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Title: Compensation Practices

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Essay Instructions: Compensation Practices
Case Study

Employee compensation is important to the employer and employee alike. Agreeing to a competitive and equitable salary for one employee may mean a lower salary but outstanding health benefits, and a moderate salary with a liberal tuition reimbursement plan for anther. As the HR manager, you should be aware of the wide range of employee compensation and rewards in addition to the compensation practices in effect in your market area.

In addition to developing the optimum compensation strategy for a company, an HR manager must be knowledgeable about the laws (both federal and state) that govern how employers pay their employees.

CST Publications is a fledgling print-on-demand book publisher located in the Pacific Northwest, just inside the Oregon border. It currently employs 32 people, including editors, marketing staff, IT, and office support staff. The business has been growing and you have been hired as the HR manager. Susan Compton, the company's CEO, has asked you to review CST's current compensation practices to ensure compliance with federal and state laws. Research the following issues and summarize your findings in a report to Ms. Compton.

1. Some of CST's employees are classified as exempt and others as nonexempt. Find out what these terms mean and how the decision about how the employee is categorized is made. According to the guidelines, are your marketing associates, who are paid on a commission basis, considered exempt or nonexempt employees?

2. Many of CST's employees work part time. The graphic design staff especially is made up of friends of Ms. Compton who have worked with her on a part-time, informal basis. Many of the designers have other full-time jobs. Conduct research to determine the laws and regulations affecting part-time employees.

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"Oregon State Laws Regulating Minimum Wage and the Payment of Wages." (2009). Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. Retrieved from

"The Fair Labor Standards Act." (2010). U.S. Department of Labor. Retrieved from

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Title: extrinsic and intrinsic pay programs

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Essay Instructions: Compensation is considered as one of the most controversial aspects of human resource management. Designing a program must address a myriad of factors, including the industry, strategic planning, compensation philosophy, and recruitment/retention strategies to name a few while skillfully balancing both extrinsic and intrinsic factors. In today's workforce the changing generational workforce is a highly prominent consideration.

4 Analyze Extrinsic and Intrinsic Compensation
Describe in detail how differing organizations would use differing blends of extrinsic and intrinsic compensation and benefits strategies to maximize organizational potential and meet the needs of their workforce.
Support your conclusions with references from at least three peer reviewed journal articles that are no less than 5 years old and additional research articles.

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Hendriks, P. & Sousa, S. 2008. Motivating University Researchers. Higher Education Policy, 21,


Kunz, J. & Quitmann, A.2011. The influence of incentive systems on intrinsic motivation.

Zeitschrift fur Personal forschung, 25(1), 55-76.

Tocher, M., Field, H.S., Giles, W.F. 2006. Valuations of compensation and benefit items by new entrants into the professional workforce: Do men and women differ? Journal of Employment Counseling: 43: 2, ProQuest, p. 84.

Van Herpen, M., Praag, M.V. And Kees Cools. 2005. The effects of performance measurement and compensation on motivation: An empirical study. De Economist 153, no. 3.

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Title: Compensation Benefits research paper I retired military 24 years I Aviation Machinist Mate Aircraft engne mechanic The paper focus entry level aviation job Virginia Banking

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Essay Instructions: Compensation and Benefits research paper. I am currently retired from the military after 24 years and I was an Aviation Machinist Mate (Aircraft engne mechanic). The paper can focus on an entry level aviation job in Virginia or Banking.

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Works Cited:

The organization of work and employment should have also the provision of a career development possibility especially with the changes in economic, technological, and social changes have necessitated the creation of not only attractive benefits but also a method of fulfilling a career advancement. In modern times vertical advancement, and employment security are gone, the compensation other than being acceptable in the current scenario must offer the employee, the aviation machinist not only the opportunity to advance in the job but also participate in improving the knowledge and training to adapt to changes in the industry. This calls for a constant program that provides alternate skill and position advancement avenues and benefits that provide skill updation. The compensation goals thus are not limited to pay and benefits but with that the future security and employability of the candidate is also to be considered. (Burke; Cooper, 2005)

Now let us understand the benefits plan. Aerotek benefits provide 'BlueCross BlueShield Preferred Provider Organization -- PPO' with a 'Health Savings Account -- HSA.' (Aerotekcareers, 2007) It also has MetLife for all its various internal employees, with a portion of the cost being covered by Aerotek Vision Service and Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment. The benefits incurred equal to one time their annual salary and the 401(k)/529 Plan. This would make opportunities to help save for college and for the time of retirement. (Aerotekcareers, 2007)

Other than these, the company offers "confidential counseling, discounts on cars, electronics

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Title: Compensation Performance Evaluation Arrow Electronics Harvard Business School 9 800 290 Attached WRITE PAPER 2 500 WORDS Evaluation Criteria Evidence critical evaluation analyses Identify critical problems explaining links criteria and problems generating creative relevant proposals carefully and explicitly showing proposal meets criteria justifying assessment proposal strengths and weaknesses providing strong and convincing ending paper Paper explicit logical structure presents ideas including headings subheadings effective tone

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Essay Instructions: Compensation and Performance Evaluation at Arrow Electronics

Harvard Business School ? 9-800-290 (Attached)


Evaluation Criteria: Evidence of critical evaluation in analyses:

- Identify critical problems, explaining links between criteria & problems; generating creative, relevant proposals; carefully & explicitly showing how well each proposal meets all criteria; justifying its assessment of proposal strengths & weaknesses; providing strong & convincing ending to paper
- Paper has an explicit, logical structure, clearly presents ideas, including headings and subheadings, effective tone.


1. Evaluate Arrow Electric?s performance management system for non-sales employees in terms of its Strategic Congruence, Validity, Reliability, Acceptability, and Specificity (defined below).

2. Based on analysis for question 1, what specific changes would you suggest that Arrow Electric make to its performance management system?

Criteria for Effective Performance Measures

Strategic Congruence - Extent to which the performance management system elicits job performance congruent with organization?s strategy, goals, and culture.

Validity - Extent to which performance measures assess all the relevant (and only the relevant) aspects of performance

Reliability - Consistency of the performance measure

Acceptability- whether the people who use the performance measure accept it - Is it fair (procedure, distributive)?

Specificity - Extent to which the performance measure gives specific guidance to employees about what is expected of them and how they can meet these expectations

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SCOTT, E. & MADSEN, S. 2009. Evaluation of Managers:

The Challenges of Employee Evaluation of Managerial Staff Through The Use of Performance Ratings. Woodbury School of Business. Working Paper 2-09. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed 19 November 2011].

BURTON, P., WU, Y., & PRYBUTOK, V. 2010. Social Network Position and Its Relationships to Performance of IT Professionals. Informing Science: the International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline.13: 121-137.

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