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Essay Instructions: While the questions specifically ask you to reflect on what you’ve read and learned in
Communion: The Female Search for Love, your essay answers should not be limited to
Communion. Your answers to the questions should include a combination of: 1. References to Communion 2.
The use of quotes from the book that serve as support for the statements made in your responses
3. Personal opinions/observations/experiences/insights are encouraged and expected. 4. The use
of language (terminology and concepts) learned throughout the semester as it pertains to your
analysis of this book.

Each of the 5 question should be clearly numbered in your paper and answered in 2-4 paragraphs using
complete sentences in an essay-style. There may be overlap between some questions, but you
must still clearly label and distinguish the questions so that I know what you’re answering.

The 5 questions are...

1. Describe the gender-specific relationship between men, women and love. How is it
different? Why? How does gender socialization contribute to these masculine and
feminine roles in relationship to love and relationships in general?

2. Explain hooks’ statement on p.105, “Nothing belies the assumption that men and women
are more loving than men as much as the negative feelings most females hold about our

3. bell hooks writes that “self-love is always risky for women with in patriarchy.” Explain.

4. Pick any section/topic in the book and explain why you enjoyed it/found it interesting and
insightful/could relate to it.

5. How does hooks define and describe love? How does her definition align with, contradict
and/or expand cultural notions of love? Be specific.
Excerpt From Essay:

Hooks, Bell. Communion: The Female Search for Love. New York: Harper Collins, 2002.

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Essay Instructions: For each topic on the LITANY (pgs. 53-103) AND LAY COMMUNION(pgs.202-242) outline : (1) the problem(s) at hand; (2) how the comparative method and/or other methodologies of liturgical inquiry are employed to address the problem; (3) the conclusion; (4) a critical evaluation of the reading.

Please treat each topic separately and focus only on the uploaded documents.
Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Apophatic theology

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Essay Instructions: Apophatic theology leads not to knowledge, but to union. It presupposes a series of genuine contemplation and inward purification - explain what this means. Why is total ignorance needed before we can enter into communion with the ONE who transcends all knowledge?

Instructions: Unless absolutely necessary, do not make extensive quotations from the references provided. Instead, phrase the author's words, concisely, in your own words and write the author's name and the number of the page to which you refer in the brackets after your paraphrase. Discuss, interpret and comment on the scriptural texts pertaining to the topic and then make your own synthesis. Do not start with dogmatic assertions and use biblical quotes merely as "seasoning".

Please use the below as notes for the essay:

The essay needs to highlight Lossky's apophatic theology, which leads not to knowledge, but to reunion. The renunciation of the known and unknown leads into the darkness of ignorance, not as an intellectual obstacle, but to a new sense of God's intimate preserve, a state of being with God, of being in union with God, of being as communion with no emotion, ecstasy and spiritual revelation. The mystical union is the most difficult thing for usus to accept because it requires submission to the will of God. Use the required materials ONLY and make the essay free from borrowed concepts, make it as lucid as possible.

Here are the following references you need to choose from for the 3 sources.

Paul Nadim Tarazi 1 Corinthians: A Commentary ISBN: 1-60191-016-9

Paul Nadim Tarazi Colossians & Philemon: A Commentary ISBN: 1-60191-013-4

J. N. D. Kelly Early Christian Doctrines ISBN-13: 978-0-06-064334-8

Paul Nadim Tarazi First Thessalonians: A Commentary ISBN: 0-913836-97-4

Paul Nadim Tarazi Galatians: A Commentary ISBN: 0-88141-083-7

Vladimir Lossky In the Image and Likeness of God ISBN-13: 978-0-91383-613-2

Vladimir Lossky Orthodox Theology: An Introduction ISBN: 0-913836-43-5

Paul Nadim Tarazi Philippians: A Commentary ISBN: 1-60191-010-X

Paul Nadim Tarazi Romans: A Commentary ISBN: 1-60191-012-6

Vladimir Lossky The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church ISBN: 0-913836-31-1
Excerpt From Essay:

Lossky, Vladimir. The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church. Yonkers: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1997.

Lossky, Vladimir. Orthodox Theology: An Introduction. Yonkers: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2001.

Lossky, Vladimir. In the Image and Likeness of God. Yonkers: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2001.

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Title: Culture & Religion

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Essay Instructions: Choose three Cultures AND three religions from the following list to write the paper.Must include any 3 of each!
Cultures: Religions:
Vietnamese Buddhism
Spanish Christian Scientist
Chinese Roman Catholic
India(from India) Mormon
Native Indian Orthodox Jewish
African Jehovah's Witness

MUST address the following points.
1. Countries involved.
2. What are the types of religion observed in these countries?
3. What are at least three customs and traditions observed and describe them.
4. What types of food are eaten?
5. What healthcarehealthcare is available and utilized?

1. What are at least five beliefs of that religion?
2. What are the dietary restrictions if any?
3. Do they believe in prayer, meditation, etc?
4. What are the beliefs about baptism and communion?
5. how does the religion affect healthcarehealthcare? (include post mortem care beliefs)

Must be in APA format. Sources cited within text.
Need 2-3 sources.
Excerpt From Essay:
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