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Title: An Orchestra Concert Review

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Essay Instructions: Concert Review
A Classic or Orchestra Concert Performed in NY between 2010 and 2011.

Please do not use online sources. The sources for this research must include 4 library sources (articles, books, encyclopedia entires).

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Essay Instructions: Hello Jill,

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It a report writen a year University student midyear assesment. Title: Writing a Concert Review ? tips point direction: Intro: Describe, briefly, nature event ' reviewing (artists, type music, location, date, time

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Essay Instructions: It should be a report writen by a first year University student for her midyear assesment.

Title: Writing a Concert Review

? some tips to point you in the right direction:
Describe, briefly, the nature of the event you're reviewing (artists, type of music, location, date, time etc.). Keep this brief ? think about what is essential to properly understand your review, so, for example, don't give us a whole load of background information about the artists if it isn't relevant.
You should also give a short summary of your experience of the event ? keep this to just a couple of sentences.
The main body of the review:
Here are some questions to consider when approaching your review:
? What is the context of the concert/gig? Is it part of a tour, is it a one off event, does it have a theme/concept etc?
? What impressed/didn't impress you about the musical experience? If you've seen the artist before, how did this experience differ from previous ones?
? What was the atmosphere/response of the audience? Why do you think it was like that?
? What did you get from experiencing the music live which you could not have got from listening to a recording? What is the live experience of this music?

Also, think about the critical reception of this artist/group/ensemble in other forums ? look for other reviews in newspapers, online, in blogs etc. Again, though, beware of plagiarism! Don't copy what another reviewer has said, but feel free to reference and respond to another reviewers comments on the artist(s) you're writing about.


Your conclusion should summarise your overall response to the event ? remember, you need to be discursive as opposed to descriptive when approaching your work, so for example if you make the statement that you didn't think the balance of the sound was particularly good, you need to be able to talk about why you think that. Your conclusion needs to be a strong summary of all the main points you've made in the review.

As with all your written work, make sure that everything you're writing is relevant and supports the points you're making ? if it doesn't, take it out. Also, remember that you only have 500-words, so keep it concise and to the point.

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Title: reviews of concerts

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Essay Instructions: One page for one single concert review. Plz totally seperate the two reviews.
Also plz choose the concert holding within LA becasue I live in this area. U can search any concert you like on youtube~
I will send you more specific guidline~~

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