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Title: Concealed carry on College Campuses

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Essay Instructions: Paper must be written using the Rogerian style in favor of the concealed carry on college campuses. Also it must include 3 Web source and be at leaste 700 words. I would like if you could mention that I am prior U.S. Marine and am now a firearms instructor with a vast knowledge of weapons and weapons handling.

I would like if you coupe include these in the concessions portion of the paper.

1. Student must pass a college approved firearms training course before permitted to carry on campus.

2. Students will register all firearms with campus police and only allow one handgun per student.

3. Also we will only allow handguns to be carried on campus no shotguns or assault rifles.

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Title: gun control college campus

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Essay Instructions: Pretend that you are a member of the United States House of Representatives from your home district. Select any current issue in the house and DECIDE WHERE YOU STAND ON THE PROBLEM; in other words, take a POSITION supporting it or opposing it. Now pretend that you are facing your constituents in a town hall meeting to EXPLAIN your decision. You are not trying to persuade your audience to change their minds about how they feel about this topic. You are only explaining WHY you plan to vote affirmative or negative to the proposal before the House. This essay relies heavily on logical and ethical appeal. To be logical, you must research all facts and statistics. To be ethical, you must seriously consider the opposition's arguments and demonstrate serious research. You are establishing trust with your audience. Emotional appeal is not as important, as you are only explaining how you arrived at your stand on that particular topic; you do not want to argue the point.

You must use THREE unbiased sources

I am in congressional district 22 in Texas and the artical should be for the allowment of concealed carry on college campus

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Title: Analysis of Gun Control in NY State

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Essay Instructions: An analysis of gun control in New York State. Focusing on state legislation and state case law for support, with some federal as backup. And to show whether the stricter gun control (and stricter concealed carry laws) of NYS has made a positive influence toward crime rates vs other states that have less control over guns.
For sources(In order of needed most of): Specific State Court Cases in NYS relating to gun laws, Legislated Laws in NYS, Specific Court cases in other states for comparison, Laws in other states for comparison, Peer reviewed Journal Articles regarding effects of gun control on crime, some Federal Law and Federal court cases to fill in certain questions linking to state laws, e.g. The 1994 Federal Assault Weapon Ban that NYS and others copied. 2 Supreme Court cases that need to be included is District of Colombia vs Heller 554 U.S. 570 (2008) and McDonald v. Chicago, 561 US 3025 (2010)
I would not like this paper biased, but I would like to point the facts in the direction of this conclusion: Stricter gun control does not affect crime rates positively, in fact, in may put more law-abiding citizens in danger.
Another quick point that must be made in the paper is relating to "Gun-Free Zones" and how they do not keep criminals with guns out, rather, keeps law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves in them. It basically paints a big red target on the zone, stating, "Hey, No one's here that can shoot back at you"
I am available anytime through email to help clarify positions or thoughts on the paper.
Thank you very much, Your time is greatly appreciated.

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Essay Instructions: ASSICNMENT1

Here is a story in the Times about one of the major themes of the conference Please read it and the PERF report
How can police management influence the change in gun laws that are needed to reduce gun crime? Take a look at the city by city comparison. Why do some cities have so much more violence than others?
Police Chiefs Focus on Disparities in Gun Violence, With an Eye Toward SolutionsBy ERICA GOODE
Published: April 27, 2012
WASHINGTON ??" In a single week last April, 3 people were killed with guns in Philadelphia, 14 more were shot and wounded, 68 robberies were carried out at gunpoint and a total of 144 crimes involving firearms were reported.

Enlarge This Image
Peggy Peattie/San Diego Union-Tribune, via ZUMA Press
A car door in San Diego. The city had 20 gun crimes over a week in 2011.
Times Topic: Gun Control
..During that same week in San Diego, a city of roughly the same size with far fewer police officers, there were no gun-related homicides, 2 people wounded by gunshots, 4 robberies committed at gunpoint and a total of only 20 gun-related crimes.

What made the difference? About 250 police chiefs from around the country debated this question and gun violence more generally at a meeting here this week, taking as their focus a survey of crimes occurring in six cities ??" Philadelphia, San Diego, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Austin, Tex., and Toronto ??" over a seven-day period in April 2011. The survey was carried out by the Police Executive Research Forum, a nonprofit police research group that sponsored the session as part of its two-day annual meeting.

