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Essay Instructions: Financial Strategy For Value Creation -Subject

Please analyse the case Valuation Of AirThread Connections

As a consultant you have to analyze the case & write a report in Two pages
Show the relevant calculation in 3 pages

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Title: Connections between Terrorism and Pyrrhic defeat theory

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1120 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The following must be used as one of the 3 sources...

Reiman, J. (2007). The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get
Prison: Ideology, Class, and Criminal Justice. Boston,
MA: Pearson Publications Inc.

Terrorism must be discussed in terms of the Pyrrhic defeat theory. It must be clear that the main assumptions of the theory make effective connections between terrorism and the theory.

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Title: Howards End Connection and disintegration

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1726 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: "Write a well-organized and well-substantiated essay of four to five pages on one of the following subjects. All papers must be double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all four sides. Please proofread your work carefully and ensure that papers are formatted, documented, and cited in MLA style.

"The rhetoric of Howards End positively emphasizes connection, but the undercurrent describes disintegration or chaos. Forster narrator displays little sympathy for most of the characters whom he claims such profound knowledge, and yet the intimacy of his language obscures the indifference or hostility that shapes his concerns. Discuss."

I need the essay to define one or two of the characters from Howards End. It should not be a simple plot summary but a critical analysis that explores the use of language, how language functions, and the use of rhetoric. Also, important is how the story is told; the framing of narrative. The essay should go beyond the thematic. It should be a high level paper, NOT one filled with fluff but one that gets to the point and stay on target.

Some points that are worth looking over and if appropriate incorporating into the essay. They should help in focusing the essay:
-The Wilcoxes are missing something, the "I"
-With the Industrial Revolution novels began to focus on the individual as an ideological concept.
-"Connection" to the Schlegels are personal relationships (put a part of you into another, Wilcoxes can't b/c they don't have the "I")
-The Schlegels also "connect" through the recognition of the other--they are self-aware in a certain way but not self-defined, they are defined by others like Leonard Bast.
-Helen's relationship with Bast has tension with Bast being objectified by her.
-This comes to the question of if there are really connections. Helen sees Bast as a cause--limits herself and selectively connects.
-The connection between Jacky and Henry
-Margaret defends the memory of Ruth--question of gender, fought over and contested over the issue of class--bounded by "to whom does England belong"
-The self is defined by others but also that the self becomes self-aware through this identification.
-Margaret got Helen back to Howards End through the medium of books--it is about books, Avery puts the books on the shelf that ultimately kills Bast.
-What brings everyone together to Howards End? It allows them to see things differently--Helen wants to see things whole but can't see it whole in London.
-The Wilcoxes are disconnecting but at the same time you have this coming together.

The essay should also contain the larger question of who should inherit England. There is individual connection but who makes them up and how does one actually belong? The essay should answer the question written up top but also show how connection and disconnect is shown through the larger perspective of England. As the epigraph in the beginning of the book shows the book has a larger sense to it then one initially sees--"Only connect"

Also I am using the Norton Critical Edition, edited by Paul B. Armstrong so if you can cite from the book using this edition that would be great.

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Essay Instructions: I need to write an essay on a book "The Hidden Connections" by Fritjof Capra which is a part of my Doctoral study. As not an English user by native, I have some difficuties to write a good essay in English. Please help me out with this and try not to make me in trouble when submiting it. The essay, once pleted, shoud be sent to

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