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Title: conceptualization and operationalization Poverty and Prejudice

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Directions: In 2 typed doubled spaced pages conceptualize and operationalize the following two concepts: POVERTY AND PREJUDICE. Use information from the text (The basics of social research, Earl Babbie, second edition)Be sure you have correct spelling/ grammar.

Follow the following steps (each of these should be approximately one paragraph)

One page should be on POVERTY and the second page should be on PREJUDICE.

Use these headings on page 1 and then use them again for page 2 ( page 1 should be about Poverty and page 2 should be about prejudice):
1) Conceptualize your concept: In other words, define your concept. You may research your topic. What definitions have other experts and researchers come up with? Conceptualize your concept in your own words and be sure to provide citations when necessary.
2)Operationalize your concept: Based on your definition, what is the best way to measure your concept? That is, how can you find out if someone else is poor or prejudiced? Will you developed a survey question or two? Will you develop a nonparticipant observation study? Be sure to list all the attributes of your variable if appropriate.
3)Justification: Why are you measuring poverty and prejudice in this way? Have other researchers examined poverty and prejudice in this way? Why is your way the best way?
4)Problems: Can you detect any possible problems associated with your measurement? That is, are you leaving out certain groups? Is it difficult to measure something socially undesirable, such as prejudice?, etc.

** Do not forget the all these steps applied to page 1 with POVERTY AND same steps for page 2 with PREJUDICE.

Any questions please email me. thanks

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Essay Instructions: ?Discuss important themes and factors relevant to the conceptualization of psychological distress/disorders and the process of psychotherapy designed to alleviate these problems. Include reference as appropriate to some of the main psychotherapeutic approaches. Conclude with a summation of the most important factors to be considered when planning and undertaking psychotherapeutic interventions.?

Some central themes and factors to be addressed may include:
- what ?psychological health? is conceptualized to comprise;
- what the source of human suffering is seen as being, and whether psychological distress is conceptualized as being the result of dysfunction similar to disease/illness in a medical model;
- whether the source of distress (and likely target of intervention) is seen as being within the individual (traits, personality factors, defense mechanisms, maladaptive thoughts, biological dysfunction etc.), in the person?s environment (interpersonal, historical, sociocultural), or in the interaction between internal and external/contextual factors;
- the relative roles of idiographic and nomothetic approaches to conceptualization/assessment and treatment ? including the role of diagnostic systems such as the DSM and ICD;
- the relationship between assessment and therapy;
- whether assessment/therapy focuses on psychopathology and its elimination, or on strengths, desires and positive growth;
- what are seen to be the most important aspects of therapy (e.g., specific techniques versus common factors; implementing a particular evidence-based intervention versus being flexible regarding client needs etc.);
- the basis upon which a particular intervention or therapeutic approach should be

You may also like to include reference to factors such as:
- contrast and comparison between different approaches on specific issues;
- the types of issues for which couples, family or group therapy might be most appropriate;
- whether therapy focuses on past, present or future factors;
- the degree to which different psychological, psychosocial and behavioral factors are seen to be causally linked ? e.g., positivism versus the human capacity for freedom and choice;
- the dialectic between acceptance and change (i.e., deciding which factors in a person?s experience are amenable to change via psychotherapy and which may require acceptance);
- the role of thought and cognition versus the role of emotions and direct experience;
- the relationship of language and verbalization to psychopathology and psychotherapy;
- the role of interpersonal communication and relationships in the onset or continuation
of psychological distress;

the relationship between client variables, therapist variables and choice of therapeutic technique;
- client as expert vs therapist as expert;
- historical changes that have occurred and continue to occur in the conceptualization and treatment of psychological distress;
- what factors are seen as comprising ?evidence-base?;
- the potential for psychotherapy to do harm.
The various psychotherapeutic approaches to refer to, as covered in this unit, include psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, mindfulness- and acceptance-based, experiential, existential, feminist, client-directed outcome-informed, couple and family therapy

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Essay Instructions: The paper should be 3 pages APA style. (Psycho-dynamic Case Conceptualization Paper)

Part I: Completion of the intake form. It should covers in explicit details each field on the form. Accurate and pertinent details are recorded

Part II: Statement of how the themes that are evident in the client?s presenting problems contribute to the client?s level of distress. Explain how the client?s themes fit Psychodynamic theory?s claims regarding psychological dysfunction (pathology). [summarized in one page

Part III: Statement of the likely defense mechanisms that the client will present with in therapy and, how will they be addressed in the therapeutic relationship? [summarized in one page

Attach is the articular.
Part IV: Statement of the potential transference and counter-transference issues that will likely be encountered in the therapeutic relationship

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Title: Criminal Law

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1410 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Question:

Describe the factors that have influence on the conceptualization and development of new criminal law and the alteration of existing criminal law. Include the specific roles of the political lobbyist, the media, citizen groups, the individual citizens and criminal justice agencies on this process.


Your answer should be well thought out, comprehensive, and include general references to books, articles, or other works that support your arguments. You need not quote source material directly as in a research paper. However, you should clearly articulate the essential points of the authors you incorporate into your answers. The average answer should be approximately 1300 words.

Excerpt From Essay:

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