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Title: Community Policing and the Role of the Psychologist

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Essay Instructions: Scenario: You are a police psychologist for a local sheriff's office that is going to implement a community policing model at the first of the year. The sheriff has asked you to assist in the transition, with both the administrators and officers.

Your Assignment must address the following topics:

Explain the development of community policing, and identify the elements in the various models of community policing.

As the police psychologist, explain your role in police selection for the community policing effort, training of those officers, and overall organizational development. How would you interact with the administrators in the new organizational structure of the agency?

Discuss your role interacting with and providing services to the officers, including dealing with new forms of stress that they may experience and the concept of human reliability.

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Title: Community policing is a philosophy that endorses

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Essay Instructions: For this assignment, you will conduct research on community policing and prepare a presentation on three organizations dedicated to serving the public through a partnership between public officials and the community.

Refer to the Course Schedule within the syllabus for specific project deliverables and due dates.


Conduct research on community policing and provide written responses for the following two elements:

?Definition of community policing.
?Distinctions between community and traditional policing.
Part II ? Public-Serving Organizations Identification and Research
Identify and research three organizations dedicated to serving the public through a partnership between public officials and the community. The organizations you identify should focus on community-based crime prevention and/or utilization of the public (i.e. civilians) at various levels of police decision making. The organizations should include volunteering opportunities and may be located within or outside of your own community.

For each organization that you identify, you are to research the following:

?The organization?s primary functions and goals.
?What issues does the organization seek to address?
?The process that civilians must follow to become involved in this organization.
?The type of collaboration that occurs in this organization between the community and public officials.
?The effectiveness of the organization.
?What does the organization do particularly well?
?In what ways could the organization improve upon their community policing strategies to help solve issues?

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Essay Instructions: the essay should focus on "community policing" the pros and cons, a little history and some statistics. the paper should be five pages APA format. Please include the source I am providing in email. This source is the book im using right now and represents what the essay should focus on.

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Title: Community Policing

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Essay Instructions: The purpose of this course is to expose students to the literature on the major theories of management in criminal justice. As such, an in-depth examination of several theories, from the earliest classical explanations to contemporary interpretations, will be reviewed and critiqued. Specific attention will be paid to the propositions, assumptions, and empirical validity of these theories of management

I would like to do my reseach on community policing. Today how successful is community policing? I am interested to know how effective is community policing pertaining to crime reduction in communities. Community policing is a program that seeks to link police action with citizen participation, and to solve community problems such as crimes. On page 82 in Turnabout William Bratton indicated that one of the strengths of the of the old system had been that the beat cops knew the neighborhoods they policed, and their presence in and knowledge of the community prevented many crimes from occurring.

The paper should be about 15-20 pages (double-spaced) in length and should follow the APA style-guidelines.

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