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Title: Community Art Education

Total Pages: 3 Words: 881 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This work is analytical and must be written in a scholarly voice.

The topic is: “What are the conservative, liberal, and progressive philosophies undergirding the current (1990-present) debates in community arts education?” SPECIFICALLY, the content must address whom is and whom isn’t advocating for Arts education and WHY.

This essay serves as the introduction to the term paper I am writing, and I will incorporate your writing with mine. The paper, in its entirety supports advancement of postmodernism and community arts education by explaining the rise of postmodernism, and the failing era of modernism .My research reveals that although Modernism is not “dead”, it is “failing”; and community arts education’s (both public and K-12) chance for survival depends on postmodern epistemologies. The content I am currently writing pertains to the topic in the late 1960’s, 1970’s, and the 1980’s.

I am writing in the framework of Constructivism (“these are the facts, as well as an explanation of these facts”). As such the content that you are writing must demonstrate how the differing philosophies are the foundation for different positions people take on the issue.

Strict APA 6th Edition formatting
3-6 sources (please cite as many as needed to correctly address the topic)

Current content that may help you:

“Third Ward: The Row Houses Project” = Creative Community Building
Asset-based Community Art Development
Eco-artists and movement
Community Art Centers and Programs for Seniors/Aging Adults

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Explain address childhood obesity

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1976 Bibliography: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Explain how we can address childhood obesity in Boston, MA from a community development standpoint. Please read the uploaded childhood obesity essay and use it as a guideline. Please Include in the essay:

-how the community plays a role in your identified and resolving this issue
-suggestions for addressing this specific issue
-strategies that might get your community moving and speculate as to how that change can happen.

I cannot emphasize enough that the essay must be focused on childhood obesity in Boston, MA and how to address this issue from a community development standpoint, developing strategies, etc.

I will upload the following files on the practical elements of community development:

- childhood obesity essay
-Community Development Handbook
- Facilitator's guide
-Measuring community capacity building
-Community capacity building tool
-Resident-centered community building
-Tackling Health Inequities Through Public Health Practice: A Handbook for Action
-10 lessons for taking leadership on racial inequality

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Argue AGAINST the growing number of supermarkets and how they are linked to community breakdown

Total Pages: 2 Words: 646 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: QUESTION:
Suppose you work in the DETR and have to advise the minsiter on planning issues for supermarkets.Are they a good thing?Should they be supported by plannung policy?

Include within the essay:

-What are the planning policies so far, in Britain, regarding supermarkets?
-What are the commonly held views about the growing number of supermarkets in Britain, Politcally?
-What are the arguments put forward by supermarkets with regard to the "Community" issue?
-Assess whether these are strong arguments or not
-What evidence do supermarkets us to support the claim that they are community focused?
-Is this strong evidence?
-do they ahve reasons for the argument?

-Argue AGAINST supermarkets using the argument that supermarkets contribute to community breakdown and therefore to feelings of rootlessness. Be as detailed as possible!
-Take into consideration aspects like:-Employment
-Political power
-Quality of food
-Impact on farmers
-Environmental issues
-Argue how small corner shops are better.The benefits they bring to a community.
-Argue how supermarkets are mainly located in affluent areas and corner shops in more deprived areas. This shows how they support the affluent at a greater level.
-Argue in detail the benefits corner shops bring to the build up of community.
-Ague how supermarkets are not community friendly, main focus is money.

Paragraph 2;
-Argue how on the other hand it can argued that community of this sort is less important these days since people have non-spaital communities based on work.

-argue how supermarkets can work for the community and that they do not completly get rid of community building.

-Argue how its often vident that corner shops work like supermarkets but at a smaller scale.

-Why is community such an important factor to consider with the planning policy of supermarkets?
-Do corner shops REALLY support the community?
-Argue how they do in detail.
-Assess whether supermarkets present an adequate evidence and reasons to the argument that they are community orientated.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I need a reasearh paper done on Shirley Chisolm based on the following criteria:

Number of Pages: 7-8 (going over a page or two is acceptable)
Format: Use a 12-point font, place page numbers and student?s name on each page,
utilize internal citations in the ASA style and include a References Cited page.

This course explores and underscores the outstanding contributions of African American feminist who also embrace a Black feminist perspective. I have chosen: Shirley Chisolm. Research her personal and professional experiences that influenced her social and political accomplishments. Reflect on the ways that your chosen African American woman demonstrates the ideologies of feminism and nationalism that Patricia Hill Collins articulates in From Black Power to Hip Hop: Racism, Nationalism, and Feminism. Creatively generate guiding questions to structure your argument, but be certain to answer each question below.

1) Utilizing conflict/feminist theory (you may also use functionalist/Davis and More theories as a theoretical foil to argue against), create a thesis statement that will guide your theoretical analysis in explicating the ways your African American activist qualifies as a:

a) Black Feminist
-What are the objectives of Black feminist? How do they differ from Western feminist thought?
-How do Black nationalist feminist view the role of African American men relevant to their mutual liberation?

b) Black Nationalist
-What are the main cultural, economic, and political goals of Black Nationalist?
-What is ?community building??
-What is ?motherwork??
-What are the cultural values and political goals of Kwanzaa and the Ngoro Saba?

2) How has Collins taught you to critically think the experiences of post-soul babies (post-soul aesthetics) Black youth regarding the role of hip-hop in our global mass media?
Besides Patricia Collins book which will be the main reference I would like three others. Thank you.

Excerpt From Essay:

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