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Title: My definition of art

Total Pages: 2 Words: 759 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: ? Conclusion Assignment
Throughout the course, you have been developing, refining, and challenging your definition of art. For our concluding assignment, you will create a presentation similar to the one you did for your fellow classmates at the beginning of the semester that will include:
? Your (thorough) definition of art.
? How your definition has been changed or why it has been reinforced throughout the semester.
? A personally encountered artwork that meets your definition of art that you have not yet shared with the class (please share by uploading as an attachment or providing a link).
? An analysis and interpretation of your chosen artwork, using the Questions to Ask of Art as a guideline.
After providing your presentation, please view your colleagues' presentations. Responses are not required, but are appreciated and can earn you extra credit. Please note the due date of 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, April 24th! I look forward to seeing your presentations!

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Title: Future trends in public administration

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1160 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Conclusion must summarize main points. Must include a bibliography and it can,t be counted as one of the main 4 pages.

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Essay Instructions: Take Home Assignment #3, from the book Nobodies

In the conclusion to this book, John Bowe argues that the vast inequalities of wealth and power in the globalized world make the common arguments for ?free markets? and ?free trade? highly suspect. In fact, he sees labor coercion as well as environmental degradation as the likely result if global regulations are not placed over the global marketplace.

Read this chapter and its arguments carefully. The following quotes from it sum up the central claims he makes:

This is not the time or place to mount a rousing, solid argument against free trade as it?s currently practiced and defined. My own feeling is that it?s a neat idea, as are communism, free love, and Santa Claus. But if free-market capitalism was ever a meaningful concept within the United States alone, it does not work as a concept in the ?globalized? world, with so many powerful, well-defended players pitted against so many utterly destitute ones with hardly any rights at all. (271)

Americans have already experimented with myriad ways to improve the lot of the working and lower classes: minimum wage, the right to form unions, workplace safety standards and guaranteed compensation for workers injured on the job forty-hour workweeks, minimum guaranteed vacation time, a free universal education. While we?re at it, we could include standards for sanitation and utilities systems, purity of water, air, medicines, and foods; transportation, parks, Social Security, and so on. As resented as they are, these are the laws that made the habits, and these are the habits produced by the laws, that brought the West out of the medieval world and into the modern age.
Why, one wonders, is it so hard to imagine that some combination of these approaches couldn?t or shouldn?t be encouraged in the Third World? (275) (He then goes on to argue for mandatory labor and environmental standards.)

Critically analyze Bowe?s argument. Who has the stronger argument: those arguing for ?free trade? or critics such as Bowe? Briefly state and critique arguments on both sides; state which side you agree with more, and why.

(Do not repeat the above quotes in your answer - find other support for your views.)

(As usual, this assignment should be 3-5 typewritten pages with normal size type font and margins, double spaced.)

Please add pages number in case of any citation.

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Essay Instructions: I need five page paper. paper type double space.times new roman font size 12 and one inch margin. minumun of 3 level one heading(conclusion will be level one heading. it will need to be apa style. the topic is "Post traumatic stress disorder is it real or hype?" using the ethical model outline that I have attached to help write the paper. this issue facing the Army after ten years of persist conflict. make sure the thesis statement is in absract, introduction, and conclusion paragragh. please refer to outline to for sequence of events of paper...

1. indentified the problem-introduction paragraph(thesis statement)
2. evaluate the options-(level one heading) but the a, b, c of number two could be level two heading.
3. commit to a decision-(level one heading)- post traumatice stress is real

4. act- conclusion of the paper(level one heading) and restate the thesis again.

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