Coming two months after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, the wide-ranging discussion encompassed the proliferation of laws that make it easier to own, carry and use a gun; the role of gangs and narcotics; the characteristics of perpetrators and victims; and the need for more aggressive prosecution and greater investment in technology to trace and identify firearms.

If there was a central message to be drawn from the survey, it was that gun violence is tightly concentrated in the poorest urban neighborhoods, its victims mostly minorities, who receive little attention from politicians and the news media.

“Nobody in this room, unless you’re from Sanford, Fla., would even know the name of Trayvon Martin if it was a black kid that had shot Trayvon Martin,” said Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey of Philadelphia, who is African-American.

“It happens every single day in Philadelphia. It happens every single day in cities across the country, but if it’s a black killing a black,” no one cares, Commissioner Ramsey continued, noting that the week studied by the forum was less violent than many other weeks in Philadelphia. “Our streets are bleeding, and they’re bleeding profusely.”

The survey found that, using conservative estimates, the cost to taxpayers of the crimes committed with firearms during the week of April 4 to April 10 was more than $38 million in medical care, social services, criminal justice costs and other expenses.

In many cases, the victims of the crimes resembled the perpetrators. During the week in Philadelphia, for example, a 20-year-old woman known as Peanut who had five prior criminal convictions and arrests stretching back to the age of 13, was responsible for two shootings on two different days. Her second victim, shot 16 times, was a drug dealer who is now in a wheelchair but refused to cooperate with the police.

In Milwaukee, which had 2 homicides, 40 robberies with firearms and 12 people shot and wounded, 40 percent of the victims that week had criminal records, said Police Chief Edward A. Flynn of Milwaukee.

Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy of Chicago, where homicides rose sharply in the first three months of this year, said the fact that in Illinois, as in some other states, people are not required to report the transfer, loss or theft of a gun adds to the problem. A revolver recovered in the recent shooting of a police officer, he said, was bought in 1972 by a 52-year-old woman, but what happened after that is unrecorded.

“The question is, where has that gun been all this time?” he asked.

Several police chiefs complained that even when suspects are convicted in gun crimes, they sometimes do not go to prison. One reason for the reduced number of crimes in San Diego, some participants suggested, might be California’s tougher laws, which mandate 10 years in prison for a crime involving a gun, 20 years if the gun is fired, and 25 years to life for killing or seriously injuring someone with a gun. The spread of concealed carry laws and statutes like Florida’s that expand the legal use of deadly force in self-defense also came in for criticism.

Chief Flynn recounted pleading with a state senator to include a provision in Wisconsin’s concealed weapons law that would ban habitual criminal offenders from obtaining permits. The senator, he said, told him, “Here’s the phone number of the National Rifle Association lobbyist in Washington, D.C. If it’s O.K. with him, it will be O.K. with us.” The provision was not included, Chief Flynn said.

Straw purchasing, in which a proxy buys guns for convicted felons, is another problem, participants said. Chief Art Acevedo of Austin said his officers regularly observed women buying as many as 30 guns, including semiautomatic weapons, at gun shows and then passing them on to men. Austin had 39 gun crimes during the survey week, including 20 robberies at gunpoint and 11 aggravated assaults.

Identifying the causes of gun violence, however, is easier than finding solutions, the police chiefs present conceded, and better policing will not be enough to solve it.

“This is a crisis, it’s a terrible problem,” Commissioner Ramsey of Philadelphia said. “We do own a good part of it, but others have to step up to the plate.”


Melekian, now the director of the COPS office in D.C. had a great discussion on how to make research "stick." What are your thoughts about why most of it has not? National Institute of Justice Director, John Laub, opined that the research is not disseminated I WILL UPLOAD THE ARTICLE


Please discuss the strengths and limitations of CompStat and Intelligence Led Policing management strategies as described in the Heron City Case Study A.

How do the two strategies differ? Do Major Lucius and Captain Smithers both offer effective problem solving within the policing methodology each specializes in?

There are faxes for this order.

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