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Title: Essay about Community Resources

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Essay Instructions: This 7 page essay deals with Community Resources and Assessing Community Resources

The effective use of community resources is fundamental to the success of our schools.

Required reading is Chapters 7 & 8 of the book titled "Educational Administration - Theory, Research, and Practice" by Wayne K. Hoy & Cecil G. Miskel (8th Edition) McGray Hill Publisher, ISBN 3748.

Required Website is

Please view the video titled STORIES OF PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT: B.U.I.L.D. (Annenburg Media)

Then, write an essay that specifically
(1) assesses the value of community resources on educational institutions, and

(2) discuss in detail "How would a program like Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (B.U.I.L.D.) (presented in the video) benefit your community?"

Please use APA (6th Edition) formatting, Times New Roman 12 pt, double space. Please use intext citations.

My request for 5 source materials includes the Annenburg Media video website.

Please advise if there are any questions. Thank you!
Excerpt From Essay:

Annenberg Media. (1999). Stories of public engagement: B.U.I.L.D. Retrieved August 8, 2010,

from website:

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Title: Las Vegas, Nevada Homeless Community

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Essay Instructions: Essay: A Local Mental Health Community Assessment of the Las Vegas, NV Homeless Community
10 pages maximum for essay (7 pages minimum)...not including references or appendices (let me know if you need more pages for appendices like charts, community genograms, etc.)

"Community" refers to the homeless population with mental health problems in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (may also include Southern Nevada area).

Please use the following outline headers in the paper (subheaders are optional but all the data needs to be included in the paper):
1. Introduction
2. Community Assessment -- include geographical area, area size, community population size, community demographics, community physical and social environment. Create a community genogram/profile reflecting the health status of the community (sample genogram will be provided as a resource).
3. Health Concerns of the Community --
a. Background in relation to "Health People 2020" and local public health data that characterizes this health concern.
b. Data from national, state, and/or local level related to the homeless community mental health concerns
4. Community Description -- inlcude data on gender, age, socioeconomic status, education level, etc.
a. Describe how the health concern is linked to health inequity for this population/community.
b. Use data to support the conclusion
5. Community Resources -- resources and partners (governmental, missions, activities, hospitals, websites, etc.) currently involved with the health concern of this community.
6. Diagnosis - discuss aspects of the health concern of this community that is NOT being addressed despite the efforts of the partners involved.
7. Outcomes Identification -- describe ultimate outcomes or goals for improvement related to the health concerns of this community.
8. Planning
a. Recommed nursing actions to improve the health concern
b. Explain how nurses might work with the community and the population of interest to improve the health concern -- select primary and secondary prevention activities only.
c. Discuss potential public and private partnerships that could be formed to implement the recommendations.
d. Discuss overall objective(s) for implementing these activities.
e. Create a timeline for expected outcomes.
9. Evaluation -- explain how you would evaluate whether the efforts to improve the health concern were effective. Include in the explanation the tools needed to use this evaluation.
10. Conclusion -- reflect on your perspective of the community's health and the national, state, and local efforts toward a healthier population has changed as a result of the study of this community.

Please make sure data is as up-to-date as possible (last 3 years preferably) as I will be using this paper as the base for the final paper and will be printing out a copy of all references for my final paper. THANK YOU.

Another note: Please include somewhere in the paper a discussion of the Nevada Legal Hold (sometimes known as Legal 2000, L2K, or civil commitment) process for people with psychiatric issues.

Excerpt From Essay:

Abdulluah, a. (2009, May/June). The other Las Vegas. Islamic Horizons, 38(3), 25-27.

Baker, D.J. (2008). Constitutionalizing the harm principle. Criminal Justice Ethics, 27(2), 3-6.

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Title: The culture study

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Essay Instructions: • Individual Term Project

Pearland Texas, Pearland High School is the school and community
Attached Files: Sample_Culture_study_table[1](1).doc (40 KB)

Students in this course will be responsible for completing a term project. The fourth goal of this course is to develop skills for teaching, learning and leading in a pluralistic society. The best way to accomplish this goal is to apply the concepts learned in this course to a practical and real life situation.
This project asks you to look at the characteristics of a community to develop an awareness of how community resources can support or impede the process of incorporating multicultural education in schools. Note, this project should reflect your mastery of all components of this course. Please begin early on this assignment as it requires detailed information about the community and its residents.
By the end of this project the student will be able to
2. Collect demographic data on a community.
3. Critically evaluate how the community supports its schools.
4. Critically evaluate how community resources support or hinder multicultural education.
Part I ??" Compile your expectations
5. Briefly describe the location of the community and the school.
6. Critically evaluate the resources you found that would support multicultural education. Discuss at least 5, but no more than 10. Thoroughly explain why you have chosen these resources. Such resources can include but are not limited to: community centers, YMCA's, neighborhood libraries, local businesses.
7. Critically evaluate the resources you found that would impede the process of multicultural education. Discuss at least 5, but no more than 10.Thoroughly explain why you have chosen these resources. You may focus on facilities that are lacking in the community (e.g. no community centers for children or the elderly) and/or establishments that are unhealthy for students such as bars and nightclubs, etc.
You must complete and submit the following table below to profile your data on the community. The information in the School Community and Surrounding Community sections should be presented in percentage form. For example, if you have 230 people, what percentage of the population would this represent?
The information in the Community Resources section should be presented in numeric form. For example: There are 25 churches in XYZ community. Take care to use some thought identifying other categories that may not be listed in this table. Please view the sample table provided in a file for this assignment.
**Please see the TEA website (http://www.tea.state.tx.usus/) for School Demographic information. If you go to this URL on the TEA website, it should give you all of the information you will need for any school campus:
The 2010 U.S. census data, which can be found online, can offer valuable demographic information about the community:

