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Title: Conceptual Frameworks

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Essay Instructions: ? Conceptual Frameworks
To understand leadership within human services organizations, it is first important to recognize four frameworks that work within human services organizations. The frameworks are structural, human resource, political, and symbolic. The structural framework promotes efficient operations and goal-oriented administration. A leader under this framework may emphasize structure, strategy, and results. The human resource framework promotes human aspects, both individual and group, within an organization. A leader under this framework supports and empowers staff. The political framework emphasizes conflict and differences among organizational members. A leader under this framework attempts to build coalitions and negotiate compromise. Finally, the symbolic framework relates to organizational culture and mission. Leaders under this framework are inspirational and visionary. When organizational issues arise, one or more of these four frameworks may come into play. Leadership styles also correspond to a given framework.
For this Assignment take note of and select one issue in the attached transcript faced by the human services administrator. Consider the cause of the issue you select. Think about which framework relates to it and the leadership style that corresponds to it. Be specific in attributing the issue you observe to the framework and the leadership style that is at work.

The assignment (2?3 pages):
Identify and briefly describe the issue you selected from the transcript.
Explain which conceptual framework(s) applies to the major issue you selected.
Explain one leadership style that corresponds to the framework(s).
Share an insight about how conceptual frameworks account for leadership style in human services organizations.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

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Essay Instructions: Introduction 10 Points
Describe HFSON Conceptual Framework in your own words.

Research into topic 20 points
Identify at least four citations (Myra Levine ppt slide 9 or 14) related to the topic and the significance that you found.

Exploration and Analysis 30 points
Articulate ideas and thoughts with clarity, logic and cohesiveness. Quality and pertinence of thoughts, ideas and/or arguments as they relate to Conceptual framework and nursing.

Implications for your practice 20 Points
Description of connections made between the HFSON Conceptual Framework and your role as a nurse.

APA Format 20 Points
Clarity, appropriate grammar, double spaced if not completed in class, paragraph form, APA format

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Essay Instructions: The Conceptual Framework sets out the concepts that underlie the preparation and presentation of general purpose financial statements prepared for the benefit of external users. It is generally assumed that financial statements are regarded as being true and fair if they have been properly prepared in accordance with accounting standards. According to IASB and FASB the primary users of general purpose financial reports are existing and potential investors, lenders and other creditors, further user groups include employees, customers, governments (and their agencies) and the public.


1. ?Financial statements provide comprehensive information about the reporting entity that is useful to existing and potential stakeholders?.

Critically discuss this statement taking into consideration the concepts of ?capital maintenance.

2. Critically analyse the general purpose of financial statements while considering the information provided in the key components of financial statements.

It should have a good structure: an introduction which specifies the purpose of the essay together with an indication of the structure (signposted), some understanding of the concepts, some illustration of the issues with examples and finally end with a summary and discussion.

Must use this books information
Elliott, B. and Elliott, J. (2011) Financial Accounting and Reporting (14th ed.), Harlow: FT/Prentice Hall

Melville, A (2012) International Financial Reporting: A Practical Guide, Harlow: FT/Prentice Hall

Collins, B and McKeith, J (2010) Financial Accounting and Reporting, London: McGraw-Hill

Dunn, J. (2010) Financial Reporting and Analysis, Chichester, Wiley

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Title: Conceptual framework

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Essay Instructions: You are considering theory in general for qualitative research and the role of a conceptual framework. Write a Journal (journal attached) entry on the decisions you are making about the conceptual framework for your Qualitative Research Plan (Final Project - attached).

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