The 8 – 12 pieces of literature should then be discussed in an organised and logical manner.
A reference list needs to be produced for the 8 – 12 pieces and attached as an appendix with the inclusion of
a) the full and accurate reference
b) identification of whether it is a primary or secondary source
c) identification of how the literature was found

concluding by discussing any identified gaps or omissions in the sources selectedand make suggestions as to how the review could be further enhanced

thank you

Elvis Gentles

For further assistance I have sent additional assessment guideline and marking criteria via fax

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Title: Statistics Research Methodology

Total Pages: 2 Words: 784 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Reference to be used: Introduction to Research: Understanding and applying multiple strategies by Depoy, E., & Gitlin, L (2005)

500 - 700 word paper on "describing informed consent and the ethical issues around informed consent"

Excerpt From Essay:

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