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Title: I strongly feel that illinois residents should have concealed carry

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2337 Sources: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper should be written by an english speaking writer with an elequent use of language - grade level AP High School Senior a great writer that was just told that his writing needs to get to the point a little quicker but, he should keep his amazing use of the english language TOPIC: THE LAWS THAT PERMIT RESIDENTS TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS SHOULD BE LESS STRICT
For this assignment you are to write a researched argumentative essay based on a current issue. You are to support your argument with logic and cited evidence from research. The essay should show an understanding of why the issue is debatable and needs to address at least one opposing view. The effectiveness of the argument will be a significant factor in the evaluation of the assignment. Your essay should be 6 to 6.5 typed, double-spaced pages in the format using a standard 12-point font.

Subject: The following are guidelines to follow when choosing a topic:
-You are going to spend a great deal of time researching and thinking about your topic. Choose a topic that interests and inspires you.
-Choose a current, debatable topic. Select a topic for which there are opposing views. Make sure you understand why people hold opposing views of the subject.
-Choose a new topic for this class. Do not select a topic for which you have previously written a research-based essay or speech.
-Select a fresh topic or approach that challenges you to learn through your research.
-Select a topic for which you are able to write an essay emphasizing argument based logic and evidence rather than one emphasizing other appeals or approaches. -Narrow your focus to be as specific as possible. Consider localizing your topic if possible.
-Make sure you are able to research your topic before you commit to it.
-Make sure you are willing to take a stand in your essay. This is anargumentative rather than informative essay.
-You can qualify your view based on your reaserch of others' opinions.

RESEARCH: Should represent represent varied perspectives, advoid relying on same editorial perspective for more than two points
- there should be a total of at least eight different cited sources
- at least one of your cited sources should contain a visual element Picture, Political cartoon graph etc.and it must be used at least once
- There must be at least sixteen in text citations in your essay
- You need a MLA formatted bibliography
- I need to turn in hard copies of highlighted research
INCORPORATING RESEARCH it should go smoothly into the essay, citations should be used not only for direct quotes but also for paraphrased material.
- it should have a bibliography presented inMLA and presented in MLA format - the in text citations should clearly correspond to bibliography entries.
ORGANIZATION Steps essay the arrangement of points in the essay is potentially an important argumentative strategy
INTRODUCTION the essay should have an effective attention getter thesis stand should be clear , thesis anand preview can be combined.
BODY PARAGRAPHS should focuson on a main point in the argument - the essay needs to address at least one oposing view evidence from research should be consistently cited and smoothly intergrated
CONCLUSION Restate thesis and conclude with a statement which will engage your audience and leave a powerful lasting impression
this is a formal essay no contractions no statements of you and statements of intent

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