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Title: Concept Analysis using Walker and Avant

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Essay Instructions: Concept analysis is an approach used to clarify the meanings of terms and to define terms (concepts) so that writers and readers share a common language. Concept analysis should be conducted when concepts require further clarification or development. A method commonly seen is the Walker and Avant method. Take a single concept from your theory you have presented and conduct a concept analysis using the 8 Steps as outlined by Walker and Avant (2005):

Select a concept.----Virginia A. Henderson 14 basic needs; you can choose environment, health, nurse, or person

Determine the aims of the concept.
Identify all uses of the concept possible.
Determine the defining attributes.
Identify model case.
Identify borderline, related, contrary, invented, and illegitimate cases.
Identify antecedents and consequences.
Define empirical referents.
Walker, L.O., & Avant, K., (2005). Strategies for theory construction in nursing (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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Title: Concept Analysis Disclosure

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Essay Instructions: Concept analysis paper on disclosure. To gain an in-dept understanding of what disclosure is and what it is not in preparation for exploring, measuring, and/or testing it in a dissertation on abused pregnant women.
The paper must contain the following: (1) A brief discussion of the concept, why this concept was selected, and how it relates to nursing, and how this concept is connected to abused pregnant women. (2) Discuss literature search process and identify all uses of the concept, including non-nursing literature (3) Determine the defining attributes of the concept. (4) Construct the folowing cases for the concept: Model, Borderline, Related, Contrary, Invented, and Illigetimate (5) Identify antecedents and sonsequences of the concept (6) Identify emperical referents related to the concept (7) Briefly discuss how the theoretical framework used is related to the concept.
I just wanted the writer to use concept analysis steps for the guidelines I stipulated are from the Theory construction by Avant and Walker.

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Essay Instructions: CONCEPT Analysis Paper
in 4 paper I want you will clarify the concept that you are interested in studying
GOAL: YOU will conduct a concept analysis toward building a structure for their research . it is possible that this may be the first step toward their dissertation

Analyze a concept of of your choice using the approach presented by Smith and Liehr ( 2008 ) Chapter 3 " building Structure for research " Process of Concept Analysis . Chapter 15 and 16 of Meleis ( 2012) elaborates on the process of Concept analysis and theory development and maybe helpful the phases of concept development using Smith and liehr ( 2008) approach are:
1- DEvelop a story that Capture the Phenomenon
2- Name the Phenomenon
3- Identify the theoretical lens for Viewing the phenomenon
4- Explore the literature related to the phenomenon
5- Gather and reconstruct a story from a person who has experienced the phenomenon
6- write a MINI-Saga that captures the reconstructed story
7- Determine the CORE qualities of the phenomenon
8- Formulate a definition that integrates the core qualities
9 - Draw a model that depicts relationship between the core qualities
10- Created a Mini-synthesis that integrates all phases of the Structure building process.

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Essay Instructions: 1. The purpose of this 4-8 page paper is a formal concept analysis of one concept found in a nursing theory, adapting the methodology of Walker and Avant (2010, p. 157-179). The book is not needed to succeed with this assignment.

2. Any nursing theory may be used to find a concept for analysis. Only one concept is analyzed.

3. As part of the concept analysis, a limited and focused review of scholarly literature is conducted, using a minimum of 5 scholarly sources related to the selected concept. A formal literature review can be extensive as a writer endeavors to discuss and critique all the relevan litarature about a specific topic or area of knowledge. In this assignment, the level of effor is not required. What is expected is an integrated discussion of al least five articles on the concept selected for this assignment. In this integrated discussion, themes, ideas, or facts about the concept found in the reviewed fare presented in an organized fashion. Scholarly ciritisism of how the various aurthors arrived at those themes is uncluded. This critique relates the writers insights on such matters as the validity and reliability of trhe methods used by the different aurthors to learn about the concept and the strengths and weaknesses of those aurthors conclusions. Note: Research articles about the concept are the best kind of article for a literature review.

4. The steps in a concept analysis include: (1) selection of a concept used in a nursing theory (2) identification of the aims or purposes of the analysis (3) a review of selected scholarly literature on the concept (4) identification of possible use of the selected concept (5) determination of defining attributes (6) identification of model cases (7) identification of alternate cases (8) identification of antecedents and consequences. (9) defenition of empirical referents.

The paper concludes with a synthesis of the students knowledge about the concept. The scholarly literaure is incorporated throughout the analysis.

Criteria for Content
1. Introduction includes statements on the process of concept analysis, identifies the nursing concept and nursing theory from which it was obtained, and relates the main topics of the paper.
2. A substantive discussion of each of the following elements is present. All elements arwe supported by scholarly literature.

a. One aim or purpose of the analysis
b. A review of scholarly literature
c. two possible uses of the concept
d. three defining attributes
e. Two model cases
f. Two of the following alternative cases: borderline, related, contrary, invented, or illegitimate
g. One antecedent and one consequence
h. Two empirical referents

3. Concluding statements present the writers new knowledge on the concept acquired as a result of writing this paper.

Criteria for format and special instructions

1. Title page, body of paper, and reference page must be in APA format (6th ed).
2. A minimum of 5 scholarly sources on the concept are required
3. The paper excludes the title pate and reference page must be a minimum of 4 pages and no longer than 8 pages.
4. Ideas and information from professional sources must be cited correctly
5. grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citation are consistent with the writing style specifid in the 6th ed.

Possible concepts include

1. Noise
2. adaptation
3. stress
4. boundary lines
5. modeling
6. actual caring occasion
7. behavioral system
8. meaningfulness
9. open system
10. self care deficit- interested in this one or the stress one.
11 Activites of living.

Paper headings

1. Introduction
2. Aims or Purpose
3. Literature Review
4. Uses
5. Defining attributes
6. Model cases
7. Alternative cases
8. Antecedents and Consequences
9. Empirical Referents
10. Conclusion
11. Paper specifications

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