School Community

Demographic 8. School 9. District
10. Students 11. Faculty 12. Staff 13. Students Staff
14. Racial/ethnic groups
15. Language diversity 16. N/A N/A N/A
• Socio-economic status N/A N/A N/A

Surrounding Community
• Racial/ethnic groups
19. Language diversity
• Socio-economic status

Community Resources
Types Churches Ethnic Restaurants Ethnic Food Stores Community Centers Other

Part II ??" Complete the observation
21. Begin by walking and surveying the area you are to analyze. Does the community consist of multiple family housing, single family housing, or a mixture of both?
22. Would you describe the businesses as mostly commercial, industrial, or a mixture of both?
23. Briefly visit and speak with a local store owner or manager. Compare the cultural diversity in the community versus their store's patrons and employees.
24. Discuss the city's or community's public transportation system. How does it support or hinder the development of multicultural education in the area?
Part III ??" Action
25. Please explain how the information you gathered might be helpful/useful to you in your counseling career.
26. How might the cultural experiences of living in this community influence the academic achievement of students in the classroom?
27. What do you think accounts for any differences/similarities you find between the businesses and the community?
28. After your examination of the community, identify the characteristics that promote or impede the development of a multicultural philosophy.
29. Briefly explain in two or more sentences what you have learned from conducting this culture study.
Prepare a document (6-9 pages max) that satisfies the objectives and answers questions in Parts I, II, and III of this assignment. Please make sure that each question is address in paragraph form. Please do not use bullets, dashes, dots when addressing each question. This is a formal paper that must be type-written, doubled spaced, with indented paragraphs. Your grade will be based on how well your paper is organized, flows when read, and addresses the items listed above. You must include a reference page at the end of your paper. Please upload (attach) the completed paper as a Word document to the assignment tool by the due date and time. This should be your own original work, as it will give you a better understanding of how the community supports its schools.
Assignment Rubric
Part I Questions and/or evaluations addressed in detail 4
One question and/or evaluation addressed 2
Questions and/or evaluations addressed with very limited or minimal detail 1

Part II All 4 questions addressed with supporting table and details 4
All 4 questions addressed minimally with limited table information. 2
Very limited information given for questions and no table provided 1

Part III All 5 objectives/questions addressed with supporting details 4
Two to three objectives/questions addressed with limited supporting details 2
One objective/question addressed and no supporting details. 1

Assignment Submission Assignment double-spaced, with indented paragraphs, and each question or directive answered in order. Proper APA citations and referencing. 3-0
NOTE: Writing and APA style help is available at the UHCL Writing Center
Excerpt From Essay:

La Casita. (2013). Yelp. Retrieved:

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Title: School Funding in Urban and

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  • Document Type: Research Paper


Proposal Sub Topics

School Funding in Urban and Rural School Districts

• Tax Base and Funding
• Disparities in Funding
• Economic Resources/Wealth and Funding
• Contrast Between Poor and Affluent Neighborhoods
• Population Density and Location
• Develop Relationships Between Previous Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies
• Review of Previous Research in the Area and Justification for Further Research
• Support for the use of the Survey Method of Gathering Information
• Methodology

Student Achievement in Urban and Rural School Districts

• Impact of Class Size on Student Achievement
Community Resources, Partnerships, and Achievement
• Age Of Public School Facilities and Student Achievement
• Population Density and Student Achievement
• The Influence of Family Background and Wealth on Student Achievement
• District Size and Student Achievement
• Develop Relationships Between Previous Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies
• Review of Previous Research in the Area and Justification for Further Research
• Expected Outcome of Research

The research proposal studies the impact of financial commitment on student achievement in the following public schools: Alleghany County, Floyd County, Glouster County, Greene County, Hopewell City, Isle of Wight County, Powhatan County, Prince George County, Pulaski County, Rockbridge County, Warren County, and Winchester City. The qualitative method has been chosen as the research design because it allows the researcher to be subjective and include his or her personal opinion. The Likert scale which is a psychometric response measuring scale will be used in the study to measure the response of the subjects. The survey will be taken online and regression analysis will be used as the data analysis technique.

Excerpt From Essay:

Alexander, K.L., Eckland, B.K., & Griffin, L.J. (1975). The Wisconsin model of socioeconomic achievement: A replication. American Journal of Sociology, 81, 324-342.

Astin, a.W., & Karabel, J. (1975). Social class, academic ability, and college "quality." Social Forces, 53(3), 381-398.

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