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Essay Instructions: Computer Crimes: Computers as Targets

Despite changing her email, instant messenger identity, and other online identifiers, Cynthia Simmons continues to receive unwanted communication from an unknown assailant. She still believes the offender to be her former boyfriend Jacob Myers.

Despite searching the victim?s computer and comparing the offending emails to that of Jacob Myers the evidence is not sufficient to obtain a warrant to search Jacob Myers computer.

Recently, Cynthia has been receiving calls to her home propositioning her for services and when asked where the callers received her information, she was told her contact information was listed on an escort service website.

Two days ago Cynthia received an email that contained instructions on how to end the harassment. Cynthia was instructed to pay four payments of $999.99 through PayPal, a well known electronic payment service. In cooperation with PayPal, the identity of the account holder was obtained. However, the account was traced to an incident of identity theft. In addition to cyber-stalking, three new crimes can be added to this case file. To prepare the case file, you need to identify those crimes and classifying the motivation.

Your training manual indicates six primary motivations. Please remember to look at all known evidence before classifying the offender. Your case file should contain the three new crimes with justification and the classification of the motivation.

Evaluation Criteria:
1.Identify the three new crimes (cyber-harassment, cyber-extortion, and identity theft).
2.Indicated the primary motivation based on the new information.
3.Justified the new crimes

1.APA Format
2.Minimum 200 words
3.12pt font Times New Roman

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Essay Instructions: Computer Crime and the 1st Amendment
Child Pornography Statues are well established in case law. However, as technology progresses and different cultural views become more accepted the issue of virtual pornography is becoming a heavily debated topic.
Answer the following questions:
1.Should virtual pornography be protected by the 1st Amendment?
2.Can you apply the same child pornography case law to virtual pornography?
3.What is the distinct feature of virtual pornography that can not be applied to the existing case law?
4.What is the relationship between decency and the 1st Amendment?
5.What are the statutory differences between pornography and child pornography?
6.What is the specific case law referenced in regards to child pornography?
7.What are the likely issues associated with the virtualization of pornography (think of issues relating to child pornography)?
Evaluation Criteria:
1.Determined if you apply the same child pornography case law to virtual pornography.
2.Identified the distinct feature of virtual pornography that cannot be applied to the existing case law.
3.Explained the relationship between decency and the 1st Amendment.
4.Identified the statutory differences between virtual pornography and child pornography.
5.Described the specific case law referenced in regards to child pornography.
6.dentified the likely issues associated with the virtualization of pornography.
Times New Roman 12pt

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Essay Instructions: I need an ethics paper written on Computer Crimes.

Required Tasks:
.cover page with title,name,section and date
. 2 footnotes
.footer with my name and automatic page numbers
.1st line indented .5 in all paragraphs
.3 pages long ( normal margins, font size 12, double spaced)
.3 citations
.minimum of 3 sources in bibliography page - MLA format

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Title: computer crimes

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1811 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need an argumentative/persuavive essay about the how computer crimes are serious crimes and how the laws need to tougher on hackers, online predators and other online crimes. The paper need to have a thesis statement and conclusion paragraph. The paper need to be double spaced, 1-inch margin. 12pt Times New Roman. The sources need to be no more than 7 years old; no web sites sources.

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